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Wardian Plants

Wardian Plants
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Acorus Gramineus Dwarf Himemasamume
Stock Number: 30549
Interlacing ranks of short swpictures/ord-shaped glossy-grass leaves, each striped on its inner edge, form remarkable 4" cushions. Most certainly the prize cultivar of the species, this quite rare Japanese selection of this winter hardy "Sweetflag" is also beautiful as indoor pot plant as well as a choice mame bonsai c...
Acorus Gramineus Masamune
Stock Number: 30550
Bright white-striped leaves similar to A.g. variegatus--altho considered to be more compact and shorter as matures. An easily grown houseplant, always a star in a terrarium setting, equally happy in a damp area outside in our climate here.
Acorus Gramineus Oborozuki
Stock Number: 30551
"Golden Sweetflag" Elegant ranks of 6"+ sword leaves of bright yellow-ochre with emerald pinstripes. Striking indoors in a small blue bonsai pot; beautiful evergreen golden-grass effect when grown in a boggy spot outdoors; popular in aquatic tubs for the deck as keeps small stature. Japanese clone.
Adiantum Caudatum
Stock Number: 10007
Fountains of beautiful cascading shimmering fronds; young ferns form at the tips of each long mature frond, thus called the "Walking Maidenhair Fern"; from Old World tropics. Extremely dramatic when grown as a hanging basket subject in conditions of reliably high constant humidity levels; wonderful as a carpet for your...
Adiantum Peruvianum
Stock Number: 10014
"Silver Dollar Maidenhair Fern" We hope to have these available again throughout the Fall Season! Large dramatic species with pink toned new foliage hardening into rich green arching fronds. Must have high humidity to perform well--loves a large Wardian Case as its home (this is far too large for a small or narrow terr...
Adiantum Raddianum Pacotti
Stock Number: 11651
A small form of the "Maidenhair Fern" with erect quite compact fronds congested with sometimes overlapping deeply lobed segments shaped like teardrops, which are often further lobed. Fertile form perfect in a wardian case. Not always available; check with us.
Adiantum Raddianum Snowstorm (Tesselate)
Stock Number: 10021
A new variegated Maidenhair fern! We make a division after receiving your order and then ship only after the division is adequately established--so there will be a considerable wait once you have reserved this--please do not order if you are unable to wait for this to be readied for you. Numbers are limited. A new form...
Out of Stock
Aechmea Calyculata X Recurvata
Stock Number: 53221
Small erect cardboard urns a rich avocado green with a blush of old rose. Very xerophytic small statured Bromeliad gradually forming a tightly packed colony of compressed urns which mimic a larger Tillandsia visually; needs full light and semi-epiphytic conditions.
Aechmea Gracilis
Stock Number: 52023
"Popcorn Plant" Short outcurving leathery stiff rosettes present short popcorn inflorescences of bright red bracts with red-violet flowers--and these are very very impressively colored. Excellent house or greenhouse subject; easy to bloom if given bright light. Price reflects its refusal to quickly offset like most oth...
Aglaonema Modestum Variegatum
Stock Number: 30056
"Variegated Chinese Evergreen" A most stunning form of this species with heavy leaves splashed with pure ivory. Of easy culture.
Alocasia (Regulina) Black Velvet
Stock Number: 31249
A very compact selection with 8" rounded blackish green lvs with exotically veloured surfaces emboldened by irridescent creamy white veins. Borneo native perfect for terrariums. Also good for windowsill. Easily grown and great looking new introduction for Glasshouse Works in 2012
Alsophila Cooperii [Cyathea Australis]
Stock Number: 11438
"Australian Tree Fern" Young plants present a spreading canopy of metallic deep green arching fronds supported by a cinnamon trunk; eventually a massive stunning specimen. Although we recommend greenhouse culture in our climate, some customers have successfully grown this as a house or large Wardian Case specimen, alwa...
Anthurium Mickey Mouse [Hyb]
Stock Number: 30125
Dwarf hybrid with delightful shinny scarlet fls flared out into ear-like lobes tinted greenish; clumping habit. Growth is like a compact andreanum, but with an Obake blossom shape.
Anthurium Radicans
Stock Number: 30147
We now have limited numbers of large plants available. Prostrate creeping dwarf species with metalic pustulate leaves. creating a waffled carpet in a large terrarium or as a low light houseplant grown in a pebble tray; absolutely fabulous in a Wardian Case. This is often in limited availability as is so slow growing; p...
Asplenium Bulbiferum Floralee
Stock Number: 10047
We have renewed supply of this wonderful fern, probably a faster and more robust clone called "Floralee." Long waxed lacy fronds with baby ferns growing on the leaf surface of the arching fronds. Easy (but slow) and choice. Cool spots tolerated; regular reliable humidity levels imperative.
Asplenium Goudeyii
Stock Number: 11553
Recent introduction to the "Birdsnest" group of ferns, similar to Asplenium nidus and Asplenium Antiquum, but the leaves are more like rubber and the stature is shorter and the nest wider. This is an amazing little Bird's nest fern. We recommend because it does not need high humidity and extra care--yet perfect in a Wa...
Asplenium Nidus Antiquum Osaka
Stock Number: 11408
Available for shipping in May. We have nice sized plants available now. Decorative "Japanese Birdsnest Fern" form with elegant slim fronds with wavy ruffled margins, forming bowl-shaped specimens thriving in high-light areas, tolerating low humidity. Gives a Shirly Temple tone to your ferns.
Begonia Dade [Hort] [Hyb]
Stock Number: 56401
(s) Very charming self branching mini-semp habit forming a thick mound of small crinkly leaves with deep veins and glossy surfaces perfect with the clusters of rose blushed blossoms. Wonderful windowsill "Busy Lizzy" type for those after the retro look. Easy to grow if given good light saturation.
Begonia Deja Thorus
Stock Number: 56910
(rz) Fabluous silver nacre leaves with elegantly frilled and fluted margins. Great in a Wardian Case; deserves to be more popular as one of the easiest to grow of the silvery crew. You get ten extra points if you get the name reference.
Begonia Hawaiian Freakout [Hyb]
Stock Number: 56056
(rex) Unique upright miniature with extremely monstrose, cupped leaves flecked with coral & silver; prefers a winter rest. Can be difficult unless grown in a terrarium or wardian case.
Begonia Imperialis
Stock Number: 56061
"Carpet Begonia." Procumbent stems hold pebbly bronze and silver-streaked leaves; prefers filtered light, cool location to bring out amber tones; modest white winter blossoms. Mexican classic species--this horticultural selection seems more heat tolerant than other collections of this Mexican montane species we have te...
Begonia Soli-Mutata
Stock Number: 59422
(rz or trailing/scandent) Very lovely low statured primadonna with very wide rich cinnamon green pebbled (cordate outline with bullate surface) leaves, reddish beneath, accented with pale lime veins. Extremely popular Brazilian with white flowers for designers of wardian cases and large terrariums--and for lite gardene...
Begonia Wild Fury
Stock Number: 56884
Extremely whirpooled dark satiny leaves with showy extravagant silver dapplings and dots with dark ruby toned heart and chocolate stained margins. Needs adequate levels of humidity--best in a large Wardian case.
Blechnum Brasiliense
Stock Number: 11501
"Miniature Copper Treefern" Heavily textured rosette of leathery bronzed fronds, deep wavy lobes overlapping, top the woody scally trunk. Gives a Jurassic tone to a largE terrarium. We are lucky to re-offer this now!
Calathea Lietzei
Stock Number: 41352
Arching undulate oval bottomed lance leaves of dark bronzed velvet with pale midribs and olive stripes. Brazilian species of modest size with the endearing habit of producing plantlets along the bloom clusters creating tuffets of bronzy leaves midair. Does not demand the constant humidity and does not brown as the soil...
Calathea Thai Beauty
Stock Number: 66900
Remarkable bold cream & lime variegation creating a different irregular pattern on each upward whorled leaf. Most probably in the C. lietzei complex. While many (most) Calatheas are highly patterned and colored, this is the only selection of which we are aware which is technically "variegated." with remarkable results.
Calvoa Sessiliflora
Stock Number: 41009
Choice Congo shrublet with pairs of shiny, haired lime green leaflets & lovely sequential everblooming wide pink-magenta flowers on forked cymes; of easy culture. Enjoyed great popularity in the 70s lite garden craze. The blooms and cute tripart seed capsules quickly reveal its kinship to its big boned Tibouchina cousi...
Campyloneurum Angustifolium Ensifolium
Stock Number: 10102
"String Fern" Resembles the difficult shoestring fern (Vittaria), but this is much easier culture. Still a slow grower though; it is best to check on availability before ordering. Fronds are up to twelve inches long. Close clumping fern with the very narrow dark toned "fronds" arching out like an explosion.
Campyloneurum Phyllitidis Cristatum
Stock Number: 11446
"Crested American Strap Fern" Slowly creeping rootstock anchors papery-textured erect fronds of bright green topped with elaborate tasselling; striking clone from collector Jack Craig. This is extremely slow to increase, so best check with us for availability before ordering. Very good choice for a crested footed fern ...
Chlorophytum Bichetii Charlotte
Stock Number: 65682
A lovely form of the "Gabon Lily" with disticious fans of arching leaf blades, each with a wide straw yellow central band. Can survive the occassional neglect as has the typical "Pongol" tuberous root mass. Larger statured than species
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