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Tropicals & House Plants

As various of our longterm customers regularly ask about availability of plants once offered in past catalogues (we suspect that many of you have more complete year-by-year collections of those newsprint compilations than we do), we have re-listed many of these old plant treasures after getting them back into propagation; furthermore, we've been propagating many new treasures from the main collections as well as readying choice new plants sent to us by those of you who love to collect and hybridize and wish to share your treasures with the rest of us. And, as usual, you will note that we like to name these new cultivars and hybrids after you!

Since our customers continue to increase their interests and expand their displays of the wondrous TROPICAL LOOK in their outdoor gardens, we have added items for this look-- new Aroids, choice  Sansevieria, dramatic Agaves and their cousins, returning Begonias, a solid selection of reliable handsome Bromeliads, some very showy spiderworts and Acanthus family members. So continue to tart up your urns & planters unabashedly; shamelessly pump up those perennial beds by adding a few companion tropicals. We have also continued to expand plant selections in increasingly popular categories: tropical bonsai plants (especially succulent Bonsai), cultivars suited for standards & topiary, tried & true succulents suited for living wreaths or Fairy Gardens, new distinctive material to try in your windowboxes, living walls, patio urns and reliable yet choice terrarium subjects. (The sheer number of terrariums and wardian cases you purchased from us last year continues to esculate.)  Many of these new items are perfect for your fair garden designs and for the popular living wall movement.

Meanwhile, we have not forgotten our core support group (many of whom have been ordering /supporting us for well over 20 years now) who need new treasures for their hobby greenhouses & conservatories; their extensive lite gardens & plantrooms, and especially those who need a regular fix of an astounding new variegated cultivars. A reminder to our many Southern customers: many of the plants are excellent choices for your permanent plantings even though they are summertime bedding or greenhouse plants in our Zone 6b climate.

You will notice an ever increasing number of individual photos & images this season--the attempt to illustrate nearly every plant we list continues--and we do thank profusely those of you who have sent photos we can use as so many of our older stock plants show the effect of many cuttings and airlayerings, resulting in less than typical stature for that particular species and/or cultivar--and all of us enjoy seeing how you have potted and combined your plant treasures. We have always learned more from our faithful customer friends than we have from all our many reference books.

Most plants are sent rooted in 2 1/2"- 5 1/5" plastic pots unless coded as unrooted cuttings for certain succulents.

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Procris Species
Product Code: 41055
An Elatostema cousin with short swollen, arched stems with succulent leaves and curious bubble flowerss used in perfumery. Attractive pot herb often in limited quanities--best check availability before ordering this for your greenhouse.
Out of Stock
Protasparagus densiflorus mazeppa
Product Code: 65597
Collected in Africa and distributed initially by Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens--arching branches more compact than the species form, yet not as congested as 'Meyersii'. For the serious collector
Protasparagus densiflorus meyerii
Product Code: 40040
The "Foxtail Fern" slowly produces a handsome set of stiftly erect plumes of tight bright green cladophylls. Excellent pot plant. Just gets more magnificant each year.
Protasparagus myriocladus
Product Code: 40045
"Ming Bonsai Asparagus Fern" describes the fine cladophylls packed on bonsai-like woody stems. Excellent habit for very long term specimen. Nomenclature now Protasparagus africanus or P. macowanii for those keeping current. For a listing of various other offerings of these "Asparagus Ferns" refer to Protasparagus in th...
Product Code: 65595
"Katdoring" Zig-zagging clamberer with odd sized bunched cladophylls; bunched fls followed by red orange berries much loved by African birds as well as by plant lovers. Excellent houseplant nearly impossible to kill. One of the "Ming Asparagus" developing into fabulous impressive specimens--newly popular as an indoor b...
Protasparagus setaceus [plumosus] pyramidalis
Product Code: 40049
The "Feather Fern" with congested upright rich green plumes. Very dramatic unusual form of ornamental Asparagus quite easy to grow in a sunny window. Also popular addition to unusual combination planters, even windowboxes needing an easily grown (and this takes considerable exposure) upright accent plant with a soft fe...
Pseuderanthemum alatum
Product Code: 50050
"Chocolate Plant" Wide dusky pink and coca-brown leaves figured with silver; short plants with racemes of small purple flowers. A Central American native quite popular in Wardian Case designs.   Not a fan of chill!
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum curruthersii
Product Code: 50052
Wide deep solid metallic-purple leaves, slightly haired. Also known as Eranthemum nigrum, because has small spikes of winter flowers. Very sensitive to chill, so shipped only during warmer months.
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum rubrum
Product Code: 50051
Very wide laquered maroon oval wide leaf pairs. Rare form which is the most dramatic of this showy group of Acanthus relatives; recently rediscovered by outdoor designers for the "Tropical Look" as its color saturation in full sun matches the skin of a ripe eggplant. Although we have offered this for thirty some years,...
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum St Rose Nursery
Product Code: 50775
Often marketed as "Lemon & Lime": Erect rigid stems with pairs of long slim leaves of showy yellow lime with central gunmetal gray-green flames; Slow to establish cultivar demanding unflagging levels of warmth and Graptophyllum levels of humitity-- from Criswick in Grenada.
Out of Stock
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum tricolor
Product Code: 50053
Thick irregularly margined lance leaves of rich cream with zones of slate green and pale yellow on upright stems.
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum variegatum
Product Code: 50054
Long leaves of pale pink, slate green and buttermilk.
Out of Stock
Pseuderanthemum laxiflorum Amethyst Stars
Product Code: 69051
Tidy shrublet with attractive foliage and rose lilac toned blossom clusters. May be a sport of Ruspolia seticalyx. Excellent in combination containers.
Pseuderanthemum reticulatum
Product Code: 50055
"Gold Vein Shrub" Two inch wide rich yellow leaves veined in a bright gold on upright statured shrub--easily kept compact by pruning. New Hebrides native, thus must have warm roots to thrive; if happy may form terminal panicles of white flowers with red blushed lavender throats.
Pseuderanthemum reticulatum Eldorado
Product Code: 50056
Slim ochre-yellow lvd "Gold Vein Shrub"; much more limber stems more self- branching than the erect wide-leaved species form. `Eldorado' forms a lush bright mound of foliage.
Out of Stock
Pseuderanthemum sinuatum [hemigraphis repanda]
Product Code: 50057
"Narrow Leaf Flame Ivy" Metallic purplish papery narrow leaves in attractive trailing clumps; odd papery tan flowers. "Dragon Flame Creeper" newly popular as a lovely cascading filler for intimate windowboxes, small patio container combinations, moss topiary, and even as a semi-aquatic for tubs. Extremely sought after ...
Out of Stock
Pseuderanthemum Vaudeville [Sp. Hansoti #42]
Product Code: 50099
Beautiful short-statured many stemmed mound of interlaced long narrow leaves of slate green stained blackberry violet and variegated with irregular patches of bright pink. Showy. Pale lavender violet flowers. While most of this genus achieve considerable size, this fabulous dwarf, originally from India, remains small e...
Out of Stock
Pseuderanthemum [Eranthum] albo-marginatum
Product Code: 50079
Very distinctive plant from KSG Farms in India. Erect stems with long leaves marbled with milky green & slate gray with broad bold white borders. Stunning  introduction to USA horticulture thriving in a wardian case. Also listed as Graptophyllum pictum alba variegata.
Out of Stock
Psilotum nudum
Product Code: 11423
"Whisk Broom Fern" We are leaving the listing here in case we are able to get it ready again. We are filling backorders now for this. Primitive fern relatives with no true roots, yet a vascular plant with tiny scale leaves on the attractive branched stems; pantropic of easy pot culture if given perfect drainage and ver...
Out of Stock
Punica granatum nana
Product Code: 40856
"Dwarf Pomegranate" Bright double orange flowers resembling nodding papery carnations followed by small edible fruit; very cool winter condition imperative for best production of spring blossoms--but do not allow to freeze. Handsome and dependable in any bonsai pot as soon forms a stout woody trunk and the foliage alwa...
Punica granatum Nochi Shibori
Product Code: 41810
Brookside #1471. Showy double red flowered "Queen's Pocketmelon" fading to a dark rose crepe; large pomegranate fruit. Will grow to a considerable height, best staked to form a standard. Winter dormant even in the conservatory.
Out of Stock
Punica granatum variegata
Product Code: 40858
"Carnation-flowered Pomegranate" Pink and ivory mottled bubbled leaves on erect, striped stems; rare clone imported from Japan with remarkable double crepe-textured scarlet blossoms appearing on mature specimens. Much sought-after by collectors, but currently in adequate stock here. Variegation often remains throughout...
Pyrrosia longifolia Glasshouse Works
Product Code: 11214
"Crested Strapleaf" Crested form selected by Tom Winn. Very choice yet slow to establish initially--will demand very bright light and good air movement. Glasshouse Works introduction shipped as a mossed division, or when available, in pots.
Out of Stock
Quercifilix zeylanica [tectaria zeylanica]
Product Code: 12232
Due to high demand currently, we need to accept orders for this very slow growing beauty on a propagate-to-order basis. "Oak Leaf Creeper" Dwarf fern from Ceylon with dimorphic fronds held very low and tight. Terrarium Fern--very slow growing; very shallow wiry roots; must have high levels of humidity and fibrous media...
Reineckia carnea variegata
Product Code: 40863
Outstanding carpeting "False Lilyturf" with short, ranked leaves striped bright ivory; vigorous Japanese clone with brick red flowers followed by berries. Green species form marginally winter hardy here in Zone 6--this variegated clone is less hardy. A far more successful and gorgeous citizen of your cool greenhouse (n...
Product Code: 30677
Odd tuberous Aroid with attractive peltate foliage and a bizarre inflorescence of creamy flowers.  Has a winter dormant cycle typical of Indian natives.
Out of Stock
Rhaphidophora Panama [Species]
Product Code: 30632
Marvelous corrugated/waffled deep green leaves, developing windows and inner lobees as matures, closely set on a tough stemmed scandent vine--unflowered, thus possibly a large statured Epipremnum. "Panama Shingle Plant." Shipped as an unrooted mossed trunk section.  Not established. 
Rhaphidophora pinnata [hort/nybg]
Product Code: 30396
Extremely deeply lobed leaves resembling a palm more than its cousin, the Philodendrons, are produced in tight groups along the thick rambling scandent stem. The individual elaborate leaves are far more deeply fingered than any Monstera we offer. Beautiful, quite distinctive Aroid , somewhat sensitive to chill.  A...
Rhaphidophora tetrasperma
Product Code: 30634
The Monstera of many names! This is currently most commonly referred to as the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma.  Thick tropical vine with green, asymmedtically split delicosa like leaves topping out at about 12 inches in diameter.  Somewhat resembles a Monstera pertusa.  Easy to grow with typical aroid needs b...
Rivina humilis
Product Code: 40868
"Rouge Plant" or "Blushberry" Pendant sprays of bright red shiny berries follow the spikes of starry white flowers. Native from the far southern areas of USA on into Central America where also known as the "Currant Mimic Shrub." Always a favorite for the bright window pot; a novelity for winter greenhouse hobbyists. Ne...
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