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Tropicals & House Plants

As various of our longterm customers regularly ask about availability of plants once offered in past catalogues (we suspect that many of you have more complete year-by-year collections of those newsprint compilations than we do), we have re-listed many of these old plant treasures after getting them back into propagation; furthermore, we've been propagating many new treasures from the main collections as well as readying choice new plants sent to us by those of you who love to collect and hybridize and wish to share your treasures with the rest of us. And, as usual, you will note that we like to name these new cultivars and hybrids after you!

Since our customers continue to increase their interests and expand their displays of the wondrous TROPICAL LOOK in their outdoor gardens, we have added items for this look-- new Aroids, choice  Sansevieria, dramatic Agaves and their cousins, returning Begonias, a solid selection of reliable handsome Bromeliads, some very showy spiderworts and Acanthus family members. So continue to tart up your urns & planters unabashedly; shamelessly pump up those perennial beds by adding a few companion tropicals. We have also continued to expand plant selections in increasingly popular categories: tropical bonsai plants (especially succulent Bonsai), cultivars suited for standards & topiary, tried & true succulents suited for living wreaths or Fairy Gardens, new distinctive material to try in your windowboxes, living walls, patio urns and reliable yet choice terrarium subjects. (The sheer number of terrariums and wardian cases you purchased from us last year continues to esculate.)  Many of these new items are perfect for your fair garden designs and for the popular living wall movement.

Meanwhile, we have not forgotten our core support group (many of whom have been ordering /supporting us for well over 20 years now) who need new treasures for their hobby greenhouses & conservatories; their extensive lite gardens & plantrooms, and especially those who need a regular fix of an astounding new variegated cultivars. A reminder to our many Southern customers: many of the plants are excellent choices for your permanent plantings even though they are summertime bedding or greenhouse plants in our Zone 6b climate.

You will notice an ever increasing number of individual photos & images this season--the attempt to illustrate nearly every plant we list continues--and we do thank profusely those of you who have sent photos we can use as so many of our older stock plants show the effect of many cuttings and airlayerings, resulting in less than typical stature for that particular species and/or cultivar--and all of us enjoy seeing how you have potted and combined your plant treasures. We have always learned more from our faithful customer friends than we have from all our many reference books.

Most plants are sent rooted in 2 1/2"- 5 1/5" plastic pots unless coded as unrooted cuttings for certain succulents.

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Philodendron bipennifolium glaucous
Product Code: 30629
"Blue Fiddle-leaf Philo" The small-statured leaves are a waxy bluish-gray, closely spaced. Perhaps a fixed juvenile form. This has proven a handsome & reliable houseplant; if given a moss pole to slowy climb up will beautifully display a design of overlapping shingled foliage.
Out of Stock
Philodendron bipennifolium Splash Gordon
Product Code: 30299
Dave Gordon's amazing selecting of this waxy leaved charmer with the fiddle shaped leaves now lavishly slashed and splashed with nacre cream. Definitely a show winner best displayed on a moss pole..  Only 4 availabe at time of listing.  One per person/Order.   
Philodendron Black Cardinal [hyb]
Product Code: 30700
Bamboo Nurseries self heading hybrid forming a wide dramatic waxy birdsnest habit of overlapping wide rippled leaves of burgundy flushed purple; violet petioles.. . still keeps some purple tones when grown in lower light conditions, but does tend to become scandent in lower light conditions..
Philodendron brandtianum
Product Code: 42243
Heart shaped leaves, richly silvered, line meandering stems.  "Brandy" is very sensitive to chill.  Will not ship during extreme temps. 
Philodendron Burle Marx (Species)
Product Code: 33107
Very dependable, semi upright vine with waxy outfacing elongated heart shaped leaves thickly set on thick sculptural stems typically dividing in a nearly monstrose knobby art noveau design. Tolerates house conditions well. Too much fun not to grow in your plant collection.   Supply is very limited.  Ple...
Philodendron cannifolium
Product Code: 30760
The "Flask Philo" ( now more correct as P. Martianum) is a slow growing epiphyte with leathery lance leaves jutting out from remarkable channeled swollen leafstalks, resembling pop bottles. Grown for its remarkable swollen petioles. What we call "self-header" because if is reluctant to vine, forming more of a rosette' ...
Out of Stock
Philodendron Caramel Cream [hyb?]
Product Code: 30714
Glorious lime streaked golden leaved vigorous climber with the darkening leaves' blushed underside hardening to a very rich caramel red, heightened by the redish rose blushed petioles and trunk. Happiest on a mossed pole. Yinger's name--if you had not already guessed. Collectors immediately gravitate to this show off i...
Philodendron Collection  (5 plants)
Product Code: 99433
A beginner's robust selection of strong colors & various habits; might even include a Raphidophora, Monstera, or Epipremnum cousin. 5 plants Our Collections are pulled based on price point and what we have available at that time within that grouping at the time of pulling/shipping.  Every collection can be ...
Philodendron Collection: Rare & Unusual (5)
Product Code: 99478
This group will include rarely offered species, dramatic hybrids and cultivars, and distinctive variegated clones. We have various quite choice cultivars that have golden or purple leaves. 5 plants Our Collections are pulled based on price point and what we have available at that time within that grouping at the tim...
Philodendron corsinianum [hyb]
Product Code: 30302
Vigorous hybrid of P. lucidum with P. coriaceum. Strong stem supports wide elongate "elephant ear" waxy leaves with ruffled edges and decorative thick veins. Survives poor conditions once established.  Becomes a giant if given a moss pole to consume.  This is the clone typically observed in botanic gardens an...
Out of Stock
Philodendron Dance Hall Ruffles
Product Code: 43023
Elongated rubbery thick leaves with elaborate furled folds at the petiole.  Very tolerant of low humidity; very tolerant of being the belle of the ball. Using a "common name" as the botanical identification battle continues on and on. These are sections of the prostrate  rhyzone with foliage. This pl...
Philodendron davidsonii [talmancae]
Product Code: 30384
Impressive giant elongated heart leaves, often speckled and brushed with pale lime, highlighted by central lighter vein; held by maroon dotted petioles arranged in very short internodes, like those of P. Santa Leopoldina, on very thick strong stems. Petioles uniquely spotted mahogany! Rare but easily grown.  Price...
Out of Stock
Philodendron domesticum (hastatum)
Product Code: 30361
"Spade Leaf Philo" Long lobed leaves on rubbery rounded stems; reliable scrambling viner. Easy.
Philodendron domesticum (hastatum) variegatum
Product Code: 30306
"Variegated Spade Leaf" Showy fleshy arrow-shaped leaves splashed irreguarly with rich pale cream. Strong grower given high humidity and perfect drainage with a friendly moss pole to embrace. Variable. Our pictures show the ranges it can cover in striping, mottling, and other variations. This is very popular with Asian...
Out of Stock
Philodendron dubuim
Product Code: 540990
Wide leaf version of elegans- darker and more glossy as well.  Best on a moss pole to display the attractive lobed foliage; thus, the "Skeleton Philodendron"
Philodendron ecuadoriense [Hort]
Product Code: 30307
"Accordian Philo" Long vertically held leaves are rippled and deeply veined like Anthurium veitchei. As the upper lobes are thin and erect; this rarity needs to be situated in a location with evenly high humidity to avoid burning. A merely spectacular plant best situated in the conservatory or mist garden. Numbers can ...
Philodendron elegans [dubium] [radium]
Product Code: 30309
"Skeleton Aroid" Very deeply fingered fern-like foliage on strong but slow growing thickly meandering clambering stems. High light encourages the foliage to be more closely situated, although remains basically scandant in habit. Hortus lists this as P. angustisectum but more currently correct as P. radium.  The ph...
Philodendron fenzlii
Product Code: 30311
Shiny trilobed leaves on vigorous vine from Mexico shown to advantage when encouraged to climb a mossed pole. Easily grown mimic of the Syngonium auritum complex. Enduringly popular for its ease of growth in less than ideal conditions, even though it is not very glamorous.  Now also know as P. Tripartitum
Philodendron Florida Beauty alba
Product Code: 30313
Shared with us by David Bernett in Australia years ago, we have started to propage it again. It is a form which produces new leaves that are frosted white, then to mottled milky green, which gradually fade to jade green--but realize that leaves emerging in high temperatures emerge as pale green, not white resulting in ...
Out of Stock
Philodendron Florida Beauty [hyb]
Product Code: 30312
(Sold often as P. squamiferum, but actually reported to be a hybrid of P. laciniatum and P. pedatum). Warty petioles stiftly present glossy shield-like leaves with opposite rounded upper lobes, blunt pointed central lobes and a single large lower lobe. Sound too elaborate? Try one to find out that this reliable compact...
Out of Stock
Philodendron Florida compacta [hyb]
Product Code: 30308
"Dwarf Shield Philo" Very short internodes of the stubby stems hold thick dark waxed leaves, deeply lobed. Excellent antique hybrid of slow growth. Desirable form, for it is compact and holds mature foliage indefinitely. 
Product Code: 31454
Trinidad's "Jumbo Philo" with giant climbing trunk supporting beautifully lacquered ovate leaves with undulating margins; very closely bunched succulent petioles. Quite a spectacular glossy giant, attractive even while a baby. (But remember: this glossy gentle giant is very intolerant of chill.) The third image is of a...
Out of Stock
Philodendron glaucaphyllum
Product Code: 30273
"Blue Philodendron" This extremely slow growing rarity is one of the standouts of the scandent Philodendrons. Aluminum silver to blue over a waxy undertoned flared arrow leaves anchored on folded petioles. Availability irregular as this is very slow growing.  If it ever blooms, botanists may declare this a Raphido...
Philodendron gloriosum
Product Code: 30318
A sinuous slowly creeping short surface rhizome anchors wide beautiful and silvery green velour-surfaced leaves that are veined in pink in good light. Slow growing Philodendron from Columbia, tolerating considerably higher temperatures than most Andean species. MUST HAVE VERY HIGH HUMIDITY.  Sold and shipped as CU...
Philodendron Golden Crocodile
Product Code: 42261
A brilliantly solid gold low growing version of the vigorous 'Jungle Boogie" (always a popular plant in our sales house!) with the same slightly undulating elongated leaves overlaping to form a golden bowl of foliage. 
Philodendron grazielae
Product Code: 30321
"Pigtail Philodendron" Very glossy compact lvs tightly stacked in ascending columns. concave hearts with a pigtail tip. Choice and not hard to grow but very slow growing, and thus seldom in stock.  May be sent as an URCutting in moss. 
Out of Stock
Philodendron hastatum [hort] Frieling's Gold
Product Code: 58478
A selection here at Glasshouse Works of a series of sports of P. domesticum hastatum variegatum which consistently produces pure lime gold leathery leaves with attractive lobe on slowly climbing stems perfect on moss poles. .   Supply is very limited.  Please limit your order to 1
Philodendron hederaceum [hoffmannii]
Product Code: 30324
Climber whose leaves mimic the "Algerian Ivy"--and thus the species name. Easy house plant with rubbery foliage able to survive lower humidity levels than most. While judicious pinching will produce a shrubby specimen, it is most successful when embracing a mossed pole or stiftly cascading from a pot. Proof that one ca...
Philodendron Hope [hyb]
Product Code: 56814
Ruffled rich green leaves with heavy substance perfect for any houseplant situation, forming a tight birdsnest shape as it is a compact selection of P. selloum--even with fingered leaf margins. "Tree Philodendron.".
Out of Stock
Philodendron inconcinnum
Product Code: 30326
Large boat-shaped decorative leaves, blushed beneath in high light; thick succulent midribs accent dull-glossy fleshy leaves overlapping shingle-like on a very thick stemmed clambering vine. Easy indoor potplant for mossed pole culture. Very seldom available in the trade.
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