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Tropicals & House Plants

As various of our longterm customers regularly ask about availability of plants once offered in past catalogues (we suspect that many of you have more complete year-by-year collections of those newsprint compilations than we do), we have re-listed many of these old plant treasures after getting them back into propagation; furthermore, we've been propagating many new treasures from the main collections as well as readying choice new plants sent to us by those of you who love to collect and hybridize and wish to share your treasures with the rest of us. And, as usual, you will note that we like to name these new cultivars and hybrids after you!

Since our customers continue to increase their interests and expand their displays of the wondrous TROPICAL LOOK in their outdoor gardens, we have added items for this look-- new Aroids, choice  Sansevieria, dramatic Agaves and their cousins, returning Begonias, a solid selection of reliable handsome Bromeliads, some very showy spiderworts and Acanthus family members. So continue to tart up your urns & planters unabashedly; shamelessly pump up those perennial beds by adding a few companion tropicals. We have also continued to expand plant selections in increasingly popular categories: tropical bonsai plants (especially succulent Bonsai), cultivars suited for standards & topiary, tried & true succulents suited for living wreaths or Fairy Gardens, new distinctive material to try in your windowboxes, living walls, patio urns and reliable yet choice terrarium subjects. (The sheer number of terrariums and wardian cases you purchased from us last year continues to esculate.)  Many of these new items are perfect for your fair garden designs and for the popular living wall movement.

Meanwhile, we have not forgotten our core support group (many of whom have been ordering /supporting us for well over 20 years now) who need new treasures for their hobby greenhouses & conservatories; their extensive lite gardens & plantrooms, and especially those who need a regular fix of an astounding new variegated cultivars. A reminder to our many Southern customers: many of the plants are excellent choices for your permanent plantings even though they are summertime bedding or greenhouse plants in our Zone 6b climate.

You will notice an ever increasing number of individual photos & images this season--the attempt to illustrate nearly every plant we list continues--and we do thank profusely those of you who have sent photos we can use as so many of our older stock plants show the effect of many cuttings and airlayerings, resulting in less than typical stature for that particular species and/or cultivar--and all of us enjoy seeing how you have potted and combined your plant treasures. We have always learned more from our faithful customer friends than we have from all our many reference books.

Most plants are sent rooted in 2 1/2"- 5 1/5" plastic pots unless coded as unrooted cuttings for certain succulents.

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Peperomia Kuanca Banba (Sp. Peru)
Product Code: 66880
Upright stoutly succulent stem studded with multitudes of basil green slim leaves to resemble a petite bottlebrush, but soon self-branching into an impressive clump of rich foliage, which as soon as exposed to sun turns a rich violet cayenne color of some intensity. This undemanding unnamed native of Peru has proven to...
Product Code: 53593
Large succulent jade leaves on very slow growing upright stems.  difficult to ship as leaves easily crack- expect damage no matter how well we pack it. 
Out of Stock
Product Code: 53595
"Silver Heart" Large silver highlighted, quilted leaves deeply veined a bright green radiate into upright loose rosettes--in a habit similar to the griseo-argentea cultivars but with leaf tips decidedly pointed. Popular in terrarium designs needing a bright accent. Affinity to the slightly more succulent and slower gro...
Peperomia meridana
Product Code: 53596
"Crazy Quilt Plant" "Pixie" or "Christmas Tree" Also sold as P. gardneriana minima; and even as a Peperomia fraseri hybrid. The sheer number of names suggests how popular this has been over the years. Cheerful upright reddish blshed stems covered with petite whorls of glossy depressed-veined rich green leaves packed so...
Peperomia meridana maculata
Product Code: 53597
A variegated "Pixie" beautifully splashed and slashed with cream and yellow--a Glasshouse Works selection from a sport that Ken Frieling discovered here. This lends a bit of vertical bling bling in any terrarium planting. We have trouble keeping up with demand, so please INQUIRE as to availability before ordering.
Out of Stock
Peperomia Moonset [Species]
Product Code: 53600
Ashy-lime underleaf; entire plant very felted, soft to touch like a "Mouse Ear"; Upfaced foliage topped by very erect "Mouse Tails" shaped inflorescence. A beautiful subject for light garden, probably a varient of P. moninii. Sent as mossed URCutting if none currently potted.
Peperomia obtusifolia (Species Form)
Product Code: 53602
The strong and bold original non-variegated form of this great house plant which lives through anything. It requires more than mere neglect to do this one in.
Peperomia obtusifolia alba
Product Code: 53603
New leaves strongly and dramatically emerge pure ivory, then gradually fade to pale lime, then glossy jade green; slightly reddish petioles. A Manda selection effective in lightgardens and striking in any greenhouse collection as well as a marvelous houseplant--quite unique yet easily grown; especially valuable as the ...
Peperomia obtusifolia albomarginata
Product Code: 53604
"Hummel White Cloud" Rippled, puckered waxy leaves margined ivory. Interesting petite habit heavily self branching to form a remarkable hemisphere of bright variegation tolerant of less than ideal levels of humidity. We received this stunning variegate from Ed Hummel in the 70s and have found the ongoing demand unflagg...
Peperomia obtusifolia Golden Gate
Product Code: 53607
Very wide fleshy leaf with slate green center surrounded by a flamed zone (a halo?) of rich cream-yellow and margined in deep green. Very flashy pot plant.
Peperomia obtusifolia Hicolor
Product Code: 53609
Similar to the traditional 'Gold Tip' of Hummel, but this selection has rich golden and milky green variegation dramatically slashed throughout the entire leaf of jade like waxy succulent substance; the thick succulent stems gradually descend under the weight of the heavy highly colored leaves, thus an excellent subjec...
Peperomia obtusifolia Sensation
Product Code: 43612
Manda's introduction of a huge "Marble Peperomia" with large gold-slashed waxy leaves on reclining purpled stems. Some feel this is more likely a sport of P. magnoliifolia or of P. crassifolia as it very oversized to be an obtusifolia and the catkins sometimes branch. Very rare; very spectacular (probably even superbio...
Out of Stock
Peperomia orba
Product Code: 53629
"Princess Astrid" Dwarf-statured with multiple crowns of waxy spoon like leaves--soon forming a charming waxy tuffet; easy tinsy houseplant with unknown origin-- the name "orba" meaning "orphan." A basic for your terrarium companions.
Peperomia orba variegata
Product Code: 53631
"Variegated "Princess Astrid" Each small flat leaf edged in a rich ivory-yellow; short stems are dotted reddish-tan. A more perfect terrarium plant is hard to imagine.
Peperomia polybotrya [pericatii]
Product Code: 53639
"Coin-leaf P." or "Owl Eye Plant" Stout picturesque stems hold large cupped-shield-shaped, waxed peltate leaves typically with a center "eye"--that is, each leaf potentially forms with its own omphalodium. Andean species with racemes to one foot long covered with flowers so tiny the naked eye is defeated. Rather succul...
Peperomia puteolata Gray Vein Clone
Product Code: 53687
A form of "Parallel Peperomia" with dramatic whorls of three stiff cardboard-like leaves with very bright gray-ash feuillemort toned depressed veins; habit more stiftly upright than some collections of this epiphytic South American. Slow growing; best given same epiphytic growing conditions as Rhipsalis. Always se...
Peperomia repii
Product Code: 53648
"Purple Cloud Plant" Low, much-branched purple stems covered with glossy deep toned purple leaves with silver midrib flame; excellent indoor plant of rapid growth; perfect for small hanging baskets; a natural for terrariums. Ever so perfect.
Product Code: 43132
Has toplling mounts like the meridana but with pointed leaf tips.
Out of Stock
Peperomia Silver Bandit [Species Unidentified]
Product Code: 53655
(Catch the pun?) Reclining upright stems hold elegant pebbled leaves with upcurled edges and bright central silver flames--this Andean species prefers a coolish location to display best colors with perfect drainage. Astoundingly beautiful..
Peperomia Silver Sheen [Species]
Product Code: 53656
"Pewter Waxleaf Plant" Short arching (or scandent) succulent stems lined with thick leaves with a pewter-aluminum patina. Like acuminata, crassicaulis, and disticha this forms a beautiful moss pole specimen. Rare, yet easily grown species for small pots or baskets.
Peperomia Trailing Jade [Species]
Product Code: 53658
Pairs of thick, blunt-edged jade leaves spaced like pendant beads on strong arching, then hanging stems, thus also called "Jade Cascade"; unique habit--best grown like a Rhipsalis. Some consider this to be a version of Peperomia pereskiaefolia.  Sent as a mossed unrooted cutting
Product Code: 53665
Surface wandering stems support kidney-shaped small leaves creating a "carpet of hearts" that must have perfect drainage as roots are very shallow. 
Out of Stock
Peperomia viridis variegata
Product Code: 53671
Zig-Zagging upright arched stems bear creamy-white margined thick semi-cupped leaves; very stong basket plant. Much slower growing than the more pendant disticha group; much more compact than the acuminata cultivars.  Often sent as mossed URCutting.
Peristrophe hyssopifolia aureo-variegata
Product Code: 50049
Also P. angustifolia aureo-variegata. "Yellow Fellow" Narrow yellow-flamed leaves on mounding plants with delicate wands of tiny lavender flowers. "Java marbleleaf" excellent as a "filler" in mixed container designs to give a filigree feathery effect; can loose some of the yellow if in very hot conditions.
Phaedranassa chloracra
Product Code: 51079
Exposed glossy bulbs offset to form mounds topped by short waxy leaves and occassional shy white nodding trumpet flowers soon fading to a pale pink with faint green tips. Beautiful when treated as a foliage potplant. Remember, a chill or a severe drought cause a mini-dormancy, practiced by some growers who feel that th...
Phaedranassa dubia
Product Code: 51080
Short 8" gray strap leaves arched over surface bulbs; odd amaryllid flowers rimmed green. Perhaps best grown as a succulent. Of interest in spite of its most dubious name to all rare bulb collectors. (Translation: Perhaps of greater botanical than horticultural interest.)
Philodendron Anderson's Red
Product Code: 30293
Old hybrid heirloom with a more hopeful than accurate name originally from the great Ed Hummel, with some experts declaring this to have a P. tuxla parent, while others suggest this is more correct as P. erubescens 'Burgundy.' Whatever. This vigorous, time-proven very reliable self-branching stout vine is beautifully s...
Philodendron andreanum
Product Code: 30294
"Black Gold" Elongated heart-shaped leaves of dark velvet with a lovely coppery sheen and delicate ivory veins. Thrives in high humidity and low light, and will need a misting system if not kept in a case. This is one of the true beauties of the philodendron world. Not a houseplant unless grown in a wardian case and yo...
Philodendron andreanum X sodoroi [hyb]
Product Code: 30295
Fantastic large velvety heart leaves with mottlings of pale snimmery emerald and grey pewter on billowed areas between depressed lime veins; blush underleaf; held on mahogany- purple stems. Remarkable hybrid, yet easily grown if sufficient humidity and perfect drainage is provided--thus more for the conservatory than f...
Philodendron Asiatica's Variegate
Product Code: 30365
"Variegated Aroid Palm" basal root mass sends up succulent stems ranked with waxy leaves splashed randomly in lime and gold if in bright light.  Showy. Yinger thinks this is a similar clone to "White knight"  
Out of Stock
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