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Tropicals & House Plants

As various of our longterm customers regularly ask about availability of plants once offered in past catalogues (we suspect that many of you have more complete year-by-year collections of those newsprint compilations than we do), we have re-listed many of these old plant treasures after getting them back into propagation; furthermore, we've been propagating many new treasures from the main collections as well as readying choice new plants sent to us by those of you who love to collect and hybridize and wish to share your treasures with the rest of us. And, as usual, you will note that we like to name these new cultivars and hybrids after you!

Since our customers continue to increase their interests and expand their displays of the wondrous TROPICAL LOOK in their outdoor gardens, we have added items for this look-- new Aroids, choice  Sansevieria, dramatic Agaves and their cousins, returning Begonias, a solid selection of reliable handsome Bromeliads, some very showy spiderworts and Acanthus family members. So continue to tart up your urns & planters unabashedly; shamelessly pump up those perennial beds by adding a few companion tropicals. We have also continued to expand plant selections in increasingly popular categories: tropical bonsai plants (especially succulent Bonsai), cultivars suited for standards & topiary, tried & true succulents suited for living wreaths or Fairy Gardens, new distinctive material to try in your windowboxes, living walls, patio urns and reliable yet choice terrarium subjects. (The sheer number of terrariums and wardian cases you purchased from us last year continues to esculate.)  Many of these new items are perfect for your fair garden designs and for the popular living wall movement.

Meanwhile, we have not forgotten our core support group (many of whom have been ordering /supporting us for well over 20 years now) who need new treasures for their hobby greenhouses & conservatories; their extensive lite gardens & plantrooms, and especially those who need a regular fix of an astounding new variegated cultivars. A reminder to our many Southern customers: many of the plants are excellent choices for your permanent plantings even though they are summertime bedding or greenhouse plants in our Zone 6b climate.

You will notice an ever increasing number of individual photos & images this season--the attempt to illustrate nearly every plant we list continues--and we do thank profusely those of you who have sent photos we can use as so many of our older stock plants show the effect of many cuttings and airlayerings, resulting in less than typical stature for that particular species and/or cultivar--and all of us enjoy seeing how you have potted and combined your plant treasures. We have always learned more from our faithful customer friends than we have from all our many reference books.

Most plants are sent rooted in 2 1/2"- 5 1/5" plastic pots unless coded as unrooted cuttings for certain succulents.

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Peperomia clusiifolia variegata [hort]
Product Code: 53544
Horticultural designation of a P. obtusifolia type with gorgeous cream and yellow variegation (as pictured in Exotica.); this clone from the long gone Manda's Greenhouses tolerates low humidity if given bright indirect light and thus an excellent houseplant..  High preformer in less than idea conditions.
Peperomia clusiifolia [pericattii]
Product Code: 53543
The dramatic "False Clusia." Thick purplish concave long leaves with purple margins held erect in two ranks by thick stems; the rubbery texture heightened by bright light. A well known West Indies native, yet this is a clone found by Robert Newman in Chinese cultivation. The obvious question: is this used in Chinese me...
Peperomia Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99007
These plants used to have a whole society devoted to their culture and identity. Some are remarkable for spectacular leaf formations, waxy and variegated surfaces, pelted and felted surfaces; for stout decorative stems strikingly clustering, vigorously clambering, or elegantly cascading. At your suggestion, we will sen...
Product Code: 53546
Very stubby erect stems completely obscured by the flat short jade toned tubby leaves which expose their trunicated keeled leaf tips that apprear to be multiple closely packed tiny horseshoes.  This Peruvian Andes native has very shallow roots; thus "Pearly columns plant" is easily sun scorched!  Quite p...
Peperomia crassicaulis
Product Code: 53554
"False Philodendron" Similar to distichia [scandens], but longer, waxy leaves with slightly downcurled thickish tips, and sporting slightly swollen purple-ringed leaf nodes which distinguish it from others; excellent reliable hanging basket subject. This clone which was shared with us by the Univeristy of Copenhagen Bo...
Out of Stock
Peperomia distichia [scandens] Crane's Flecked
Product Code: 53616
"Crazy Quilt Plant" Irregular patches of gray-green and soft ivory--a Ruth Crane selection we introduced years ago, yet is still rare in most collections. A wonderful unique cultivar with no two leaves ever matching--oddly this will occassionally sport to a stable 'medio-picta' form.
Peperomia distichia [scandens] variegata
Product Code: 53618
The heart leaved "False Philodendron" with bright ivory white margined waxy leaves on the fleshy cascading stem; a basic for hanging baskets. Very strong grower with a delicate appearance.
Peperomia dolabriformis
Product Code: 53558
A fine addition to any collection. The "Prayer Peperomia" features thick fused windowed leaves sticking out from succulent stocky erect stems ending in long wand of tiny flowers. Lima-bean lime-colored leaves give a unique character to this Peruvian native. Succulent culture imperative: bright light, perfect drainage, ...
Peperomia ferreyrae
Product Code: 53562
"Pincushion Peperomia" Short thick succulent stems topped with many narrow trough-shaped leaves very nearly fused; the easiest succulent species to grow. How this relates to iron (ferrea) we do not know, unless it was collected near a railroad track. Much more dependable than the similar dolabriformis.
Peperomia ferreyrae Hybrid [hort]
Product Code: 66976
Stockier blunt ferreyrae with fused leaves on thick, succulent stems; perhaps a variation; perhaps a separate species? Prefers high light and air movement, but less fussy than some succulent types. Sometimes sent as an unrooted cutting. This tubby heart throb is probably an underdescribed species.  
Peperomia fraseri [resedifolia] nana
Product Code: 53566
Miniature "Flowering Peperomia" clone with glossy jade like small leaves on clumping rosettes sprouting lovely erect spikes of fuzzy blossoms. A basic for any terrarium design. Formerly known as P. resedaefolia `Dwarf.'
Product Code: 53570
Whorled oval leaflets on tumbling grass green stems which develop into clumps.  
Peperomia galioides
Product Code: 53568
"Pine Peperomia." or "Needle-leaf Wax Plant" Small erect branching stems with close whorls of four to six pale green needle leaflets--eventually looks like a succulent clustered mini-scale model for a Bamboo clump. Very odd habit for this genus. Several European pharmaceutical companies are researching the chemistry of...
Out of Stock
Peperomia gardneriana [cordata?]
Product Code: 53521
The old horticultural designation of "Argentina" probably indicates habitat origin. Big bronzy-ochre leaves bushed with dull pewter highlights, held in open rosettes achieving the character of a giant P. caperata. Of easy culture, tolerant of low humidity
Peperomia glabella
Product Code: 41707
The reliable "Wax Privet Peperomia" with many-branched nodding stems studded by the bright green glossy fleshy foliage. Easy old favorite forming a cheerfully bright rumpled carpet of foliage brought back to our offerings by popular demand.
Peperomia griseo-argentea Begonia Leaf
Product Code: 53576
Large 'Blackie' clone with overlapping upper lobes; old leaves fade to ashy-lemon to give an interesting two-tone contrast to the vigorous mounds. This Ruth Crane distribution may be the same plant known as 'Rosifolia' in Europe.
Peperomia griseo-argentea Pink Marble
Product Code: 53712
Distinctive form with the pewter toned leaves irregularly variegated with cream and pink. Difficult to grow. Needs bright indirect light and good air circulation to perform best with oustanding colors. With experience, we have found that this prima donna ships best anchored in dry perlite. Difficult to ship as is quite...
Out of Stock
Peperomia griseo-argentea Wavy Gravy
Product Code: 53579
Incurved ear shaped waxy leaves with deep blushed depressed veins highlighting the pewter toned ridges--leaves quickly forming tightly foliaged low hemispheres topped with cute erect tapered catkins. Easy houseplant but very tempermental if planted in a large container as it has very shallow roots.   ...
Peperomia Guatamala Selby 78-725
Product Code: 53685
Heavy magenta blushed stems arch under large waxy rhombic foliage. As this grows very slowly, it is usually in very limited availability, so please inquire before ordering this in any quanity. An old established clump becomes a very impressive sight.
Peperomia hirta
Product Code: 53584
Multi-branched erect stems with collars of downy leaves and tall inflorescenc; probably inter-specific with P. tetraphylla. Even though somewhat tall (by Peperomia standards), avoid the temptation to plant this in a deep pot; for like galioides, this has a very shallow stoloniferous root mass.
Peperomia Horace Anderson [Species]
Product Code: 53585
Upright angled reddish jade leaves in whorls of three on toppling stems. This is a famous traditional variety (from the Hummel days) that has alway been know by the perhaps original collector's name. We do not know the species. Reliable when grown in orchid mixes, but slow and only developing the reddish mahogany rose ...
Peperomia incana
Product Code: 53586
"Felted Pepperface" Fabulous succulent leaves of gray felt (or "Amazon Fuzz") on upright fur-covered stems; easily grown Brazilian tolerating low humidity as long as grown in very bright light. Interesting also as a summer deck or patio subject as tolerates exposed conditions and adds texture and heft as well as a colo...
Peperomia Jungle Red
Product Code: 53589
Cheerful red-stemmed tangles with whorls of fat succulents patterned button leaves, violet-red beneath in high light. Great miniature stoloniferous plant much employed by orchid hobbyists to carpet the barky bare surfaces as (altho of delicate appearance) tolerates and even seems to prefer bright light and variable hum...
Peperomia Kuanca Banba (Sp. Peru)
Product Code: 66880
Upright stoutly succulent stem studded with multitudes of basil green slim leaves to resemble a petite bottlebrush, but soon self-branching into an impressive clump of rich foliage, which as soon as exposed to sun turns a rich violet cayenne color of some intensity. This undemanding unnamed native of Peru has proven to...
Product Code: 53593
Large succulent jade leaves on very slow growing upright stems.  difficult to ship as leaves easily crack- expect damage no matter how well we pack it. 
Out of Stock
Product Code: 53595
"Silver Heart" Large silver highlighted, quilted leaves deeply veined a bright green radiate into upright loose rosettes--in a habit similar to the griseo-argentea cultivars but with leaf tips decidedly pointed. Popular in terrarium designs needing a bright accent. Affinity to the slightly more succulent and slower gro...
Peperomia meridana
Product Code: 53596
"Crazy Quilt Plant" "Pixie" or "Christmas Tree" Also sold as P. gardneriana minima; and even as a Peperomia fraseri hybrid. The sheer number of names suggests how popular this has been over the years. Cheerful upright reddish blshed stems covered with petite whorls of glossy depressed-veined rich green leaves packed so...
Peperomia meridana maculata
Product Code: 53597
A variegated "Pixie" beautifully splashed and slashed with cream and yellow--a Glasshouse Works selection from a sport that Ken Frieling discovered here. This lends a bit of vertical bling bling in any terrarium planting. We have trouble keeping up with demand, so please INQUIRE as to availability before ordering.
Out of Stock
Peperomia Moonset [Species]
Product Code: 53600
Ashy-lime underleaf; entire plant very felted, soft to touch like a "Mouse Ear"; Upfaced foliage topped by very erect "Mouse Tails" shaped inflorescence. A beautiful subject for light garden, probably a varient of P. moninii. Sent as mossed URCutting if none currently potted.
Peperomia obtusifolia (Species Form)
Product Code: 53602
The strong and bold original non-variegated form of this great house plant which lives through anything. It requires more than mere neglect to do this one in.
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