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Tropicals & House Plants – Q-R

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Quercifilix zeylanica [tectaria zeylanica]
Product Code: 12232
Due to high demand currently, we need to accept orders for this very slow growing beauty on a propagate-to-order basis. "Oak Leaf Creeper" Dwarf fern from Ceylon with dimorphic fronds held very low and tight. Terrarium Fern--very slow growing; very shallow wiry roots; must have high levels of humidity and fibrous media...
Reineckia carnea variegata
Product Code: 40863
Outstanding carpeting "False Lilyturf" with short, ranked leaves striped bright ivory; vigorous Japanese clone with brick red flowers followed by berries. Green species form marginally winter hardy here in Zone 6--this variegated clone is less hardy. A far more successful and gorgeous citizen of your cool greenhouse (n...
Product Code: 30677
Odd tuberous Aroid with attractive peltate foliage and a bizarre inflorescence of creamy flowers.  Has a winter dormant cycle typical of Indian natives.
Out of Stock
Rhaphidophora Panama [Species]
Product Code: 30632
Marvelous corrugated/waffled deep green leaves, developing windows and inner lobees as matures, closely set on a tough stemmed scandent vine--unflowered, thus possibly a large statured Epipremnum. "Panama Shingle Plant." Shipped as an unrooted mossed trunk section.  Not established. 
Rhaphidophora pinnata [hort/nybg]
Product Code: 30396
Extremely deeply lobed leaves resembling a palm more than its cousin, the Philodendrons, are produced in tight groups along the thick rambling scandent stem. The individual elaborate leaves are far more deeply fingered than any Monstera we offer. Beautiful, quite distinctive Aroid , somewhat sensitive to chill.  A...
Rhaphidophora tetrasperma
Product Code: 30634
The Monstera of many names! This is currently most commonly referred to as the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma.  Thick tropical vine with green, asymmedtically split delicosa like leaves topping out at about 12 inches in diameter.  Somewhat resembles a Monstera pertusa.  Easy to grow with typical aroid needs b...
Rivina humilis
Product Code: 40868
"Rouge Plant" or "Blushberry" Pendant sprays of bright red shiny berries follow the spikes of starry white flowers. Native from the far southern areas of USA on into Central America where also known as the "Currant Mimic Shrub." Always a favorite for the bright window pot; a novelity for winter greenhouse hobbyists. Ne...
Rosa chinensis viridiflora
Product Code: 71174
"Green China Rose" double green flowers actually more a case of multiple sepals? More bizarre than lovely and thus a must for serious collectors of blossoms virid. Good performer in the winter conservatory where it will produce winter blossoms. (And actually winter hardy outdoors at least as far north as Z6.)
Product Code: 50059
"Red Christmas Pride" Erect somewhat woody stems support attractive foliage with purple blushed underleaf; scarlet pouch flowers reach their blooming peak midwinter. Extremely vigorous and as popular now as in Victorian times when it filled that pre-poinsettia era with red blossoms at Christmas.
Ruellia brittoniana Chi Chi
Product Code: 57504
Stiff slim leaves rank the dark erect stems topped with showy bright pink blossoms; does well as bog plant, thus the "Pink Kathy Water Ruellia"--or grow in your outdoor summer beds as a pink flowered "Texas Petunia" and it will perform and perform and perform.
Ruellia brittoniana Kathy Ferguson
Product Code: 52991
A vigorous heavily-bloomed very dwarf selection of the woody Mexican shrublet with tidy linear leaves & long showy lavender tubular flowers maturing to a brilliant deep purple; Lynn Lowery's selection is sometimes offered as 'Katie's Dwarf.' Does as well as an aquatic as it does as a regular container or bedding su...
Ruellia colorata [trivialis?]
Product Code: 50060
"Lobster Claw" from the Amazon basin producing spikes of brilliant scarlet bracts coloring just in time for Christmas and staying bright carmine several months--pretty tubular blossoms emerge, then disappear from these long lasting showy bracts. This showy inflorescence tops each stem of this stout branched shrub of ea...
Ruellia devosiana [hort] Affinity
Product Code: 50098
Nearly prostrate stems with pairs of elongated dark toned leaves beautifully decorated with dusky pewter vein designs fading to soft lime tones. Tiny flowers of white and lilac. Best considered a terrarium subject. Nomenclature is very uncertain.
Ruellia macrantha Prostrate Selection
Product Code: 55570
Softly mounding "Mexican Petunia" now used as a groundcover throughout the tropics, readily producing many upward facing rosy purple "Christmas Pride" blossoms on the downy foliage.Much used by "Tropicals Outdoors" designers for summer boxes and urns for its ability to quickly fill in gaps and vigorously cascade over t...
Ruellia makoyana
Product Code: 50061
"Monkey Plant." Purplish mauve slightly pendant flowers bloom freely on scandent handsome leaved low shrub native to Brazil. Soft dark velvet leaves with vibrant silver veins ensure the continuing popularity of this beautiful "Trailing Velvet Plant."
Ruscus aculeatus Wheeler's Self Fruiting
Product Code: 40902
"Butcher's Broom" erect stems with spiky leathery cladophylls (leaf-like branchlet) bearing riny green flowers, then reddish berries; dark green botanical curiosity used in wreaths. Also used as a medicinal herb: for a laxitive, for gout, and for hypertension control. The leathery cladophylls are much shorter and a muc...
Ruscus hypoglossum
Product Code: 40903
"Butchers Broom" Erect stems taller than R. aculeatus ,with the leathery cladophylls (the leaf like branchlet bearing the reduced leaves and fls in their centers) larger and paler than those of R. aculeatus. Handsome. Reputed winter hardy to zone 7; although we doubt this--but this does suggest that this handsome clump...
Product Code: 43141
The pale lemon tubular flowers dangle from the arching foliage
Russelia equisetiformis [juncea]
Product Code: 40904
"Coral Fountain Plant" Gracefully arching fine rush-like glossy stems bear many yellow to scarlet red tubular flowers--a living "Firecracker Factory" in constant bloom with bright light. This has nearly endless uses in garden and container designs.
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