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Polyscias paniculata elegans Clouds (variegata)
Stock Number: 55482
This is an amazing form of the Parsley Leaf Aralia with each highly divided leaf segment richly variegated. The miniature stature gives this a chance to be the star attraction in the larger terrarium.  A basic for Fairy Garden designs.
Polystichum tsus-simense
Stock Number: 11152
"Painted Rock Fern" Miniature deep green fern; perfect for cool large terrarium or wardian case, while hardy enough for the protected woodland or sheltered trough.
Porphyrocoma pohliana (lanceolata)
Stock Number: 50064
"Porphyry Plant" Softly glossed lance leaves with silvery cream midrib & yellow veins form low, lush backdrop for the short spikes of redbracted, purple "porphyry" flowers of this compact Brazilian knockout.
Premna aff. microphylla
Stock Number: 66958
Seems to have intentionally evolve to become a tropical bonsai as the woody stems branch off into flat planes of twigs holding horizontal foliage- small oval leaves which, when cut, contribute to its charming common name, "stinky lady"   Note: The white residue/granuals you see in the pictures is packing mat...
Procris Species
Stock Number: 41055
An Elatostema cousin with short swollen, arched stems with succulent leaves and curious bubble flowerss used in perfumery. Attractive pot herb often in limited quanities--best check availability before ordering this for your greenhouse.
Out of Stock
Protasparagus densiflorus mazeppa
Stock Number: 65597
Collected in Africa and distributed initially by Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens--arching branches more compact than the species form, yet not as congested as 'Meyersii'.
Protasparagus densiflorus meyerii
Stock Number: 40040
The "Foxtail Fern" slowly produces a handsome set of stiftly erect plumes of tight bright green cladophylls. Excellent pot plant. Just gets more magnificant each year.
Protasparagus myriocladus
Stock Number: 40045
"Ming Bonsai Asparagus Fern" describes the fine cladophylls packed on bonsai-like woody stems. Excellent habit for very long term specimen. Nomenclature now Protasparagus africanus or P. macowanii for those keeping current. For a listing of various other offerings of these "Asparagus Ferns" refer to Protasparagus in th...
Stock Number: 65595
"Katdoring" Zig-zagging clamberer with odd sized bunched cladophylls; bunched fls followed by red orange berries much loved by African birds as well as by plant lovers. Excellent houseplant nearly impossible to kill. One of the "Ming Asparagus" developing into fabulous impressive specimens--newly popular as an indoor b...
Protasparagus setaceus [plumosus] pyramidalis
Stock Number: 40049
The "Feather Fern" with congested upright rich green plumes. Very dramatic unusual form of ornamental Asparagus quite easy to grow in a sunny window. Also popular addition to unusual combination planters, even windowboxes needing an easily grown (and this takes considerable exposure) upright accent plant with a soft fe...
Pseuderanthemum alatum
Stock Number: 50050
"Chocolate Plant" Wide dusky pink and coca-brown leaves figured with silver; short plants with racemes of small purple flowers. A Central American native quite popular in Wardian Case designs.
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum curruthersii
Stock Number: 50052
Wide deep solid metallic-purple leaves, slightly haired. Also known as Eranthemum nigrum, because has small spikes of winter flowers. Very sensitive to chill, so shipped only during warmer months.
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum rubrum
Stock Number: 50051
Very wide laquered maroon oval wide leaf pairs. Rare form which is the most dramatic of this showy group of Acanthus relatives; recently rediscovered by outdoor designers for the "Tropical Look" as its color saturation in full sun matches the skin of a ripe eggplant. Although we have offered this for thirty some years,...
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum St Rose Nursery
Stock Number: 50775
Often marketed as "Lemon & Lime": Erect rigid stems with pairs of long slim leaves of showy yellow lime with central gunmetal gray-green flames; Slow to establish cultivar demanding unflagging levels of warmth and Graptophyllum levels of humitity-- from Criswick in Grenada.
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum tricolor
Stock Number: 50053
Thick irregularly margined lance leaves of rich cream with zones of slate green and pale yellow on upright stems.
Out of Stock
Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum variegatum
Stock Number: 50054
Long leaves of pale pink, slate green and buttermilk.
Pseuderanthemum laxiflorum Amethyst Stars
Stock Number: 69051
Tidy shrublet with attractive foliage and rose lilac toned blossom clusters. May be a sport of Ruspolia seticalyx. Excellent in combination containers.
Pseuderanthemum reticulatum
Stock Number: 50055
"Gold Vein Shrub" Two inch wide rich yellow leaves veined in a bright gold on upright statured shrub--easily kept compact by pruning. New Hebrides native, thus must have warm roots to thrive; if happy may form terminal panicles of white flowers with red blushed lavender throats.
Pseuderanthemum reticulatum Eldorado
Stock Number: 50056
Slim ochre-yellow lvd "Gold Vein Shrub"; much more limber stems more self- branching than the erect wide-leaved species form. `Eldorado' forms a lush bright mound of foliage.
Out of Stock
Pseuderanthemum sinuatum [hemigraphis repanda]
Stock Number: 50057
"Narrow Leaf Flame Ivy" Metallic purplish papery narrow leaves in attractive trailing clumps; odd papery tan flowers. "Dragon Flame Creeper" newly popular as a lovely cascading filler for intimate windowboxes, small patio container combinations, moss topiary, and even as a semi-aquatic for tubs. Extremely sought after ...
Pseuderanthemum Vaudeville [Sp. Hansoti #42]
Stock Number: 50099
Beautiful short-statured many stemmed mound of interlaced long narrow leaves of slate green stained blackberry violet and variegated with irregular patches of bright pink. Showy. Pale lavender violet flowers. While most of this genus achieve considerable size, this fabulous dwarf, originally from India, remains small e...
Out of Stock
Pseuderanthemum [Eranthum] albo-marginatum
Stock Number: 50079
Very distinctive plant from KSG Farms in India. Erect stems with long leaves marbled with milky green & slate gray with broad bold white borders. Stunning  introduction to USA horticulture thriving in a wardian case. Also listed as Graptophyllum pictum alba variegata.
Psilotum nudum
Stock Number: 11423
"Whisk Broom Fern" We are leaving the listing here in case we are able to get it ready again. We are filling backorders now for this. Primitive fern relatives with no true roots, yet a vascular plant with tiny scale leaves on the attractive branched stems; pantropic of easy pot culture if given perfect drainage and ver...
Out of Stock
Punica granatum nana
Stock Number: 40856
"Dwarf Pomegranate" Bright double orange flowers resembling nodding papery carnations followed by small edible fruit; very cool winter condition imperative for best production of spring blossoms--but do not allow to freeze. Handsome and dependable in any bonsai pot as soon forms a stout woody trunk and the foliage alwa...
Punica granatum Nochi Shibori
Stock Number: 41810
Brookside #1471. Showy double red flowered "Queen's Pocketmelon" fading to a dark rose crepe; large pomegranate fruit. Will grow to a considerable height, best staked to form a standard. Winter dormant even in the conservatory.
Out of Stock
Punica granatum Toyosho
Stock Number: 41808
Brookside Gardens Collection #1477. Columnar habit; giant crepe petatled soft pink fading to apricot blossoms shaped like a giant double carnation pink on upright shrub. Needs to reach some stature before it starts to produce blossoms after emerging from a brief winter dormancy, unlike the dwarf cultivars.
Out of Stock
Punica granatum variegata
Stock Number: 40858
"Carnation-flowered Pomegranate" Pink and ivory mottled bubbled leaves on erect, striped stems; rare clone imported from Japan with remarkable double crepe-textured scarlet blossoms appearing on mature specimens. Much sought-after by collectors, but currently in adequate stock here. Variegation often remains throughout...
Pyrrosia longifolia angustifolia [hort.]
Stock Number: 11213
"Strapleaf Fern" Very slim quite long leathery fronds arch out from creeping blackish wiry rhizomes with the straps narrowing for the last 8" plus with spore patches beneath. Sent as mossed divisions ready to be mounted on wall plaque or centered in a hanging basket. If you need this by a certain date, best consult ano...
Out of Stock
Pyrrosia longifolia Glasshouse Works
Stock Number: 11214
"Crested Strapleaf" Crested form selected by Tom Winn. Very choice yet slow to establish initially--will demand very bright light and good air movement. Glasshouse Works introduction shipped as a mossed division, or when available, in pots.
Out of Stock
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