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Philodendron hastatum [hort] Frieling's Gold
Stock Number: 58478
A selection here at Glasshouse Works of a series of sports of P. domesticum hastatum variegatum which consistently produces pure lime gold leathery leaves with attractive lobe on slowly climbing stems perfect on moss poles. .   Supply is very limited.  Please limit your order to 1
Out of Stock
Philodendron hederaceum [hoffmannii]
Stock Number: 30324
Climber whose leaves mimic the "Algerian Ivy"--and thus the species name. Easy house plant with rubbery foliage able to survive lower humidity levels than most. While judicious pinching will produce a shrubby specimen, it is most successful when embracing a mossed pole or stiftly cascading from a pot. Proof that one ca...
Philodendron Hope [hyb]
Stock Number: 56814
Ruffled rich green leaves with heavy substance perfect for any houseplant situation, forming a tight birdsnest shape as it is a compact selection of P. selloum--even with fingered leaf margins. "Tree Philodendron.".
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Philodendron inconcinnum
Stock Number: 30326
Large boat-shaped decorative leaves, blushed beneath in high light; thick succulent midribs accent dull-glossy fleshy leaves overlapping shingle-like on a very thick stemmed clambering vine. Easy indoor potplant for mossed pole culture. Very seldom available in the trade.
Philodendron Jose Buono
Stock Number: 30701
Very dramatic 1' to 2' long (once mature) leathery sheened leaves splashed & mottled lime gold and white; shingled effect as leaves placed on very short internodes on lime-toned stems. Certainly the most easily grown (indoors) of the extremely dramatic rare Philodendrons--even tolerating somewhat low light and less...
Out of Stock
Philodendron mamei
Stock Number: 30367
Ridged, pleated wide leaves with gorgeous silvered splotches held over a trick creeping rhizom; a magnificent spces from Ecuador. These chill sensitive starts are typically ready for shipment in late June. There is a cultivar called "Silver Cloud" but I have never been able to tell the difference, so are offering this ...
Out of Stock
Philodendron McColley's Finale
Stock Number: 60102
Broad bold rosette of "Red King" wide spatulate leaves emerge red then fading to rustie orange, then olive- giving a bouquet effect. This becomes one of the most reliable houseplabts to hold good color and tolerate lower humidity situations.
Philodendron mexicanum
Stock Number: 30333
Narrow leathery arrow leaves, with unequal basal lobes, are magenta to maroon beneath; very handsome slowly scandent species with small green spathes enclosing the ruby interior. Mexican species full of drama, soon forming an impressive show as it grows steadily and well, even in a regular house. Looks exotically diffi...
Out of Stock
Philodendron Moonlight [hyb]
Stock Number: 31001
Very thick stem/trunk with succulently petioled leaves (at very short internodes) with wide boat-like outlines fabulously showcasing the deeply saturated lemon custard color tones, further decorated and supported with prominent pale swollen veins. St. Rose Nursery. Very bold "Birdsnest" type quite successful as a house...
Philodendron Nurse Noodles [Mini Spears]
Stock Number: 30327
Almost stemless, forms a mop of glossy small lance leaves, maintaining a miniature stature. By far the most vigorous and least fussy of any miniature we have trialed.  Such a cutie for the terrarium or warding case; a new star in the world of Fairy Gardens.
Philodendron Painted Lady
Stock Number: 30370
A large growing P. domesticum hybrid.  Unusual, handsome, slowly vining habit.  Streaked lime green on gold enchances by red/pink toned petoles; easy plant for indoors as the boldly variegated leaves are thick and waxy, thus resisting the challenge of lower levels of humidity. Highly recommended on the Bling ...
Out of Stock
Philodendron panduraforme
Stock Number: 30335
A south Brazilian in the bipennifolium complex presenting many glossy violin shaped outfacing leaves with long basal lobes, slim middle and flaring wings above- all in rich tones on the blue side of green.  Excellent on a small moss pole; remarkable when mature leave configuration appears.  Easy houseplant!
Out of Stock
Philodendron Pink Princess [hyb]
Stock Number: 30699
Beautiful Australian hybrid with waxy deep purple leaves liberally splashed pink, ivory and gray green with random freckling throughout. Probably yet another form of 'Strawberry Shake,' this is certainly one of the most strikingly beautiful and easily grown of choice variegated plants. Supply is VERY limited.  ...
Out of Stock
Philodendron Prince Of Orange
Stock Number: 42085
Can be in very short supply because often ordered in considerable numbers per order. Inquire as to availability. Wondrous richly glazed heavy leaves of truely shocking waxy orange and sunset tones closely whorled in a self-heading vase shape. Be brave and grow this very unique color (especially in the world of Aroids) ...
Philodendron Quail Gardens (Species)
Stock Number: 31496
Congested contorted remarkably thwarterous succulent stems armed with thick winged petioles tipped with slim cookie cutter leaves. Offsetting and re-offsetting stubby fat stems eventually assume a decorative disheveled hemispherical outline. Makes Medusa's hair look tidy. Succulent enough to survive considerably dry at...
Out of Stock
Philodendron scandens aureum
Stock Number: 30337
"Limeleaf Vine" Very showy chartreuse leaves create a glow of sunshine anywhere this is placed in your plant display; reliable sturdy plant equally at home in a pot or cascading dramatically from a hanging basket.
Philodendron scandens medio pictum
Stock Number: 30600
"Flame Leaved Heart Plant" Each glossy leaf sports a showy creamy lime central slash sometimes with faint gray green featherings. Although versions of this have appeared since Hummel offered it thirty years ago, it still undergoes reincarnations in the wholesale trade, most currently reappearing brand new all over agai...
Philodendron scandens micans
Stock Number: 30334
"Velvet Hearts" This is a bronzy velvety toned heart leaved vine very popular as is adaptable to low light as well as imperfect humidity. Adds a rich tone to any combination.   LIMITED AVAILABILITY.  LIMIT ORDERS TO NO MORE THAN 2.
Out of Stock
Philodendron scandens variegatum
Stock Number: 30338
"Variegated Heartleaf Philo" Leaves streaked with grey green and cream. Very beautiful. More variegated in cool shaded environment--can become marbled lime in the intense heat of the south. Our original plant derived from the famous Hummel collection (in California) many years ago--and it is still as sought after today...
Out of Stock
Philodendron scandens [oxycardium]
Stock Number: 30336
The most common "Vining Hearts" (sigh), but still very beautiful florists' favorite. This vine with its waxy erect heartshaped leaves is a basic in every dishgarden delivered by florists. Certainly as "common as dirt" according to one judgemental customer, yet it still makes a perfect hanging basket.
Philodendron selloum [bipinnatifidum]
Stock Number: 32102
Brazil's "Lacy Tree Philodendron" remains the most reliable of dramatic houseplants with large deeply lobed leathery leaves radiating from the thick succulent trunk sprouting curious aerial roots and greenish white flowers. While these are finger leaved seedlings now, by the time your grandchildren inherit this it will...
Out of Stock
Philodendron variifolium (True)
Stock Number: 30352
Wavy thin leaves brushed pewter and honey-ash. Extremely choice and beautiful plant; introduced from Bolivia. The thin leaves render this a terrarium or wardian case candidate because it does demand consistent humidity levels.
Out of Stock
Philodendron Xanadu Golden Form
Stock Number: 33109
Available now. Elongated leathery leaves with many shallow rounded fingered lobes like the hybrid above, however the new foliage emerges a bright golden color. Thickly overlaping golden leaves form a birdsnest shape. Probably will not stand as much sun or bright light as the standard green form.  Only one or two a...
Out of Stock
Philodendron Xanadu Pp7030
Stock Number: 56800
Elongated leathery leaves with many shallow rounded fingered lobes. Thickly overlaping dark leaves form a birdsnest shape rather than a clambering vine like P. elegans. A perfect houseplant.
Philodendron Zena (Xanadu Dwarf Form)
Stock Number: 33119
Elongated leathery leaves with many shallow rounded fingered lobes. Thickly overlaping dark leaves form a birdsnest shape rather than a clambering vine like P. elegans. This is a very compact form that would even work in larger terrariums and wardian cases.
Pilea bertertonia [mollis; crassifolia]
Stock Number: 41037
"Moon Valley Pilea" Very puckered, quilted apple-green leaves with serrated edges, sometimes but rarely with center chocolate blotch. Costa Rican plant sometimes considered a form of Pilea involucrata with extremely bullate leaves. Great for large terrariums or your plant room.
Out of Stock
Pilea cadierei minima Patti's Gold
Stock Number: 41040
Subtle splotches of honey yellow sometimes turn soft cream or pale lime on the already silver-pillowed leaf surfaces as they mature. A remarkable, though subtle, selection by Patti Lee.
Pilea Dark Mystery [Species]
Stock Number: 58332
The eyecatching "Pewter Pilea" (unidentified species) with a low spreading habit. Short succulent maroon stems crowded with elongated dark rose blushed pewter leaves richly quilted by spruce green depressed veins and toothed deep green margins. Sometimes listed as Pilea species Ecuador. Quite the eyecandy in a terrariu...
Pilea depressa
Stock Number: 41041
Popularity indicated by multitude of popular names; "Shiny Creeping Charley," "Giant Baby Tears" "Mini Peperomia", by any name an excellent terrarium groundcover easily grown, attractive base for any leggy houseplant.
Pilea glauca
Stock Number: 53150
Carpeting "Silver Sprinkles" or gray artillery fern--very prostrate much branching stemlets with multitudes of tiny (barely a pea's width) glaucous oval leaves. A fabulous tiny featured groundcover, perfect for terrariums or for dishgardens--proven in the latter as has proven remarkably tolerant of low humidity,.
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