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Pelargonium hortorum Petals
Stock Number: 56563
Single pearl eyed soft pink nighty colored flower clusters fading to pinkish mauve over silvery green upcupped irregularly outlined leaves brightly margined ivory; compact habit. A good summer performer, unlike many variegates.
Pelargonium hortorum Platinum
Stock Number: 56562
Salmon toned scarlet single scarlet flowers arise above the quite odd waffled pale milky green rounded leaves with evenly cut creamy white margins; wide oddly angular mounding habit. A sport of 'Frank Headley' from Heidgen.
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Pelargonium peltatum Crocodile
Stock Number: 40762
Beautiful golden netted "Ivory Geranium" leaves; pink flower heads. One of the traditional "Ivy Leaved" heirloom cascading types quite dramatic cascading from a windowbox, a summer urn, or a hanging basket.
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Pelargonium Snowflake [hyb]
Stock Number: 41907
Wide rounded softly-haired lvs, scented lavender-rose, very brightly streaked and splotched snowy white.
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Pelargonium stellar Bird Dancer
Stock Number: 40790
Stout-stemmed dwarf with petite zagged, deeply cut (one could say "pinked") leaves with parallel dramatic dark ric-rac zones; marvelous salmon red fls with apricot overtones are extrememly zagged--each spidery flower cluster constituting tiny floral fireworks. The most popular Geranium here at the greenhouses for small...
Pelargonium stellar Peppermint Star
Stock Number: 41492
Small toothed half moon leaves of gold veined in lime populate stubby branching stems.  Pale Ivory feathered start burst flowers feature love pink blushed centers.
Out of Stock
Pelargonium stellar Ragtime
Stock Number: 41498
Toothed leaves with subtle chocolate zoning perfectly foil the starburst orange-toned blossoms; special color and very vigorous habit make this Australian hybrid a favorite. With bright light and adequate fertilizer this blooms year 'round.
Pellaea falcata
Stock Number: 10700
Dark emerald oval pinnae on erect fronds forming an attractive small fern. Requires lime to maintain deep tones as it grows to become a handsome house plant requiring pebble tray conditions.
Out of Stock
Pellaea rotundifolia
Stock Number: 10702
"Button Fern" Dime-sized round dark green leaflets on wiry stems--perfect for the tall terrarium as long as the soil is sweet (a lime lover); much darker green and larger statured than Nephrolepis 'Duffii' the other "Button Fern." Newly offered again in 2012.
Pellionia argentea
Stock Number: 41033
Formerly P. daveauana viridus; Elatostema repens. Glossy, dimpled olive leaves with neat crimped edges in tidy ovel ranks on creeping succulent pinkish stems; curious small basket subject (if has good humidity), striking groundcover for the Wardian case.
Out of Stock
Pellionia daveauana [elatostema repens]
Stock Number: 41035
Reliable "Satin Creeper" from Viet Nam with crisped oval leaves of deep olive marked umber, becoming cupped and dark purple-chocolate with age. Perfect small basket subject or terrarium groundcover. Listed sometimes as "Trailing Watermelon Begonia."
Pellionia pulchra
Stock Number: 41036
Called "Watermelon Patch Vine" because purple-green grape sized leaves are reticulated with a mosaic of blackish veins; easy miniature hanging basket subject for the shaded greenhouse or terrarium groundcover delight from the humid jungles of Viet Nam.
Pentas lanceolata Stars & Stripes
Stock Number: 41652
This "Snowy Star-Cluster"  cultivar needs a strong light location to produce white and creamy lime frostings on the leaves- a wonderful backdrop for the showy heads of red flowers. Certainly a challege to grow! 
Peperomia acuminata variegata
Stock Number: 53517
Thick oval waxy leaves, with pointed edges, richly splashed creamy green and yellow ochre, set like pieces of jade on thick cascading stems thus perfect in hanging baskets; nonetheless, as these thick stems are even more scandent (rooting along the nodes as they climb) this is a wonderful plant to cover a mossed pole, ...
Peperomia argyeria NYBG Clone
Stock Number: 53523
Very large waxy blush-silver leaves with dark "crab-legs" veins not quite reaching the margins. From Bruce McAlpin; during his tenure at the New York Botanic Gardens. Very showy "Watermelon Peperomia" clone unfortunately also very sensitive to chill, but remarkably tolerant of low humidity. Somehow we have lost track o...
Peperomia Bamboo Stalks
Stock Number: 53526
A tiny unidentified species with bright small curved oval leaves in tidy opposite ranks on short erect stems with decorative swollen bambll-mimic leaf nodes.  The dimunutive size with a tolerance of low humidity make this a natural in Fairy Gardens, terrariums and mame bonsai
Peperomia buntingii
Stock Number: 53532
"Blue Watermelon Peperomia". Bluish-emerald toned leaves richly veined and patterned, form thick whorls of compact mounds (but very slowly, very deliberately); although appearing delicate, the jade like succulent leaves can easily tolerate somewhat lower humidity than expected. We accept orders for this fabulous creatu...
Out of Stock
Peperomia campylotropa
Stock Number: 53533
"Emerald Isle" or "Brazil" Delightful tuffets of creamy wax pewter leaves with peltate dimples; stature of a tinsy griseo-argentea. Choice easily grown dwarf for the terrarium. And the rather hopeless name? Well, it means "Curved Ovule" allowing the micropyle to come quite near the funicle. We assume this is why other ...
Peperomia caperata argentea
Stock Number: 53538
Beautiful Brazilian "Silver Ripple" The waxed corrugated leaves solid silver-gray. "Caperata" means wrinkled or puckered. Bright toned cultivar of a favorite houseplant relaible self-shaping itself into a glossyy tuffet always prized for its ability to tolerate less humidity than many houseplants; thus it thrives on th...
Peperomia caperata Burgundy
Stock Number: 54573
"Purple Pucker Plant" Deeply corrugated foliage with rich dusky purple tones. Very deliberately growing, gradually forming a chocolate hemisphere of closely packed puckered foliage topped, in time, with erect pale taper like catkins.
Peperomia caperata maculata variegata
Stock Number: 53537
This is a decidedly spectacular form of the regular Peperomia caperata, the "Emerald Ripple Peperomia." The hemispherical tuffet of deeply corrugated waxy leaves is highlighted by the pale foliaged center as new leaves emerge nearly albino, only adding champagne tones as they mature finally into rich green. Very sought...
Out of Stock
Peperomia clusiifolia jellie
Stock Number: 53545
"Jellie Plant" Upright "False Clusia" leaves brilliantly bordered in wide ivory bands toned pink. This is not uncommon, but it is one of the most astounding variegated forms of the Peperomia group.
Out of Stock
Peperomia clusiifolia variegata [hort]
Stock Number: 53544
Horticultural designation of a P. obtusifolia type with gorgeous cream and yellow variegation (as pictured in Exotica.); this clone from the long gone Manda's Greenhouses tolerates low humidity if given bright indirect light and thus an excellent houseplant..  High preformer in less than idea conditions.
Peperomia clusiifolia [pericattii]
Stock Number: 53543
The dramatic "False Clusia." Thick purplish concave long leaves with purple margins held erect in two ranks by thick stems; the rubbery texture heightened by bright light. A well known West Indies native, yet this is a clone found by Robert Newman in Chinese cultivation. The obvious question: is this used in Chinese me...
Peperomia crassicaulis
Stock Number: 53554
"False Philodendron" Similar to distichia [scandens], but longer, waxy leaves with slightly downcurled thickish tips, and sporting slightly swollen purple-ringed leaf nodes which distinguish it from others; excellent reliable hanging basket subject. This clone which was shared with us by the Univeristy of Copenhagen Bo...
Out of Stock
Peperomia distichia [scandens] Crane's Flecked
Stock Number: 53616
"Crazy Quilt Plant" Irregular patches of gray-green and soft ivory--a Ruth Crane selection we introduced years ago, yet is still rare in most collections. A wonderful unique cultivar with no two leaves ever matching--oddly this will occassionally sport to a stable 'medio-picta' form.
Peperomia distichia [scandens] variegata
Stock Number: 53618
The heart leaved "False Philodendron" with bright ivory white margined waxy leaves on the fleshy cascading stem; a basic for hanging baskets. Very strong grower with a delicate appearance.
Peperomia dolabriformis
Stock Number: 53558
A fine addition to any collection. The "Prayer Peperomia" features thick fused windowed leaves sticking out from succulent stocky erect stems ending in long wand of tiny flowers. Lima-bean lime-colored leaves give a unique character to this Peruvian native. Succulent culture imperative: bright light, perfect drainage, ...
Peperomia ferreyrae
Stock Number: 53562
"Pincushion Peperomia" Short thick succulent stems topped with many narrow trough-shaped leaves very nearly fused; the easiest succulent species to grow. How this relates to iron (ferrea) we do not know, unless it was collected near a railroad track. Much more dependable than the similar dolabriformis.
Peperomia ferreyrae Hybrid [hort]
Stock Number: 66976
Stockier blunt ferreyrae with fused leaves on thick, succulent stems; perhaps a variation; perhaps a separate species? Prefers high light and air movement, but less fussy than some succulent types. Sometimes sent as an unrooted cutting. This tubby heart throb is probably an underdescribed species.  
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