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Pachira aquatica
Stock Number: 59207
Unusual swollen trunks topped w/ attractive palmate foliage make this a popular container subject; planted out, the "Malabar Chestnut" is a large tropical tree producing showy pink shavings brush flowers followed by a fruit with edible seeds. Caudiform base makes this a favorite of succulent collectors as well.
Pachystachys lutea
Stock Number: 50048
"Lollipop Plant" Large golden bracts resemble candles. This handsome plant needs full sun and strong nutrients to set buds. This traditional winter greenhouse flowering cousin of the Justicia tribe is newly popular for its bright straw blond bracts in summer urns, bedding, and windowboxes.  Sometimes promoted.
Pandanus baptistii aureus
Stock Number: 40712
Blue and Gold Screw Pine. One of the most unusual houseplants that also is a good grower and a source of color. This slightly spirally tropical plant has blue-green leaves with gold stiping down the center of each leaf. Unlike some other species of Pandanus it does not have the spines along the edges of the leaf. We ar...
Pandanus pygmaeus [polycephalus]
Stock Number: 40715
"Pigmy Screwpine" Super plant for indoor bonsai. These are already showing some stilt roots. Branched heads [polycephalus] of arched toothed narrow [graminifolius] leaf blades on sculpturesque angular trunks with multiple stilts. Small-statured. Real one--slow growing enough to remain a rarity always. We have some grea...
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Pandorea jasminoides variegata
Stock Number: 54108
Strikingly beautiful "Margined Bower Plant" Clusters of fragrant jasmine scented pink trumpet flowers against glossy deep green pinnate leaves, each (of the five to nine) brightly margined ivory white. A strong performer as a windowsill vine easily trained on a small trellis; an outstanding performer in appearance and ...
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Passiflora alato-caerulea [hyb]
Stock Number: 40730
Fragrant 4" flowers of pink with purple, white & blue. Old hyb formerly known as 'pfordtii,' the "Orchid Passionflower" which retains winter foliage.
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Passiflora biflora [lunata]
Stock Number: 54413
Called "Guate-Guate" in Panama, this vigorous vine has lovely winged leaves like petite boomerangs and pairs of white blossoms with vanilla-mauve corona filaments.
Passiflora caerulea Constance Elliott
Stock Number: 40731
Deeply lobed fingered foliage upstaged by "White Passionflower" blooms prolifically produced; the overlay of lavender blue sometimes shows more clearly. considered very cold hardy. Root hardy in our Z6b
Passiflora citrina
Stock Number: 54041
Beautiful small vine originally collected by MacDougal in pine forests of Honduras & Guatemala; patterned small three lobed leaves beautifully complement the bright small yellow flowers, so freely produced & beloved of hummingbirds. Good reputation for blooming on the sunny windowsill.
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Passiflora incarnata
Stock Number: 81152
"Hardy Passion Flower" Native with yellow edible fruit following the astoundingly beautiful pale lavender flowers with elaborately fringed pink-purple coronas. Please remember that this emerges from the ground very late in the spring unless situated in a warm courtyard: the local name of "Maypop" accurately refers to i...
Passiflora Incense [hyb]
Stock Number: 40734
Hybrid of P. incarnata x P. cincinnata. Many large deep rich purple flowers some 6" across with considerable fragrance; with purple stripes on the corona filliments. The green fruit is deemed edible. We have never noted any winter growth; vigorous grower with a good reputation for outdoor hardiness even up into norther...
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Passiflora Lady Margaret
Stock Number: 42999
Strong vine with readily produced dramatic blossoms a deep raspberry maroon red with lovely white filaments. Attractive lobed foliage; this hybrid of coccinea with caerulea gives good positive feedback to the beginner.  Never shipped before spring.
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Passiflora sanguinolenta
Stock Number: 54415
Hybrid of subpeltata with buonapartea with seed parent's beautiful lime lined foliage; mauve banded white flowers; pale yellow fruit. A delicate appearance. Often availability is limited.
Passiflora suberosa
Stock Number: 40724
"Passion Plums" Teardrop leaves shield delicate fringed flowers followed by decorative bright blue pearl-sized fruit. Ramps about freely forming extended corky barked vines. We formerly offered this incorrectly as P. malaforma ligularis [hort].  Considered a native of South Florida.
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Pavonia hastata
Stock Number: 40739
"Fairy Hibiscus" Small-statured South American shrublet with small haired hastate leaves and many lovely mallow flowers of delicate tissue pink with a scarlet eye--if not warm and sunny, will form cleistogamous flowers in winter. Excellent in cool window or potted under lights. Becoming popular as a summertime patio co...
Pavonia spinifex
Stock Number: 51748
Seldom available shrubby Hibiscus cousin with attractive oblong leaves and lemon yellow flowers with elaborate bracts; best blooms are achieved in a greenhouse environment during the winter up north; while also a distinctive addition to summertime urns and tropical beds..While not really a solo act, will swell the chor...
Pedilanthus tithymaloides Embraceable You
Stock Number: 68473
The "Seashells Devil's Backbone" upright zigzagged stems are ranked with extremely concave (cupped) leaves like tiny turtle shells edged white ivory. Very erect stems are decoratively clasped by alternate ranks of these sea shell leaves, resulting in a fabulous living sculpture on your windowsill.
Pedilanthus tithymaloides Marblestem
Stock Number: 67354
"Marbled Devil's Backbone" The zig-zag stems are richly marbled ivory-cream; the same vigorous growth rate and the same "Red Bird" bill-shaped red inflorescence of the species--remember that these flower buds form most reliably if the plant is kept cool (not freezing, please) and relatively dry throughout the fall.
Pedilanthus tithymaloides nana marginata
Stock Number: 67353
Very choice miniature: the tiny leathery mossy green leaves tightly line the congested shiny stems in two stiff rows; outstanding, handsome houseplant; Fabulous bright white margines along each leaf. Venezuelan form shown to great advantage in a small bonsai pot and most valuable to give a very compact upright accent i...
Pedilanthus tithymaloides nanus
Stock Number: 67355
Very choice miniature: the tiny leathery black-green leaves tightly line the congested shiny stems in two stiff rows; outstanding, handsome houseplant; Venezuelan form shown to great advantage in a small bonsai pot and most valuable to give a very compact upright accent in a dish garden design. We intend to have suffic...
Pedilanthus tithymaloides smallii
Stock Number: 67356
"Boatleaved Devil's Backbone" Arched zig-zagging stems sport cupped, creamy ochre-edged reduced leaves (leaves thicker and much smaller than 'Variegata' clone); small-statured rarely available variety from Brazil--we have never observed any flowering. Self branches to form a very strong visual presence.
Pedilanthus tithymaloides Splish Splash
Stock Number: 58715
"Mottled Devil's Backbone" Wonderful introduction from Thailand, this clone not only has strongly striped zig zag stems, but heavily textured ivory leaves splashed and marbled with intense deep green. Easily grown if chill is avoided.
Pedilanthus tithymaloides variegatus
Stock Number: 67357
"Variegated Devil's Backbone" Gray-green zig-zagged stems arch and bend under large puckered fleshy leaves margined in bright clear white; red bird beak/bill-shaped blossoms appear if grown in full sun in a cool (not freezing) winter greenhouse, or in a garden on the banks of the Rio Grande. Much larger statured, less ...
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Pelargonium denticulatum filicifolium
Stock Number: 41742
"Fern Leaf Skeleton Geranium" Pine/lavender scented very finely cut leaves nearly reduced to vein ribs give a delicate lacy appearance. Pink flowers with white and purple. South African which must have full sun and cool winter conditions. We prefer to propagate this upon receiving your order as considerable lead time m...
Pelargonium hortorum Crystal Palace Gem
Stock Number: 42190
Soft pastel carmine flower clusters over big golden leaves with milky green center starbursts; wide spreading habit.The name reveals just how heirloom this really is.
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Pelargonium hortorum Grossersorten
Stock Number: 40800
Dwarf somewhat waxy leaves zoned deep purple on short much-branched stems topped with airy clear salmon pink flowers--heavy winter bloomer. Cute and easy self branching hybrid more correct as 'Groszer Garten'--after it performs with abandon on a sunny windowsill all winter, stick some cuttings in your windowbox for a f...
Pelargonium hortorum New Leaf
Stock Number: 40796
Lovely clusters of soft coral red blossoms over the large golden chartreuse leaves of wide circular outline, each sporting a chocolate medalion. From New Leaf nurseries: named by Gerald D. Stewart as the first bronze leaf with a medallion (selected as a sport of 'Indian Dunes'). Our customers consider this one of the b...
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Pelargonium hortorum Persian Queen
Stock Number: 40778
"Golden Geranium" Grown for the glorious pure yellow ochre rounded leaves--striking as a "spot" plant, even if not full of its vivid hot fuchisa single flowers. Traditional heirloom performing full tilt on the cool sunny winter window sill. Sparce blooms during summer heat.
Pelargonium hortorum Petals
Stock Number: 56563
Single pearl eyed soft pink nighty colored flower clusters fading to pinkish mauve over silvery green upcupped irregularly outlined leaves brightly margined ivory; compact habit. A good summer performer, unlike many variegates.
Pelargonium hortorum Platinum
Stock Number: 56562
Salmon toned scarlet single scarlet flowers arise above the quite odd waffled pale milky green rounded leaves with evenly cut creamy white margins; wide oddly angular mounding habit. A sport of 'Frank Headley' from Heidgen.
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