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Mackaya (asystasia) bella
Stock Number: 54358
"Blue Trumpet Bush" Dark green glossy-leaved shrub resembling its shrubby Thunbergia cousins with long pale lavender-blue to pale lilac blossoms shaped like a pointed lobed foxglove blossom, with blackberry violet veins. This "Forest Bell Bush" from Zululand tolerates low light. A stellar member of the Acanthus tribe. ...
Malpighia coccigera
Stock Number: 41489
"Singapore Holly" Bright green, glossy spinny-toothed leaves on bushy mounds; rose flowers & red berries. West indies native basic to tropical bonsai, yet performing beautifully as a bright windowsill potplant, given adequate even humidity levels. This starter size (price very low!) we ship may be limited at times-...
Malvaviscus arboreus mexicanus
Stock Number: 40458
Formerly M. penduliflorus. "Turk's Cap" or "Scotsman's Purse" Hibiscus cousin with folded pendulous bright red blossoms with protruding stamens. An easily bloomed shrub--reaching its height of flowering midwinter when you most need the scarlet blossoms. Long a traditional hobby greenhouse standby as never fails to intr...
Malvaviscus arboreus Paquito Pink
Stock Number: 41431
"Pink Turk's Cap" Semi-gloss foliage ranked along the woody Hibiscus like stems; intriguingly furled pink dangling flowers quite showy during the winter months.
Malvaviscus germanderii Fiesta
Stock Number: 54031
Very showy "Dwarf Sleepy Mallow" with brightly variegated chunky leaves accented with many cute bright scarlet "Turk's Cap" blossoms--but each flower is held uprignt, unlike the pendulous blossoms of M. arboreus. This brilliantly foliaged selection of this handsome small shrub was found and shared by Greg Grant. Much p...
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Manettia inflata [luteo-rubra?]
Stock Number: 40459
"Firecracker Vine" Pubescent climber with tubular "Candy Corn" flowers red with yellow tips; must have reliable levels of humidity and very bright light to set flower buds. We were first given a cutting of this old favorite by Mr. Easterbrook over thirty some years ago and it remains as popular now as it was then--And ...
Maranta leuconeura kershoveana variegated
Stock Number: 41434
Variegated "Rabbit Tracks" with white/cream splashed leaves which fold as soon as light disappears: thus one of the "prayer plants"  When foliage burns this warns you that the humidity levels are too low or that the salts buildup in the soil is too high. Any order with multiples of this will needs be treat...
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Maranta leuconeura massangeana
Stock Number: 11476
"Prayer Plant" Bluish-green leaves, with feathery centerband of silver in thin stripes of pink, later silver, extending out toward the margin, after passing zone of reddish brown fading to rich umber hues; dramatic purple blushed red underleaf. Newly offered again in 2012.   This plant can ship out as many d...
Maranta repens [hort]
Stock Number: 40641
"Miniature Prayer Plant" Moss green demure leaves attractively brushed with chocolate "Rabbit Tracks"; reliable, although shy to exhibit its pale mauve dancing skirted flowers with their purple eyelash lines. Petite enough for terrarium culture. Any order of multiples of this astoundingly popular item will be considere...
Maxillaria tenuifolia
Stock Number: 41701
Series of fat oval pseudobulbs with leaf tufts send forth clusters of showy coppery red blossoms patterned with yellow, white and maroon. Small winter-blooming Orchid willing to grow in porch garden, hobby greenhouse, or under lights.
Out of Stock
Microgramma heterophylla
Stock Number: 10601
"Vine Fern" Miniature creeping feet with tiny upright fronds delicately haired; similar to M. lycopodioides & crew. Semi-epiphytic, thus be sure medium is perfectly drained. This is a very petite critter requiring considerable patience on its human caretaker's part.
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Microgramma palmeri [nitida]
Stock Number: 10607
Many semiglossy small elongated-oval fronds held erect over the slim slightly flatened rhizomes meandering over cork or treefern; because this fern evolved upon tropical treetrunks, it survives low humidity better than some; but truely thrives when given artifical rain forest (good humidity) conditions in a terrarium w...
Microlepia strigosa Shi Shi
Stock Number: 11707
"Lion's Mane Fern" The pinnately compound fronds of the speces form are extremely crested and frilled to create delicate billows of frothy lacy pinnae--nearly a Selaginella mimic. Cultivar also known as  'Cristata' or tasseled 'Corymbifera'--rather enjoys a mid-winter resting period, while retaining its fabulous f...
Microsorium integrifolium (punctatum) cristatum
Stock Number: 11619
Slowly creeping footed fern topped with leathery flared strap fronds (usually a foot long) with overlapping terminal crest giving the effect of an insane hairdresser's attempt to perm an afro with sea kelp. Rare & difficult.
Stock Number: 11407
A dramatic fern native to India with a Microsorium punctatum habit with woody surface rhizomes; yet the clumped erect leathery fronds have raised veins and furled margins.  Dramatic
Out of Stock
Microsorium punctatum grandiceps
Stock Number: 10671
"Terrestrial Elkhorn Fern" The elegant upright jade like flat strap fronds terminate in fabulous crests. Excellent, hanging basket subject best known as Microsorium polycarpum grandiceps. If you like these crested "Elkhorns" be sure to refer also to the fabulously crested Campyloneuron phyllitidis cristatum also offere...
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Microsorium punctatum grandiceps compacta
Stock Number: 10672
"Dwarf Terrestrial Elkhorn Fern" The elegant upright jade like flat strap fronds terminate in fabulous crests. Excellent, more compact version of the above also good for hanging baskets but also good for larger wardian cases and growlight setups. Excellent "Dwarf Terrestial Elkhorn" with stout bright green simple frond...
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Microsorium punctatum serratum [laciniatum]
Stock Number: 10664
. "Saw Tooth Kelp Fern" formerly M. intergifolium serrulatum. From strong woody surface root stalks arise dramatic ranks of tall membraneous erect strap fronds with their entire undulating glossed margins heavily toothed--a good first candidate to try to grow in this category of dramatic footed ferns with elaborate ere...
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Microsorum elegans
Stock Number: 10661
Dwarf fern with elegant rigid upright fronds of good substance with fluted tips--small enough for a Wardian case.
Monstera acacoysquensis
Stock Number: 30646
Meandering stems with occassional punctuations by slim scimitar, Epipremnum-like leaves with random lime mottling (in bright conditions) and the odd aperture with maturity. Develops beautifully fenestrated mature foliage if allowed to scale a wall or tall mossed pole. Unimpressive as a young plant, but just wait!
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Monstera deliciosa
Stock Number: 30271
Vigorous "Splitleaf Ceriman" with stout succulent stems supporting the impresive oblong-perforated leathery shield leaves and impressive cord-like aerial roots. Traditionally called the "Mexican Breadfruit" for its pine-apple scented edible cone fruit. indestructible houseplant; magnificent climbing up a conservatory w...
Monstera deliciosa albo-variegata
Stock Number: 30267
"Variegated Splitleaf Philodendron" Wide windowed and split foliage splashed with clear white. Stunning if grown in high humitity conditions--the white areas will burn or rust if confronted with dry heat over a period of time. SUPPLY IS VERY LIMITED.  Orders are limited to no more than one per order.  ...
Out of Stock
Monstera deliciosa marmorata
Stock Number: 30268
"Golden Splitleaf Philodendron" The wide shield-shaped over lapping leaves with their dramatic splits are richly marbled lemon-lime and gold. Intolerant of even occassional low humidity indoors. This fantastic collectors' dream "Golden Ceriman" is typically sent as mossed established sections in pots.  This is a p...
Out of Stock
Monstera deliciosa Salt & Pepper [Splotched]
Stock Number: 30521
Each rich green "Splitleaf Philodendron" leaf is strewn with large creamy blotches and peppered entirely with tiny cream to faintly pink specklings & flecks. Quite unique. We have limited quantities for shipping--in the past this has only been available to walk-in customers. Often sold out as demand from collectors...
Out of Stock
Monstera friedrichsthalii
Stock Number: 30776
Costa Rican Monstera adansohii with same clambering habit of pittieri, yet much larger stature, forming oval aperatures in the leaves when mature foliage receives very strong light.
Monstera karsteniana
Stock Number: 30282
Roughtly blistered, uneven leaves dramatically corrugated & so glossy as to earn the name "Plastic Vine" with each puckered leaf held by wide winged petioles so close as to form a shingled effect. A giant M. siltepecana.
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Monstera pitterii [obliqua]
Stock Number: 30284
This is the very popular "Swiss Cheese Vine" with oval windows in small leathery leaves; one of the most successful small vines for low light areas. To know it is to love it.
Monstera siltepecana El Salvadore
Stock Number: 30285
Small bluish toned twisting javelin shaped leaves of waxy texture with darker mosaic of veins are closely "shingled" along the succulent stem which roots as it wanders--juvenile form, small enough for terrarium display, although as tolerant of exposure as any Philodendron scandens cultivar. A great favorite of topiary ...
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Monstera Silver Leaf [Species]
Stock Number: 30288
A beautiful Monstera, the leaf surface is entirely blushed with lovely ash-silver.  In Juvinille form this is commonly called a  'Cebu Blue' in the Epipremnum pinnatum classification.  Once mature it will often times start to form windows but this can take several years.
Monstera stanleyana Variegata
Stock Number: 30287
Available soon as we working on building stock back up. Rich ivory splashes on elongated, round tipped leaves; very beautiful selection of this scandent vine shingled with soft leathery foliage of deep green slashed with ivory white. The foliage remains quite small and the internodes long (even extended at times) on th...
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