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Iboza [tetradenia] riparia
Stock Number: 41102
"Musk Plant" or "Misty Plume Plant" Attractive woody-stemmed shrublet with attractive small musk-scented leaves and creamy-white winter blossom panicles creating a beautiful whispy mist around Christmas time--thus its great popularity with Victorian gardeners and continued fascination for today's hobby greenhousers. Ca...
Impatiens irvingii
Stock Number: 53384
So like a 50's sockhop; furry fuzzy foliage of rich green overlaid with bold shocking pink blossoms. This retro pairing of bloom and foliage is supported by impressively usually supine meandering succulent stems; perfect in any container in a bright bright spot and adequate water.
Impatiens Kew
Stock Number: 40401
An unidentified Asian collection with masses of long Amaranthus-like fountains of narrow brightly colored leaves.  The flat faced blossoms are salmon rose fading to dusky rose.  Very striking with other foliage in a summer urn as it is easy to grow.
Impatiens Mini-Hawaiian Hawaii [hyb]
Stock Number: 40388
Very tight mounds with ivory & rich rose purple bicolor blossoms with elfin spurs in beautiful clusters completely covering the lovely wee leaves so delecately designed. Always a favorite in windowboxes and urns, but also a strong performer indoors with litegardeners.
Out of Stock
Impatiens Mini-Hawaiian Kahoolawe
Stock Number: 41424
Totally new color break from Glasshouse Works hybridizing program: marvelous mini bright red (on the orange side) flowers freely produced on the miniature plants--grown under lights, the blossoms have a coral red tone. A true red at last.
Out of Stock
Impatiens Mini-Hawaiian Kauai
Stock Number: 40389
Tall mounds of sometimes crested stems carry solid lavender- purple flowers (sometimes listed as "rose"); vigorous. Especially valuable for willing winter flowers. Newly offered again in 2012.
Out of Stock
Impatiens Mini-Hawaiian Oahu
Stock Number: 40391
Vigorous cascading habit with bright pink and pearl pink bicolor flowers; small-sized flowers match elfin proportions of the small leaves on the much-branched plants. Compact enough for terrarium use, yet equally successful in summertime urns and windowboxes.
Out of Stock
Impatiens niamniamensis African King
Stock Number: 42168
Succulent erect stems give a commanding presence; cornucopia shaped blossoms of deep burnt scarlet with glossy scarlet lips appear in clusters along the thick trunk, both below and with the attractively rippled dark puckered green leaves. Unusual.
Impatiens niamniamensis African Queen
Stock Number: 54496
Succulent upright stems with apple green curved leaves and odd yellow helmet-shaped blossoms with rich orange and saffron highlights, thus famous as the shamelessly showy "Congo Cockatoo" with the colors and spurred "Tropical Touch-Me-Not" blossoms constantly produced if given adequate light, humidity, porus soil and o...
Impatiens niamniamensis Frieling's Cream Rim
Stock Number: 56561
Stout succulent erect stems are studded with creamy lime margined leaves, punctuated by the big showy yellow and orange helmet shaped blossoms toned red. Very rare selection by Ken from an old cultivar with a slight lime midrib.
Impatiens repens
Stock Number: 40384
"Ceylon Jewelweed" Cascading thick red succulent stems (which self branch to form a mat) populated by masses of tiny coppery kidney shaped leaves dramatically punctuated by occassional impressive cornucopia shaped yellow hooded blossoms. Always popular with indoor litegardeners and with hobby greenhousers as a wonderfu...
Impatiens sodenii Zanzibar
Stock Number: 53385
Big bold "Skirted Snapweed" with impressively succulent stem skirted with toothed basil green foliage demanding very bright light. Large pale lilac pink flat faced blossoms with darker eye liner and elongated tail. Initially we listed this as "Impatiens zanzibarensis," while actually this clone probably is a hybrid by ...
Impatiens walleriana Kingwood
Stock Number: 41747
Marvelous "Kingwood Touch-Me-Not" from Henry Ross: very low-growing lateral habit with small leaves marbled gray and green with clear cream edges; flowers bright red, or red and white bicolor (the sport with red blossoms eyed white has been offered as 'Kingwood Star' but it in turn often reverts back to the original) a...
Out of Stock
Impatiens walleriana Prom Princess
Stock Number: 40399
Another discovery from Henry Ross: this wide branching form flaunts blackberry blushed double frosty white blossoms over the white margined gray green foliage. For the pure of heart slightly stained.
Out of Stock
Impatiens walleriana Robert Burns
Stock Number: 59255
"Indiana Busy Lizzy" Selected by Robert Burns of Indiana (not of Scottland): wide bright deep lavender single blossoms set against the brightly creamy white margined foliage. Very distinctive wide low spreading habit; even more distinctive as no other richly variegated cultivar has this flower color.
Out of Stock
Impatiens walleriana x auricoma Seashell Yellow
Stock Number: 41421
Showy yellow cornucopia blossoms show heritage of acurioma var. comorense's yellow helmet shaped blossoms; succulent stems.
Out of Stock
Ipomea batatas Ace Of Spades
Stock Number: 55962
Striking blackish maroon spade shaped (heart shaped) leaves are thickly set on succulent trailing stems; same habit as 'Blackie' with edible white tubers. Recently has been "re-marketed" on East Coast as 'Purple Heart.' Must reflect a time of war. Fabulous in urns and baskets; very effective when paired with the chartr...
Ipomea batatas Blackie
Stock Number: 40403
"Black Yam" or "Purple-leaved Sweet Potato" Dark palmate leaves overlap to create a starburst lacy effect while firmly anchored on sturdy maroon-stemmed vines; fabulous in hanging baskets. As popular now as when we first offered it some twenty years ago with Carolyn Wilson in her Country Hills greenhouse catalogue.
Ipomea batatas Bronze Beauty
Stock Number: 41427
"Pumpkin Skin Sweet Potato" Excellent trailing stems with the palmate outlined leaf of 'Blackie,' yet richly toned bronzy pumpkin to dusky orange depending on light exposure. Very trendy color for mixed containers. The perfect solution if 'Ace of Spades' is too aggresively purple for your design, and 'Margarita' is sim...
Ipomea batatas Freckles
Stock Number: 49452
Fingered "Sweet Potato Vine" with the entire surface softly splashed and streaked in yellow lime to create a showy tie-dyed effect. Best variegation in cooler temperatures--in southern heat this produces hydropnic green toned leaves. Not as vigorous as the rest of the tribe.
Out of Stock
Ipomea batatas Gold Fingers
Stock Number: 49451
A fast growing form bright yellow lime like 'Margarita' but with attractively fingered leaves like 'Blackie'.
Ipomea batatas Ivory Jewel
Stock Number: 59237
The remarkable "Variegated Sweet Potato" selection made by Doug Lohman with fluted heart-shaped leaves richly splashed with creamy lime & vanilla jade tones accented by ivory veins--difficult but remarkable Much prized by growers of anything but green. This is the one collector cultivar not likely to hold its own i...
Ipomea batatas Margarita [chartreuse]
Stock Number: 55616
The "Golden Sweet Potato Vine" produces ranks of bright yellow-ochre heart shaped leaves, becoming more halbert-lobed as the plant expands & matures, even forming a fine purple rim in sun--obviously the perfect companion for 'Ace of Spades' as well as 'Blackie'; if grown during the winter in your greenhouse, will p...
Ipomea batatas Purple Tuber
Stock Number: 59194
"Purple Yam" (although technically a "Sweet Potato" and not even related to the yam gang) Hawaiian clone with purple fleshed tubers (said to be at their most yummy when prepared with your deep pit roast pig); very ornately cut clean-green cookie cutter somewhat palmate foliage on self branching meandering stems. Amazin...
Ipomea batatas Tricolor [Pink Potato]
Stock Number: 55564
Remarkable slate green sharply lobed "Sweet Potato" leaves with bright pink margins setting to rosy cream. An amazingly beautiful cultivar initially shared with us by Doug Ruhren who had inherited it from Yinger's Asian peregrinations; and indeed, under the original clone name of 'Tricolor' it was a 1980s introduction ...
Ipomea Lady Fingers [Species Unidentified]
Stock Number: 56564
Extremely vigorous "Fingered Sweet Potato" with strong stems holding aloft stunning dark leaves, with seven deep fingered lobes accented with dark purple raised veins on the reverse. Loves aquatic conditions; but thrives equally well cascading dramatically from a windowbox or urn; needs a large basket if grown in a han...
Iresine herbstii
Stock Number: 40404
"Blood Leaf" Bright purplish-red "Beet" or "Beefsteak Plant" so named in Victorian times for the beautiful waxy oval puckered leaves, with notched tips, on red-maroon stems forming dense bushes. Traditional window-sill plant, the Achyranthes verschaffeltii of elaborate Victorian bedding design. We will not ship until w...
Iresine herbstii acuminata [versicolor]
Stock Number: 42023
"Painted Bloodleaf" Sharply pointed blood red leaves with carmine & liver-lilac veins and stems; an old favorite still much in demand--this is probably the cuotivar 'Brilliantissima' as pinkish tones appear in certain conditions. We will not ship this until weather is reliably warm.
Out of Stock
Iresine herbstii aureo-reticulata
Stock Number: 40405
"Chicken Gizzard Plant" Bright yellow-veined apple-green rounded leaves, with odd notched tips, accented by red-magenta petioles and stems--due to the delicacy of this foliage, not as vigorous as the other cultivars in bedding designs--for the same color qualities we recommend you use 'Formosa' instead. Old fashioned p...
Out of Stock
Iresine lindenii formosa
Stock Number: 40406
"Blood Vein Plant" Old favorite with yellow & straw foliage. Unlike 'aureo-reticulata' this one has pointed leaves with colorful veins. Like all its kin, will not tolerated extended chill.
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