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Tropicals & House Plants – G-H

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Gardenia jasminoides radicans florepleno
Stock Number: 40321
"Dwarf Gardenia" Low shrub with tidy glossy dark green leaves paired on much-branched stems to beautifully frame lovely fragrant double white blooms; unlike florist types, this produces a few fls at a time, but throughout the year. Easy as a windowsill potplant; excellent as a low statured bonsai subject developing exc...
Gloxinia sylvatica
Stock Number: 20166
Formerly Seemannia latifolia. "Christmas Slippers" This is a select evergreen clone with narrow felted dark leaves closely ranked, nearly obscuring the stiff cascading stems; topped with many red-orange slim guppy-mouthed blossoms during the winter months. Excellent houseplant; even when not in bloom the attractive fol...
Gmelina philippensis [hystrix]
Stock Number: 53391
"Parrot Beak Plant" Woody stems with small attractively lobed leaves and terminal pendulous racemes of showy overlapping bracts and yellowish blossoms. Excellent container plant; try as a tropical bosai. A Genus from India on through the Philippines. Availability can be spotty--best to check before ordering as we do no...
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Graptophyllum pictum
Stock Number: 50023
"Caricature Plant" Elegant polished purpled-green leaves with pink and creamy-white centers; interesting small crimson flowers in delicate sprays. Typically featured in Australian plant books as Graptophyllum 'Bronze Variegata.' Newly popular along with its Pseuderanthemum kith & kin as an outdoor summer container ...
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Gynura aurantiaca
Stock Number: 40325
"Velvet Plant" Erect thick somewhat succulent stems (seldom branching, thus solitary) studded with large soft leaves with rich purple plush hairs if given very bright light; thus called also the "Purple Passion Tree." Resents summer heat; yet also intolerant of winter chill; thus, best grown in a warm winter greenhouse...
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Gynura Bicolor Species Forms
Stock Number: 69028
This is the true form of the Gynura bicolor. This prostrate collection of the "Velour Passion Plant" has short stems, intolerant of southern temperatures with closely spaced deeply cut felted leaves marked with darker chocolate purple veins. Avoid extremes of summer heat; guard against slug appetites.
Gynura sarmentosa Pink Ice
Stock Number: 56571
The marginal variegation of this "Purple Passion" selection emerges a glaucous pink in bright cool locations, hardening to a paler cream (with a violet hue) than the similar clone known as 'aureo-variegata.' Limited during warmer part of the year as is difficult to produce then. One of the more dramatic variegated vine...
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Gynura sarmentosa [hort]
Stock Number: 40327
"Purple Passion Vine" Succulent jagged leaves carpeted with rich purple hair on gracefully arching or (if given a mossed pole) clambering stems; All the sarmentosas need full sun and reliable air movement to perform well..
Stock Number: 51043
Slim tubular leaves, highly glossy, from clustering bulbs.  Funnel shaped lemony blossoms- Glaucous grassy gold flowers blushed cupper umber
Habranthus robustus Russell Manning
Stock Number: 51045
Select small evergreen bulb, a close cousin of the more familiar "Agentine Rain Lily" with clear magenta petals fading to a delicate lilac-purple. Now considered H. estensis by some. Evergreen waxy strap foliage is evergreen when situated in the conservatory/greenhouse; best to bind the succulent roots in a shallow pot...
Haemaria discolor dawsoniana
Stock Number: 40329
Available once again. Many of our customers have enjoyed this in terrariums. "Jewel Orchid" Black leaves veined in coral; fragrant cream elaborate mini-orchid blossoms with pinkish bracts. Best in humid terrarium environments, yet we have observed beautiful old specimens grown on indoor windowsills and splendidly color...
Haemaria discolor nigrescens
Stock Number: 40330
The ebony leaf "Jewel Orchid"--pale scarlet midrib on licorice black or very dark leaves. A special fabulous addition to any terrarium design; but truely "black" when grown in a lite garden site.
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Hechtia marnier-lapostollei
Stock Number: 53337
Very thick recurved hard surfaced silver gray leaves, quite ornately edged form a nearly hemispherical to spherical outline. Must have full sun and reliably moving air to achieve and maintain this otherworldly color. In demand--inquire first; we will prepare a division for you upon receiving your order. See our succule...
Hedera algeriensis [canariensis] Gloire De Marengo
Stock Number: 41151
Well-known white-margined "Algerian Ivy" with showy large statured foliage.
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Hedera colchica Sulphur Heart
Stock Number: 41153
A cultivar of this thickly-substanced "Persian Ivy," native from the Caucasus to Iran, with beautiful yellow ochre leaf centers turning saffron during cool winters as the green borders become a chocolate purple tone; spicy aromatic foliage. Known in England as 'Paddy's Pride'. Hardy outdoors here if given a very shelte...
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Hedera helix Anita
Stock Number: 88896
An abbreviated birdsfoot ivy. Develops an amethyst chocolate tone if in winter chill, slightly more glossy than and more fingered than the similar 'Willie.' A natural for terrariums and mossed topiary.
Hedera helix Asterisk
Stock Number: 54348
Excellent viner with elaborate leaves divided into five or seven narrow recurved lobes thus seeming to resemble an asterisk symbol.
Hedera helix Bettina
Stock Number: 54076
Very handsome compact Ivy with fluted triangularly lobed leaves of soft green & taupe with bright white margins.
Hedera helix Big Shot
Stock Number: 58312
Woody stems ranked with wide leathery elongated (and barely lobed) leaves dramatically mottled and splattered with white and bleached wheat variegation, gradually darkening to a somber John Deere green as the foliage ages. A big boned ivy with serious visual impact.
Hedera helix Buttercup
Stock Number: 41159
"Golden English Ivy" Glossy new leaves a bright yellow, if grown in bright light, fading to a deep leathery green--sometimes a bit of tip pruning helps this reliable golden workhouse more quickly branch to fully cover a wall or topiary form. Most remarkably the leathery foliage seldon burns in our Zone 6b winter, even ...
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Hedera helix Curly Locks
Stock Number: 42020
Small leaves with rippled fluted lobes; closely packed in cute toppling columns--gives a very soft, very 3-D effect.
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Hedera helix Cyrano de Bergeracs
Stock Number: 54050
Dark large leaves with attractive veining and one very long "Nose" of a central lobe! Fast growing and most willing to create a "shingle" effect as indicated by the photo here, taken along our alley of this cultivar colonizing the trunk of a young "Dawn Redwood" tree.
Hedera helix Design
Stock Number: 41882
Quite distinct and most subtle in colorations, remarkably lovely "Frosted Ivy" with gently cascading stems cloaked with shallowly three-lobed leaves each with pale frosted center. A subtle beauty beautifully self-heading into perfect mounds, and thus popular as a hanging basket subject.
Out of Stock
Hedera helix Duck Foot
Stock Number: 41166
Fantastic tiny mounds of miniature duckfoot-shaped leaves. Use as a tiny tuffet at the base of a bonsai; add to your terrarium, or encourage it over a mini-boulder in your rockery.
Hedera helix Filigran
Stock Number: 41212
"Filigree Ivy" Outrageously fluted, lobed foliage of dark glossy green--remarkable appearance. Very dark deeply cut foliage leathery enough not to winterburn here, surviving to cause a sensation in the rockery. Fantastic spilling out of a basket in your hobby greenhouse.
Hedera helix Finger Froth
Stock Number: 55550
Conspicuously veined down-curved fat pointed fingers are slightly furled on ascending stems. A sport of 'Filigran' so popular for its shrubby leathery nature and self-heading vigor that it deserved a name.
Stock Number: 70158
Mounts of creamy lime toned broad leaves with pewter green splotches flecked with dark green.  This is a much desired sport of "Harold" offered for the first time in 2021
Hedera helix Gold Child
Stock Number: 42074
Soft sea green & avocado green mottled leaves with bright cream yellow margins; excellent habit, broad overlapping foliage-- the flat leaves larger and wider than other gold-edged cultivars.
Hedera helix Gold Heart
Stock Number: 41173
Small black-green leaves centered yellow; this is an unusually winter tolerant variety, surviving in Michigan. Unlike most ivies, this ancient cultivar plods along up the wall without branching unless you pinch out the lead tip--thus more labor intensive than other winter hardy types; and thus never recommended as a gr...
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Hedera helix Guilded Hawke
Stock Number: 66851
Deeply fingered, handsomely ruffled pale pewter green leaves with showy buttery margins hardening to rich ivory. Slow growing 'Manda's Crested' selection always worth its space in the collection; will burn in our type winter outdoors, yet the stems survive to resprout.
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