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Ficus pumila [repens]
Product Code: 94028
"Creeping Fig" clasping stems covered by overlapping small dark oval leaves much valued as can be used in topiary, terrariums, wall covers, hanging baskets. Yes, this is the remarkable wall cover used so dramatically and beautifully at Longwood Gardens. The basic dependable plant for covering any moss filled wired topi...
Ficus pumila [repens] Curly
Product Code: 42019
"Flame Leaf Creeping Fig" Quilted, irregularly lobed oakleaf with central chartreuse flame design; very open growth habit perfect for your terrarium. Known as 'Dorte' in Europe. Remove reversions immediately.
Ficus pumila [repens] minima
Product Code: 40289
"Quilted Creeping Fig" lovely tiny puckered leaves; miniatured dimpled form of a miniature species--the clasping stems tend to be utterly plastered against whatever it is busily covering. The best choice for covering the base surface of any tropical bonsai as prefers to flatten itself to the contour of the surface and ...
Ficus pumila [repens] quercifolia
Product Code: 40290
"Miniature Oakleaf Fig" Tiny deep green leaves are deeply lobed. Not only is the individual leaf considerably smaller than the species form but each dimpled leaf is deeply lobed as if a tiny oak shaped cookie cutter was at work overtime. More clumping than running in habit, this is the "to die for" choice for the sophi...
Ficus pumila [repens] Snowflake
Product Code: 41881
Beautiful "Snowflake Fig" forms an overlapping mat made of irregularly lobed small glossy leaves with showy marginal bands of bright clear white. Show stopper known in Europe for reasons unclear to us as 'Arina' or 'White Sunny.'
Ficus pumila [repens] variegata
Product Code: 40291
"Variegated Creeping Fig" White mottling best in cool conditions. This "sprinkled" form never reverts as do 'Snowflake' and 'Curly'; amazingly dramatic in its winter growth (in cool, not frosted spots) which emegers nearly white with lime green speckling and then gradually matures to a rich deep green tiny oval leaf sp...
Ficus religiosa
Product Code: 40293
Not available until further notice. Our new crop is not ready at this time. "Bo Tree" or "Sacred Fig" Heart-shaped, very long-tailed leaves can be deciduous during winter; sacred to Hindus and Buddhists as "Peepul" or "Bohdi" enlightenment tree; thickened basal (caudiform) trunks form on these seedlings. Please be awar...
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Ficus retusa-nitida variegata
Product Code: 40295
Laurel Fig. Available occasionally. This is more upright growing than the Ficus benjamina cultivars. Sometimes the leaves are quite variegated. This makes a good bonsai subject. Variegation on new growth emerges strong.  Yellow cream midrib on each new lf darkens with age, giving a lovely two-tone effect to this v...
Product Code: 40296
The seldom offered "Rusty Fig" from Australia (thus also the "Port Jackson Fig") sports shiny dark green leaves with a downy rust toned underleaf on a trunk forming aerial buttress roots if given adequate humidity.  The yellow fruit appears in pairs. NOT A HOUSEPLANT
Out of Stock
Ficus salicaria (salicifolia)
Product Code: 40301
"Willow Leaf Fig" Masses of narrow leaves (thus also called F. neriifolia as well as F. salicifolia) on upright dwarf multi-trunked trees; perfect bonsai. Roots are said to be chewed as a sterility cure in Zimbabwe! We make no guarantee on curative powers, but believe it an excellent container subject. Newly published ...
Ficus socotrana [hort]
Product Code: 41746
"Socotran Fig" Narrow fastigate habit: slim stem punctuated with oddly angled propellar leaves of delicate substance. Interesting container subject if regulary shaped; several customers have used this as a standard quite successfully. Not the clone at featured in the gardens at Quail; this comes from the former USDA co...
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Ficus tinctoria parasitica
Product Code: 41390
Leathery, blunted trapizoidal to oblong diamond leaves; attractive habit with arched stems bearing many "mistletoe" fruits most likely to form only if the tree is given high levels of humidity. Not an actual parasite, but definitely loves to be an epiphyte. Performs well in a small container; performs too well with fre...
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Ficus triangularis variegata
Product Code: 40304
Fabulous cream-white patched leaves on the "Vanilla Triangle Fig".  Closely held triangular wacy leaves, rickly splashed with white, on self branching shrublet. We recommend greenhouse humidity for success. Perhaps F. natalensis eprienrii variegata, for those at the absolute cusp of Ficus nomenclature.  Not u...
Ficus vaccinioides
Product Code: 40300
Very low growing stifly arching stems are cloaked with attractive dark glossy leaves.  The leaves are smaller and more leathery than Ficus pumila. Very popular for bonsai ground cover and for Fariy Garden carpets.
Fittonia verschaffeltii argyroneura Autumn Flame (Forest Flame)
Product Code: 58486
Popular recent introduction. This selection of "Pink Snakeskin Plant" features the bright pinkish to red fishnet pattern on a very miniature plant and miniature leaves. Great for the terrarium enthusiast.
Fittonia verschaffeltii argyroneura Stripes Forever
Product Code: 50019
"Nerve Plant" cultivar with the bright white network of veins elongated as are the stretched elongated tiny leaves--must have high humidity to thrive. Unusual somewhat stretched fishnet patterns on the prostrate foliage make this a favorite for terrarium designers.
Fittonia verschaffeltii Dark Star
Product Code: 68485
Well, "Of All the Nerve Plants" with stunning new leaves emerging dark pink narrowed thick edged leaves in emerald green, the foliage gradually maturing to green with mosaic veins.
Fittonia verschaffeltii Frankie
Product Code: 53195
Well, "Of All the Nerve Plants" with stunning new leaves emerging pale baby bottom pink crimp edged in emerald green, the foliage gradually maturing to green with mosaic veins--must have humidity to survive. Will blink up any terrarium.
Out of Stock
Fittonia verschaffeltii pearcei Juanita
Product Code: 31468
This selection of "Pink Snakeskin Plant" features the bright pinkish tan fishnet veins in a monstrose stretched mosaic; adds a brilliance to any terrarium.
Out of Stock
Fittonia verschaffeltii Red Star
Product Code: 50018
"Crested Red Nerve Plant" Deep red toned broad oval leaves with a mosaic of pink-tan veins. Heavy substanced low foliage fabuously crested with frilled margins; may be sent as mossed cuttings. Remarkable addition to any terrarium.
Fosterella penduliflora
Product Code: 52107
Also Cottondorfia penduliflora in some reference books. Clumped soft whorls of gray-peppered leaves and arched "Lily-of-the-Valley" flower spikes. Easy.
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Fosterella villosula
Product Code: 52108
Bolivian with succulent purplish leaves in flattened starburst rosettes from which rise the wands of flowers; a colorful small Bromeliad tolerating lower light while maintaining its sophisticated coloration. Interesting successful windowsill potplant easily transferred to a starring role in any Wardian case.
Fragaria vesca albo-variegata
Product Code: 80174
Cultivar of woodlands "Sow-teat Strawberry" with deep green leaves margined white; white fowers followed by small pale fruit. Emerald foliage develops crimson blush during winter. Great plant for the variegation fanatic.  While winter hardy, will perform in the winter greenhouse.
Fuchsia encliandra Lottie Hobbie
Product Code: 59180
Very tiny foliaged arched stems with bright tiny dark pink & cerise blossoms along their length; very miniature selection reputed to be winter hardy at least to Z7. Very popular with the bonsai & alpine greenhouse crowds! Petite enough for a terrarium. We prefer to ship this when the temperatures are moderate f...
Fuchsia triphylla Gartenmeister Bohnstedt
Product Code: 40314
"Red Wing Fuchsia" Upright stems with deep bronzy foliage, violet beneath; single red bloom clusters; good houseplant as species parent is native to warm West indies. 1906 German hybrid gradually clumping in to a modest shrub; thus easily grown in the same container for years.
Fuchsia triphylla Trandshen Bonnstadt [hyb]
Product Code: 59226
Unusual erect woody stems cloaked with rich leaves feathered purple along their veins tipped with clusters of thickened pendant soft salmon flowers with rich pink flush. Distinctive habit combined with a willingness to bloom throughout the summer if shielded from extremes of heat and sun.
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