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Fatshedera lizei pia
Product Code: 40501
"Curly Tree Ivy" Also often called "Botanical Wonder: for it is a hybrid of Aralia and Hedera. Star-shaped leaves deeply fluted (sometimes listed as F. undulata) on erect semi-woody stems. Tolerates considerable chill. The variegated clones of this are being given a recovery rest period currently.
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Ficus altissima variegated
Product Code: 41522
"Golden Council Tree"  Now offered also a 'Audrey'. Thick boat-shaped leaves broadly margined with clear yellow-ochre; habit of F. elastica with a less rigid habit. The yellows of this are most effective when placed with any of the F. elastica cultivars (with their pinks & purple foliage) in your interior desi...
Ficus benjamina Dutch Treat
Product Code: 66740
Extremely wee fig with lovely tiny shimmery leaves more twisted & petite than those of 'Too Little'; heavily branched selection for those mame creators for whom 'Too Little' is simply too big. Always a great favorite with bonsai trainers, newly popular for inclusion in terrarium landscapes as its scale is very mini...
Ficus benjamina Gold Bit
Product Code: 66980
Very delicately statured with pertly curled tiny pale olive to lime green leaves with emerald brushings along the midrib. Popular in larger Fairy Garden designs.
Ficus benjamina Golden King
Product Code: 54586
A selection of "Java Fig" displaying a distinctly lateral habit with wide slate green leaves irregularly edged in cream. Slightly larger statured than the white margined 'Silver King,' but easier as a houseplant.
Out of Stock
Ficus benjamina nuda [comosa]
Product Code: 40267
"Orange India Fig" Dull glossy narrowed heavily substanced leaves thickly set on non-drooping branches; Very distincly colored orange figs with maturity. Tolerates drier conditions than any other cultivar or variety of benjamina we have grown. Some suggest this is to be reclassified as F. philippensis. New growth of th...
Ficus benjamina Reginald
Product Code: 40412
Impressive "Golden Weeping Fig" wide branching stems packed with large quite wide glossy leaves of a beautiful creamy lime with splashes of darker green along the midvein. Distinctive cultivar originally received from John Criswick. Such extreme variegation typically requires slightly higher levels of humidity than oth...
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Ficus benjamina Salt And Pepper [hort]
Product Code: 55650
A wonderful new variegated form. Recommended. Semi-weeping habit on stout erect trunks with multitudes of small ornately curved leaves richly speckled and streaked-- an unusual and highly attractive variegation pattern seldom obseved on fig cultivars.  Another treasure originally listed by Asiatica.
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Ficus benjamina Silver King
Product Code: 55641
Very wide leaves with clear white margins fading to cream gold; typically horizontal branch planes. Very seldom available as is slow growing and unhappy with direct sun exposure or low levels of humidity, which results in leaf burn.
Out of Stock
Ficus benjamina Too Little
Product Code: 54387
The perfect miniature fig for indoor bonsai: thickly foliaged with tiny recurved glossy leaflets on twiggy branchlets. A great find by Jim Atchison, from whom this clone derives. Possibly the best place to start for an indoor bonsai experience if you anticipate needing some immediate positive stroking as a master of tr...
Ficus benjamina wiandi
Product Code: 55647
Distinctive "Zig Zag" branches with glossy fluted leaves; has European patent. Exotic Angel Pat. 8929 for "Rainne" as the "Carribean Dwarf Banyan Tree"!! 'Wiandi' grows more vertically and produces smaller leaves than 'Rainee'. No really clear view of this seems attainable from the Florida trade.
Ficus burtt-davyi Cango
Product Code: 40269
Leathery smooth oval leaves on low epiphytic species; popular among indoor bonsai trainers as waxy small leaves reduce well, the stems grow laterally quite easily, & (with good humidity) masses of strangler roots give good character especially as trained over coral or other character stones. (Techniques for this pr...
Ficus buxifolia (Ficus lingua)
Product Code: 40270
"Boxwood Fig" Compact willowy branches loaded with tiny leathery elongated-triangle leaves; the petite lateral stature, easy culture and early fruiting make this a traditional favorite for bonsai.The alternate name for this plant is Ficus linguaand, which may be more correct.
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Ficus carica Mottled Stem
Product Code: 40272
"Edible Fig" This does not maintain good variegation on the leaves. The first three pictures are of this plant. This selection is the traditional famous Japanese clone with striped stems on new growth and initially mottled leaves soon fading to green. Used in Asia as a laxative and as a wart remover; a traditional frui...
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Ficus craterostoma
Product Code: 40306
Crinkly deep green leaves are elongated triangles from much- branched trunks; good indoor shrub/tree from Zimbabwe easily forming decorative strangler roots. Most interesting as a standard (soon swallowing up its initial training stake) for when "stooled" on top will send out endless shoots in all directions like a dan...
Ficus cyathistipula
Product Code: 40273
"Birchbark Fig" Decorative peeling bark on solid woody trunks; boat-shaped leaves; clusters of round woody fruit. A "Character" greenhouse subject sometimes tolerant of indoor conditions. Sent as available.  This is an investment in time and patience.
Out of Stock
Product Code: 40274
The triangular leaved "Mistletoe Fig" named for its greenfiglets stuffing the much branched stemlets.  Famous as perfect for the "Misotoru-ickijiku" bonsai style.   Supply can be very limited.  
Out of Stock
Ficus elastica Burgundy
Product Code: 44020
Beautiful "Purple Rubber Tree" with thick glossy cardboard leaves thickly spaced on the woody central stem. Tolerates low humidity.  Very easy to grow houseplant.
Ficus elastica congesta
Product Code: 41593
"Miniature Rubber Tree" Very dark green glossy leaves thickly spaced on the stout stems make this the true treasure of the "Ruber Tree" clones. Remarkable dwarf selection noted for retaining the heavy appreviated foliage as new shoots repeatedly form, creating a tidy column of thick beautifully succulent leathery folia...
Ficus elastica Tricolor
Product Code: 55577
Brilliantly variegated "Rubber Tree" with amazing color possible to keep even in areas of lower humidity as the thick leathery leaves have a waxy surface protecting them from and rapid loss of moisture. The angular growth habit is easily toned down by judicious pruning.
Ficus Fred Boutin
Product Code: 41260
Unique woody, twiggy low growing "character" trunks give this quirky hybrid of F. carica x pumila high marks with cascade bonsai trainers who also value its richly haired, quilted foliage. This selfbranching jewel needs high humidity like its carica parent to maintain good spidermite free foliage; loves a pole or wall ...
Ficus longifolia allii
Product Code: 58302
Long leathery pendant leaves closely shingled on handsome somewhat weeping branches forming one of the best houseplant figs.   A commoner but better growing cousin to the Ficus longifolia above developing papery mahogany-umber trunks speckled with bright whitish bars--best situtated so this ornately designed trunk...
Ficus longifolia allii Variegated
Product Code: 58450
Beautiful golden lime toned leaves with several shades of green feathering on elegantly arching woody stems. Very impressive cultivar for the serious collector, but better in a hobby greenhouse or plant roon than in a windowsill.   Always in greater demand than our stock plant can accomadate.  Anticipat...
Ficus longifolia [barteri]
Product Code: 40278
Long leathery pendant leaves closely shingled on handsome arching branches; rare species developing papery mahogany-umber trunks speckled with bright whitish bars--best situtated so this ornately designed trunk can be easily viewed. Epiphytic African strangler more deeply dramatically weeping than the similar smaller a...
Out of Stock
Ficus lyrata [pandurata] compacta
Product Code: 54484
"Fiddle Leaf Fig" African species with dramatic dark handsom leathery foliage--an easy indoor plant. These are perfectly beautiful small plants ready to expand into imposing specimens for you. The most distinctive thing about this clone is that the leaves are closely and lightly packed, one on top of the other. Very go...
Ficus microcarpa Round Leaf
Product Code: 40281
"Green Island Fig" Dark glossy boat-shaped oval leaves very thickly set on much-branched stems which soon develop corky bark of great character. Very popular bonsai subject which readily develops cute clusters of acorn-like fruit. In good or bright light, these have a blunt leaf; in our greenhouses with less than full ...
Ficus microphylla Golden Gate
Product Code: 58324
"Tiger Bark Fig" Excellent bonsai with short, branching trunk decoratively striped as well as adorned with raised white dots; all holding an array of small glossy bright toned leaves (not variegated). Excellent as a standard; perfect as a tropical bonsai. Always in stock.      
Ficus microphylla Tiny Limey
Product Code: 58487
"Dwarf Tiger Bark Fig" Excellent bonsai with short, branching trunk and very dwarf leaves.  The petite waxy leaves, constant selfbranching and tolerance of lower humidity has made this beauty the most popular (most ordered) of all the minature figs for tropical bonsai;  perfect for terrarium culture and a mus...
Ficus natalensis
Product Code: 40283
"Natal Fig" Small distinctively shaped thin leaves on much-branched plants excellent in containers; if chilled, will enter a dormancy cycle--do not be alarmed for the elongated somewhat rhomboid foliage will eventually emerge on new shoots. Please note that this species typically partially defoliates when shipped--but ...
Ficus nitida Singapore monstrose
Product Code: 42140
Originally distributed as Hansoti #24. Curious bonsai subject with thickened heavy, irregularly margined (outlined) foliage of small leaves and randomly angled stems give this odditiy an unsettling leathery appearance to some; a weird figal departure from normal figdom to others. Another of the treasures H. Hansoti bro...
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