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Tropicals & House Plants – D-E

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Euphorbia platyclada hardyii
Product Code: 67243
Upright lead colored stems dramatically produce flattened ornately designed stems jutting out horizontally.  Remains small statured.
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Euryops Sonnenschein
Product Code: 58413
An excellent German re-engineering of the African "Butter Daisy" forming a wide very regular dome of deeply cut lacy foliage topped by endless outreaching butter yellow daisy blossoms; also poplular as a staked standard; more likely will achieve 20" in your summertime pots. But do not overlook its key potential: a sple...
Excoecaria cochinchinensis Tricolor Jungle Fire
Product Code: 66882
The merely extraordinary "Tricolor Chinese Croton" with the paired dark leaves not only flashing a brilliant lacquer red underleaf, but random pink splashes on the surface as well. Amazing clone of this Asian shrublet. Another imperative addition to any self-respecting collection of rare variegated plants.  Availa...
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