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Hoya shepherdi [longifolia shepherdi]
Product Code: 60098
"Stringbean Hoya" Dark scooped beanpod leaves in pairs; interesting clusters of quite waxy ivory blossoms with rose-red crown. Sikkim native a natural cascading from a hanging basket. According to Kloppenburg's photos, our clone is most correct as longifolia. Often shipped as unrooted cuttings in moss.
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Hoya sulawesii
Product Code: 58718
A distinctive South China species with pairs of round, quite convex leaves (a Dischidia mimic) a leathery basil tone; Waxy beige and maroon blossoms often numbering up to 20 per inch in a single umble. Happiest grown on a moss surface as the roots are decidedly shallow. Usually shipped as mossed unrooted cuttings.
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Hoya tsangi [sp. ds-70; angustifolia]
Product Code: 60773
Lovely rich green pelted leaves with darkly blushed margins; flat-planed umbels of small ball-shaped rich red fls appear almost year round if kept warm with adaquate humidity--the modest size, beautifully pelted foliage and easily trained stems continue to make this one of the most popular "Wax Plants" for a small area...
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Huernia macrocarpa penzigii
Product Code: 60142
Ethiopian with 4-5 angled stems and basal greenish-yellow flowers with brownish stripes. From the Peterson collection. We got this many years ago. This is a good grower.
Huernia schneideriana
Product Code: 60164
Chocolate violet flowers with cinnamon mahogany tones outside the bells produced in clusters as the base of the glossy upright (then tumbling) succulent short columnar stems ribbed with rows of soft "teeth." Easily grown cousin of the Stapelias, flourishing under the same growing conditions--and importantly, the most e...
Huernia zebrina
Product Code: 60138
We almost always have this plant available. Large cream flowers with bright chocolate-magenta annulus ring semi-gloss waxed. Also called H. blackbeardae. The upright succulent stems are sent as unrooted segments in dry moss. Will not toleratae chill; we cannot ship this in cooler months of the year.
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Hylocerus guatamalensis
Product Code: 66264
Famous edible Guatamalan "Dragon Fruit" follows the most remarkable nocturnal fragrant foot long white blossoms which emerge from the most impressively statured three winged glaucous clambering stems of this semi-epiphytic big-boned Cactus. Typically sent in dry moss--although potted ones are often mailed as well. Be w...
Jatropha hastata [integerrima] compacta
Product Code: 67399
Fiddle-shaped richly toned foilage on upright shrublet with a constant show of deep rose red flowers in erect clusters as long as good light (full sun if you are as far north as us) is available. Cuban "Peregine" performs well as a container plant. Give bright light and avoid EVER allowing the roots to chill and this w...
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Product Code: 60610
Thick elongated leaves in opposite rows form a silvery jade cloak on upright stalks terminating in impressive heads of scarlet blossoms.   Size: hefty Value:  Showpiece 
Kalanchoe arborescens
Product Code: 60921
Erect, perpendicularly branched slim woody stems punctuated by small succulent leaves and (with maturity) mauve pink winter flowers. The small dark green succulent paddle leaves stud the dividing erect woody stems as a miniature tree-like woody trunk gradually develops. Distinct and handsome (eventually reaching consid...
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Kalanchoe be-harotii [hyb]
Product Code: 60381
"Beechleaf Feltbush" believed to be a hybrid originating with Ed Hummel from whom this clone derives well over thirty years ago. Tightly stacked succulent gray-furred leaves on stubby, slowly branched gray furred stems; very attractive, excellent window sill pot plant if given adequate light saturation., eventually for...
Kalanchoe beauverdii Hybrid
Product Code: 60374
Gray green noodle leaves in rigid opposite pairs with ridged tips producing adventitious plantlets, on scrambling wiry stems. Clusters of pendant glossy olive calyx bells, each with shiny salmon-pink petals with violet-speckled rims--quite a midwinter show. (Probably constitutes a distinct species as yet unidentified f...
Kalanchoe beauverdii scandens
Product Code: 60373
"False Hoya" The wiry stems and blackish-green narrow curved leaves are Hoya mimics--but the adventituous plantlets on the leaf tips and the nodding maroon-dotted flask flowers strongly indicate the true identity. From Madagascar, where the hooked leaves help in the scramble through the brush and thornshrubs to display...
Kalanchoe beharensis Baby's Bottom
Product Code: 60375
OFTEN OF LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Thick glaucous smooth small leaves with very ornate crenate and fingered edges furled down to form a naked fist--can be a challenge to grow outside greenhouse conditions. Most unique member of a diverse set of variations within one species.
Out of Stock
Kalanchoe beharensis Fang
Product Code: 60376
Ruth Crane's remarkable clone with multiple large "fang" projections covering the underleaf of the heavily pelted, triangular leaves. Sensational "Stalactite Plant" easily grown in warm, bright spot. Possibly a `Roseleaf' sport--give very bright light to encourage the formation of masses of monstrose fangs.
Kalanchoe beharensis Fernleaf
Product Code: 60378
Very ornate crenate and fingered edges; the typical but not very common standard form. Inquire. Fernleaf Feltbush" Deep rusty-chocolate large opposite leaves are deeply lobed and fluted--doubly dentate.
Kalanchoe beharensis Napoleon's Hat
Product Code: 60879
Heavy rigid notchless triangular leaves with dusky rough felt surfaces. Eventually enormous given space & time. This easily grown felted cupleaved beauty is shamelessly showy when added to a mixed summer container.
Kalanchoe beharensis Panamensis
Product Code: 61043
Deeply lobed leaves furl down scimitar style displaying a rich rusty gold pelting--absolutely must have full sun to properly form. Extremely compact. Very very slow growth rate. We have added extra stock plants of this handsome dwarf form to cover the increasing demand for this--we propagate from stem/trunk tip cutting...
Kalanchoe beharensis Roseleaf
Product Code: 60379
Stout stems carry four ranks of triangular, cupped leaves-- pelted chocolate pink above, gray below--so that if observed from above a cross is seen. Probably a Hummel hybrid of K. beharensis x pilosa, according to collectors; however we do not know of anyone successfully duplicating this cross.
Kalanchoe beharensis subnuda
Product Code: 60380
Mature cupped, shallowly lobed leaves are pearly smooth and nearly hairless & glabrous gray-green. This "furless shrub" is an arrestingly beautiful piece of sculpture very successful in a sunny plantroom, but quite popular in outdoor plantings, even in seasonal mixed containers in the northern climes. Unusual strik...
Kalanchoe beharensis variegata
Product Code: 60382
Rhombic scalloped dense short leaves (suggesting a 'Roseleaf' affinity) with lemon yellow to gold striations, mostly in the center of these thick pelted leaves. Rare. Even very rare. We currently have sufficient stock to offer this amazingly sought after, dramatic clone--but may need lead time to finish any current cro...
Out of Stock
Kalanchoe benitosomalica
Product Code: 60934
LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Spelling may be "Kalanchoe bentiisomalica"  Erect succulent stems ranked with fleshy blunt slightly rounded gray-green leaves; very deliberate growth rate. Please confirm; often in short supply.
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Maroon Krinkle
Product Code: 61051
Maroon green paired leaves with extremely undulant margins. In very bright light will become coppery carmine --very odd with the brick orange blossoms mid winter! Distinctly more richly colored than the typical species and hybrid types. If you love the look of but find it problematic to grow the ruffled petticoat leave...
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Really Red
Product Code: 56946
"Dwarf Flaming Katie" Cute piles of very small purple tinted scalloped leaves on tiny tumbling stems over which appear clusters of scarlet blossoms mid winter. Far too cute for some collectors of macho succulents! After growing this for years, we can report that it has never thrown a larger scaled growth--always way pe...
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Stained Glass
Product Code: 61206
Ken Frieling's selection of this red flowered species; each fleshy crennate leaf has a flashy central yellow lime flamed medallion. Quite beautiful as a foliage plant; quite breathtaking when in flower mid-winter flaunting its red "Flaming Katie" blossom clusters over the variegated foliage.
Out of Stock
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana [hyb] Creamed Scallops
Product Code: 60748
Low mounding beauty: wide pale gray-green fleshy leaves with crenulate edges broadly margined white which do perfectly accent the seasonal fire engine red clusters of upfacing flowers. Flashy,  hard to locate variegated version of the common blooming Kalanchoe--the green leaved version which you are most likely to...
Kalanchoe Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99199
A good starter kit for several of those eternally popular "Mother of Thousands" kit & kin; for the kid in all of us, as well as an introduction to the range of bold and colorful, or furry, or dusted, or waxed, and even variegated foliaged species and hybrids, with at least one famous for a showy display of winter b...
Kalanchoe Collection: Proliferators (5 plants)
Product Code: 99684
A Jump start group emphasizing types forming plantlets on the leaf edges or upon the flowering heads--thus known as "Mother of Thousands" and "Life Plants" appealing strongly to all children, even those in their fifties. These Madagascar natives are the most easily grown Kalanchoes--and are offered here at a bargin bas...
Kalanchoe daigremontiana
Product Code: 60386
"Life Plant" or "Mother of Thousands" Plantlets form on the crenulated margins of the liver-green triangular fleshy leaves, spotted reddish-brown; heads of pendant pinkish midwinter blossoms gradually fade to a delicate gray-violet hue. Formerly in the genus Bryophyllum, appropriate as the Latin translates to "sproutin...
Kalanchoe daigremontiana Jaws Of Life
Product Code: 61036
Triangular paired fleshy gator jaw leaves sprout endless tiny plantlets along the crenulated rims. Possibly a hybrid, currently considered a sport (maybe a separate species or variety). If this stops any tortoise's runny nose problems, then this is probably a sport.
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