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Euphorbia milii Whispers
Stock Number: 61012
Very clear lemon yellow blossoms. Curiously irregular habit.  Seems to be very similar to 'Lila'.
Euphorbia milii White Lightning
Stock Number: 68712
Simply stunning. Substantial heavy erect stems, ridged with spines, with large rubbery creamy white leaves flamed basil green (vigorous lophogona-like habit) with clusters of four bright coral red flowers (cyathophylls). Merely spectacular. Unlike the yellow variegated milii imperatae offered above, this is a much larg...
Euphorbia milii x didiereoides Fierce
Stock Number: 67912
Impressively thick silvery trunks with clustered spines and thick leaves produce bizarre groups of mini evil green hued cyathophylls throughout the year. If big matters, this is most certainly your kind of "Crown of Thorns". This Crown of Thorns is often times over sold so check for availability.
Euphorbia moratii x lophogona x milii
Stock Number: 67907
Striated olive gray small leaves, richly crimped on outward branching short stems etched with  gyring ridges.  Pale rose cyathophylls overtoned green. We maintain the original distribution cross names- but this easily grown dwarf looks more like E. decaryii on stilts.
Euphorbia neriifolia cristata
Stock Number: 67218
"Crested Oleander Cactus" Fast-growing crests forming thick succulent flutes & grooves appearing to be made from melted wax. Needs warmth. Never let the roots chill. Availability can be limited.
Out of Stock
Euphorbia neriifolia variegata
Stock Number: 67471
"Variegated Oleander Cactus" with thick molded wax upright trunks streaked and mottled with white chocolate variegations as are the thick propeller leaves.
Euphorbia persistens Swaziland Form
Stock Number: 67309
Turnip-like caudex with bluish green branches constricted in unequal joints, armed with spine pairs; spiraled, three-sided furrowed branches have striated art deco patterns. Most handsome; these are cuttings, thus with hi-colors, just in the first phase of forming a caudex which it will continue to do with relative dis...
Out of Stock
Euphorbia platyclada hardyii
Stock Number: 67243
Upright lead colored stems dramatically produce flattened ornately designed stems jutting out horizontally.  Remains small statured.
Out of Stock
Euphorbia polygona Snowflake
Stock Number: 67430
A great looking clustering (slowly clustering) example of convergense evolution. This looks like a white cactus, but is really an African plant in the Euphorbia group! The plant in the pictures is begin finally divided and individual plants are ready. This is a beauty. If you have a bright window and some time, this is...
Euphorbia robivelonae [hort]
Stock Number: 67450
Upright rubbery pencil stems studded by thickly spaced succulent rubbery lance leaves. Like a mini wide spreading version of the wonderful E. geroldii. Original plant from Out of Africa nursery.
Out of Stock
Euphorbia submammilaris
Stock Number: 60855
This  Cape  Province native once known as E. pfersdorfii, forms tiny cushions of many branched succulent stems, usually in nine angles.  Very sensitive to humidity as well as overpotting. 
Euphorbia tirucalii rosea
Stock Number: 67470
Remarkable pinkish bronze "Pencil Cactus" stems with darker cocoa red surface lines. Very rich color if given excellent light and heat. Much redder in color and tone than the "Sticks on Fire" clone below. Color varies as to where it is grown. In Ohio, we cannot get the deep red shown in one of the pictures here.
Euphorbia tirucalli
Stock Number: 67264
"Pencil Cactus" or "Milk Bush" Narrow rounded much-forked stems rapidly grow to form a tree. Used in Tanzania to cure sexual impotence and as a mosquito repellent. (We will not refund for this if, after a year, your child support payments increase dramatically.) Very toxic sap--be sure never to get any sap near your ey...
Euphorbia tirucalli Sticks On Fire
Stock Number: 67758
Remarkable coppery toned new growth--dramatic "Fire Sticks" gives that special extra effect. This is the clone #73350 from Huntington Botanic Garden; all the warnings given on the species form above, apply equally to this beautiful variegated form.
Euphorbia trigona Red Leaf
Stock Number: 67106
"Red Milk Bush" Easily grown cultivar of this upright three sided trunked, side branching basic, but with the added attraction of beautiful red foliage when grown in bright light. The entire stem also turns purplish-red in high light. Easily grown as a house plant.
Euphorbia xylophylloides
Stock Number: 67273
Flattened moulded branches of dull-gloss apple-green form remarkable designs. Central Madagascar native becoming a tree in time.
Euphorbia xylophylloides striata
Stock Number: 67274
"Christmas Ribbons" Deep green striation on the bright ochre flattened stems; rare selection of this Madagascar native.  This rariety from the Hummel collection remains of special interest to the collector of rare unique variegation. Very seldom Available.  Inquire about availabiity before purchasing.
Out of Stock
Euphorbia: The Crown of Thorns Collection (5 plants)
Stock Number: 99697
This collection can include some of the dwarf species in this group of plants to add to the diversity of this collection. This group is for the collector of oddities and visual diversities. If you want particular hybrids or species, be sure to order them individually with their stock numbers; because we gather this sel...
Fockea africana [Species Africa, tugalensis]
Stock Number: 60692
Caudiform with brown-barked vine studded with purple-backed, pointed leaves. Not Fockea natalensis, but a plant sometime allied with Tacazzia. Often called Fockea tugalensis or Pentodentia natalensis. You'll find this handsome caudiform vine ignores all of this, instead concentrating on being beautiful.
Out of Stock
Frerea indica
Stock Number: 60184
"Leafy Starfish" Semi-erect, then pendant leafy branches produce beautiful convex red starfish flowers spotted sulphur yellow. From india, prefers constant warmth and even moisture in an epiphytic mix. If ordered to be sent during a less warm period of the year, we typically send as an URCutting in dry moss so it will ...
Furcraea foetida medio-picta
Stock Number: 68387
Smooth-edged succulent with clear white stripe. Unlike the species "Mauritius Hemp" this variegated cultivar is essentially spineless: Nearly trunkless rosettes of succulent deep green leaves with a bold central white band.  
Furcraea gigantea variegata [striata]
Stock Number: 68072
"Giant False Agave" Beautifully striated soft sword-like leaves in wide open habit; occasional marginal spines. A native of Brazil formerly included in Amaryllidaceae. Handsome. F. gigantea probably more correct as F. foetida--no matter which name mere humans wish to use, this splendid living sculpture will eventually ...
Out of Stock
Gasteria & Haworthia Introductory Collection (5 plants)
Stock Number: 99025
Strong growing selections from our considerable stock of these fat lilies to emphasize the range of habits & charming designs from translucent rosettes to bowties to rigid sculptural columns. 5 plants
Gasteria bicolor liliputana Watersport
Stock Number: 65152
This collection of the "Dwarf Bowtie Plant" seems far more vigorous than most: tiny deep John Deere green succulent leaves in opposite ranks--smooth surface sheen with decorative milky green splotches. Offsets with maturity forming tuffets
Gasteria caespitosa Hort Form
Stock Number: 65103
Much-spiraled twisted glossy spotted leaves in very petite upreaching cute clusters; excellent compact form with elongated leaves. This sometimes is listed as Gasteria bicolor. Nomenclature of this petite charmer remains uncertain--perhaps it is a species locked into a juvenile stage.
Gasteria carinata x verrucosa
Stock Number: 65132
Dark dull gloss deep olive bowties of leaves, somewhat blunt-edged, with rasied pale bumps on the entire surface. Seldom offered.
Gasteria decipiens
Stock Number: 68491
"Black Bowtie Plant", very thick deep John Deere green tongue like leaves in opposite ranks.  Unusual rippled surface with a semigloss finish.
Gasteria glomerata Silver Form [hort]
Stock Number: 65666
Very congested hemispheres of multiple disticous heads of very short fat silvery gray leaves. Coral toned tubular blossoms presented on short erect stems are for more showy than any other species we have observed. Fat offsets are sent. Very very beautiful when grown to a full specimen comprising a hemisphere of obese p...
Gasteria hummel's Silver [hyb]
Stock Number: 65649
The wonderful fat leaved "Silver Tongue" with whorled ranks of succulent platinum colored short fat leaves with some occasional green random lines. Not the "Bowtie" disticous form also known by this name; this is the Gastrolea type.
Out of Stock
Gasteria Lime Warty [hort]
Stock Number: 65670
A remarkable large statured "Warty Bow Tie Plant" with fat flattened olive hued leaves with lime striations, all strewn with oddly decorative rasied warts. Certainly as close as a plant would need to morph in order to imitate a toad's coloration and skin texture. Currently in short supply thanks to a recent blog salute...
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