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Euphorbia knuthii
Product Code: 67127
Very attractive gnarled caudex toped with a skirt of angled cascading stems with gray-green central stripes. Very easy to grow. Beautifully display this undemanding succulent in an oval bonsai pot so you can win best of show. An excellent introduction to the world of caudex plants.
Euphorbia lactea White Ghost Crest
Product Code: 67489
White chocolate accordians of stem. These are typically grafted as shown in the pictures. Sometimes have this on it's own roots, inquire! 
Out of Stock
Euphorbia lealii [hort]
Product Code: 66799
Habit of a rine gray beharensis with many cute rosy salmon blossoms with cute teardrop leaves.
Euphorbia leuconeura
Product Code: 67133
"Madagascar Jewel" Beautiful fleshy foliage veined in decorative silver loops in juvenile stages, presented in flat rosette tops over central club-like trunks ridged in sienna tufts. So tolerant it will even flourish in the humidity of a terrarium. Mature plants typically lack the distinctive leaf veins.
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Euphorbia mammilaris variegata
Product Code: 67145
'Variegated Indian Pipe.' This is remarkably colored as if covered in white chocolate, the thickened trunk branches well to create a focal point in any house plant collection--give very bright light and perfect drainage. Available again in summer of 2012.
Euphorbia milii Bing Cherry [hyb]
Product Code: 67197
Vigorous upright habit, well armed, producing great numbers of pink glossy blossoms with red designs throughout. Nearly everblooming Frieling creation quite similar to 'Red Shoes.' (Best leave this arena to the Freudians.)
Euphorbia milii bosseri Crest [hyb]
Product Code: 67187
Stunning fanned stems with occasional reversions producing rosy red cyathophylls. Becomes increasingly amazing with age as the wide cockscombed (fasciated) stems develop elaborate fluted coral outlines. Seems to be the most ordered of any of our "Succulent Spurge" offerings for several seasons now! Do not discard any "...
Euphorbia milii Creme De Menthe [hyb]
Product Code: 67483
A Massara E.m. bosseri x delphinensis hybrid with glossy weeping stems, armed with sharp spines, clothed with rubbery dark foliage, and studded with petite bright green blossoms; perfect for a hanging basket. While this Massara creation's habit may be disconcerting to some, it does lend itself admirably to forming a sk...
Euphorbia milii Dead Milkmen [hyb]
Product Code: 67755
Slim spiny trunks with dusky pink to buff apricot flowers. Makes a great punk succulent bonsai. Blame Kip Traughber for the name. Both the "Crown of Thorns" and Kip remain reprobates.
Euphorbia milii Egads! [hyb]
Product Code: 67517
Pale lemon custard cyathophylls with showy apricot halo on heavily branched thick stems fiercely decorated with dense spines. Easily grown Frieling hybrid.
Euphorbia milii Goodness Pinkness
Product Code: 67205
Frieling hybrid: thorny splendens habit; odd pink-clay toned cyathophylls--reliably everblooming given good light, heat, and adequate fertilizer.
Euphorbia milii Green Meanie [hyb]
Product Code: 67447
Sulphur-ochre caythophylls accented with unusually bright, prominent sulphur-colored lower bracts at base; thich midveins on long leaves. Odd Frieling hybrid still popular.
Euphorbia milii imperatae
Product Code: 67157
"Dwarf Crown-of-thorns" Heavily branched miniature with everblooming small wide red cyathophylls. Some offer this as E. splendens bojeri.
Euphorbia milii imperatae variegata
Product Code: 67445
Red elongated small cyathophylls punctuate the very lovely variegated foliage: each small pert leaf displays a dramatic bright creamy gold margin; short stubby stems grow slowly. Not for the impatient. Availability can be irregular as this keeps being ordered in considerable numbers; nonetheless, we usually manage to h...
Euphorbia milii Magenta Madness [hyb]
Product Code: 81097
Many-branched hybrid with each elongated leaf tipped with blotches of white, the white sometimes extending on down as a narrow rim of cream. Quite distinctive clone from 'Asiatica' with pink "flowers" turning soft plum in sun.
Euphorbia milii Morbius [hyb]
Product Code: 67446
Gray stems with reduced spines; tiny thin-tailed green cyathophylls suggest E. mahafalensis parent. Selected by Frieling. Leaves are blunt on the tips.
Euphorbia milii Peachy Queen [hyb]
Product Code: 67212
A complex Frieling hybrid involving imperatae; heavily branching miniature shrub with multi-hued cyathophylls of red-salmon and yellow. Excellent everbloomer under lights; a proven show winner.
Out of Stock
Euphorbia milii Pet Mongkoi
Product Code: 67910
Impressive "Purple Thai Crown of Thorns" Thick, richly spine stems branch, but remain essentially fastigate, to present thick tufts of heavy leaves blushed purple beneath; topped with clusters of giant pink flowers (cyathophylls). Stunning.
Out of Stock
Euphorbia milii Thai Giant Hybrids
Product Code: 66791
The remarkable "Thai Giant Crown of Thorns" do have clonal names--but these will be offered without as we've only a few of each color. Giant leaves are matched by the quarter sized flower bracts (cyathophylls)--easy houseplant; monster effect! We have white & red currently.
Euphorbia milii Unabashed White [hyb]
Product Code: 67442
"White Crown of Thorns" Lophogona hybrid with fleshy leaves with typically thick midveins studding the erect trunks, flanked by 3 to 7-spined ridges; large pure white overlapping cyathophylls of good substance, with occasional red midrib pinstripe in high lite. Excellent--but often overordered--we suggest you inquire a...
Euphorbia milii Whispers
Product Code: 61012
Very clear lemon yellow blossoms. Curiously irregular habit.  Seems to be very similar to 'Lila'.
Out of Stock
Euphorbia milii White Lightning
Product Code: 68712
Simply stunning. Substantial heavy erect stems, ridged with spines, with large rubbery creamy white leaves flamed basil green (vigorous lophogona-like habit) with clusters of four bright coral red flowers (cyathophylls). Merely spectacular. Unlike the yellow variegated milii imperatae offered above, this is a much larg...
Euphorbia milii x didiereoides Fierce
Product Code: 67912
Impressively thick silvery trunks with clustered spines and thick leaves produce bizarre groups of mini evil green hued cyathophylls throughout the year. If big matters, this is most certainly your kind of "Crown of Thorns". This Crown of Thorns is often times over sold so check for availability.
Out of Stock
Euphorbia moratii x lophogona x milii
Product Code: 67907
Striated olive gray small leaves, richly crimped on outward branching short stems etched with  gyring ridges.  Pale rose cyathophylls overtoned green. We maintain the original distribution cross names- but this easily grown dwarf looks more like E. decaryii on stilts.
Euphorbia neriifolia cristata
Product Code: 67218
"Crested Oleander Cactus" Fast-growing crests forming thick succulent flutes & grooves appearing to be made from melted wax. Needs warmth. Never let the roots chill. Availability can be limited.
Out of Stock
Euphorbia neriifolia variegata
Product Code: 67471
"Variegated Oleander Cactus" with thick molded wax upright trunks streaked and mottled with white chocolate variegations as are the thick propeller leaves.
Euphorbia persistens Swaziland Form
Product Code: 67309
Turnip-like caudex with bluish green branches constricted in unequal joints, armed with spine pairs; spiraled, three-sided furrowed branches have striated art deco patterns. Most handsome; these are cuttings, thus with hi-colors, just in the first phase of forming a caudex which it will continue to do with relative dis...
Out of Stock
Euphorbia platyclada hardyii
Product Code: 67243
Upright lead colored stems dramatically produce flattened ornately designed stems jutting out horizontally.  Remains small statured.
Out of Stock
Euphorbia polygona Snowflake
Product Code: 67430
A great looking clustering (slowly clustering) example of convergense evolution. This looks like a white cactus, but is really an African plant in the Euphorbia group! The plant in the pictures is begin finally divided and individual plants are ready. This is a beauty. If you have a bright window and some time, this is...
Euphorbia robivelonae [hort]
Product Code: 67450
Upright rubbery pencil stems studded by thickly spaced succulent rubbery lance leaves. Like a mini wide spreading version of the wonderful E. geroldii. Original plant from Out of Africa nursery.
Out of Stock
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