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Echeveria Doris Taylor [hyb]
Stock Number: 60359
Originally received from Hummel, this is an heirloom hybrid of Echevaria setosa with E. pulvinata, with resultingly stout stubby stems thickly covered with rosettes of fat glossy leaves thickly pelted with white hairs. But, looks friendly!
Echeveria Minibelle [hyb]
Stock Number: 60307
Thick small spindle leaves of pearly gray-green on slim fanned stems. At the present we are offering the standard form; periodically we have a crested form. Another Hummel creation (and indeed, named for his wife) with thick spindle shaped leaves bunched on short stems & large tulip-shaped bright yellow blossoms. M...
Echeveria pul-Oliver [hort]
Stock Number: 60330
Stout stem, felted with oatmeal toned hairs, are studded with many succulent gray pelted leaves; an old favorite for a sunny windowsill or succulent dish garden.
Echeveria pulvinata Nova
Stock Number: 60355
Stunning Oaxaca native with tall rosette of fleshy silvery felty fuzzy leaves (silver haired) staggered on rusty-haired stout short stems; side branches of winter flowers hued sienna and red. Only a few ready each season.
Out of Stock
Echeveria runyonii monstrosus
Stock Number: 60632
Frilled rosettes of fleshy crested-edged leaves with gray glaucous pearly surfaces distinguish this as the "Topsy Turvy Plant" because the alabaster leaves look as if they are tightly packed upside down into a tight ball--like an ivory football mum! Full sun brings out the best pearly toned surface and encourages the m...
Echeveria The Rose
Stock Number: 58723
A wonderful and easily grown large sized Echeveria gibbiflora hybrid. The plant sports nacre-glossed grey lavender leaves that are stiffly flounced and ruffled, easily a rival to any of the fancier hybrids which demand far more exactingly complicated care. This looks like an upside down ball gown.
Out of Stock
Echinocactus grusonii
Stock Number: 66280
The famous "Golden Barrel Cactus." Need we say more?
Echinocereus pentalophus erectus monstrosus
Stock Number: 66278
"Mexican Coral Cactus" with a preposterous latin name. Beautiful constantly dividing forking succulent stems with tiny white papery spines soon form an upright living desert coral--customers report a pale red blossom.
Elaeophorbia drupifera
Stock Number: 67329
"Sierra Leone Poison" Rounded trunks hold large deep green leathery leaves with keeled midribs--the sap is reported to be very poisonous. If the seed were not a drupe, this would be an Euphorb! We probably should not offer such a politically incorrect plant, but our old one threatened to become a tree and after severe ...
Epiphyllum Blush Bob
Stock Number: 66253
Modest upright long lasting greenish white flowers gradually fade to ivory blushed violet -- easily produced on the slim stems which typically branch from the base to form a balanced habit for hanging basket not characteristic of most "Orchid Cactus" hybrids which develop what can, at best, be described as a "free form...
Epiphyllum Bridal Veil [hyb]
Stock Number: 66227
Irridescent pearl white flowers; in high light, the thick foliage develops a blushed edge. This hybrid will not form buds without high light and a coolish fall period.
Epiphyllum Carmine Queen [hyb]
Stock Number: 66172
Unusually transparent petals give extra carmine shimmer. Sent as mossed unrooted ample cuts.
Epiphyllum chrysocardium
Stock Number: 66021
"Fernleaf Cactus" Bright glossy green flat stems in wide fish-bone pattern; nightblooming white flowers with masses of golden filaments suggest its native Mexican name, "Golden Heart." Impressive in large hanging baskets--but be reminded that this species is a long term project. We send generous unrooted cuttings in dr...
Epiphyllum Cindy's Red [hyb]
Stock Number: 66171
Thick stems support very large irridescent scarlet flowers--must reach maturity before reliably blooms. Sent as a mossed unrooted cutting.
Epiphyllum Clarence Wright [hyb]
Stock Number: 66025
Large-statured hybrid with recurved petals, in shades of golden lemon to bronze, creating a bell-shaped blossom. Sent as an unrooted cutting in moss.
Epiphyllum crenatum
Stock Number: 66024
Cylindrical epiphytic stems with thick midnerve develop into thick flat waxy crenate "wings" irregularly notched and moulded. Large extravagantly fragrant blossoms, red, white, & ochre with yellow stamens; this likely is the cultivar known as `Chichicastenango,' from Guatemala. Certainly one of the most interesting...
Epiphyllum guatamalensis monstrosa
Stock Number: 68174
Not only has not been observed in bloom (we find seedpods indicating that it does bloom when we are not watching), but looks as if constantly prostrated with the cares of the world even in the best of conditions. A plant for the Oddities collection. Fortunately, not hard to grow. Take a gander at the images! We send ge...
Epiphyllum Muskmelon
Stock Number: 66167
Beautifully colored pink-salmon fading to buff flowers. (Does this scream "Cantalope" to you?) Strong statured antique hybrid of uncertain origin. Sent as mossed unrooted cuttings.
Epiphyllum oxypetalum
Stock Number: 66023
"Night Blooming Cereus" or "Orchid Cactus" Large fragrant white flowers, rose outside, on flat waxy crenate "leaves" (actually the terminal sections of the stems) flaring out at the ends of the lower supporting stiff rounded stems. This is the one Grandma drug out to the open front porch so that every possible neighbor...
Epiphyllum Pink Empress [hyb]
Stock Number: 66032
Old reliable hybrid with many salmon-pink flowers on succulent tidy foliage which makes an excellent basket with time. Sent as a mossed unrooted cutting.
Out of Stock
Epiphyllum Species Granada White
Stock Number: 66193
Lovely slim deep green ribbons cascade to present the demure white winter blossoms. Very effective grown as a cascading specimen of cascading succulent ribbons like upsidedown seaweed--would never even need to bloom in order to deserve a place in any display. An excellent one to start with as a houseplant as it is nati...
Erythrorhipsalis pilocarpa
Stock Number: 66034
"Rice Cactus" or "Bristle-tufted Twig-cactus" Sao Paulo native with handsome arched branches accented by tufts of fur in which also nestle the numerous pearl-like berries. Like its cousins the Rhipsalis, most successfully shipped as an unrooted cutting in dry moss.
Euphorbia ammak variegata
Stock Number: 67023
"Ammak Euphorbia" The entire surface is overlaid a creamy rich white chocolate; splashy specimen for any speciality collection--for unclear reasons, called "Ammak" in California. We have the original name as 'Euphorbia candelabrum eritryeae variegatum.' Sometimes after an article on this appears, demand can outstrip ou...
Out of Stock
Euphorbia anoplia
Stock Number: 67280
Thick thornless tubercled angles on dwarf body with wide "Zipper Plant" furrowed rows. Attractive compact species, like a dusky toned "Snowflake" but with pale ochre midribs on the clustering thick ridged arms developing with maturity.
Euphorbia barnhartii
Stock Number: 67009
Seldom offered Mollucas native with delicate candelabra outline of deeply lobed succulent stems.
Euphorbia beharensis
Stock Number: 67287
Smooth reddish or gray spiny stems branch to form interlocking shrubs with dusky bracted "Crown of Thorns" type cyathea--an Alluaudia mimic of Madagasca Various hybrids appear under this name
Euphorbia beharensis Cranberry Cowboy [hyb]
Stock Number: 67514
A Massara "Crown of Thorns" hybrid with E. milii bosseri producing a remarkable closely packed vase-shaped thicket of heavily spined richly toned stems studded with many very showy red-carmine cyathophylls clearly on the blue side of red (no orange): a major blossom color breakthrough! The eventual habit is also quite ...
Euphorbia bougheyi
Stock Number: 67013
Curious wavy flat stems wave and dip; effective in baskets. With maturity, a woody trunk develops from the base creating a living sculpture. Mozambique's "Ribbon Spurge" does not demand full sun, preferring broken light as the skin can scar if watered midday in scorching sun. Excellent houseplant.
Euphorbia brachiata [hort]
Stock Number: 67014
"Mini-Pencil Cactus" Spineless beautiful, much-divided slim pencil branches creating a compact woody thicket. Also known as E. intisy. With time, this sophisticated species can achieve considerable dimensions, yet will always maintain more intricate, more intensely intersticed stems and stemlets than the open growing h...
Euphorbia capsaintmariensis
Stock Number: 67025
From flat richly colored wide turnip caudex arise silvery gray stubby branches tipped with undulant red-green leaves; ocher cyathophylls emphasize the foliar tones. Among the most successful small caudiforms for the windowsill or litegarden.
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