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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Really Red
Product Code: 56946
"Dwarf Flaming Katie" Cute piles of very small purple tinted scalloped leaves on tiny tumbling stems over which appear clusters of scarlet blossoms mid winter. Far too cute for some collectors of macho succulents! After growing this for years, we can report that it has never thrown a larger scaled growth--always way pe...
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Stained Glass
Product Code: 61206
Ken Frieling's selection of this red flowered species; each fleshy crennate leaf has a flashy central yellow lime flamed medallion. Quite beautiful as a foliage plant; quite breathtaking when in flower mid-winter flaunting its red "Flaming Katie" blossom clusters over the variegated foliage.
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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana [hyb] Creamed Scallops
Product Code: 60748
Low mounding beauty: wide pale gray-green fleshy leaves with crenulate edges broadly margined white which do perfectly accent the seasonal fire engine red clusters of upfacing flowers. Flashy,  hard to locate variegated version of the common blooming Kalanchoe--the green leaved version which you are most likely to...
Kalanchoe Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99199
A good starter kit for several of those eternally popular "Mother of Thousands" kit & kin; for the kid in all of us, as well as an introduction to the range of bold and colorful, or furry, or dusted, or waxed, and even variegated foliaged species and hybrids, with at least one famous for a showy display of winter b...
Kalanchoe Collection: Proliferators (5 plants)
Product Code: 99684
A Jump start group emphasizing types forming plantlets on the leaf edges or upon the flowering heads--thus known as "Mother of Thousands" and "Life Plants" appealing strongly to all children, even those in their fifties. These Madagascar natives are the most easily grown Kalanchoes--and are offered here at a bargin bas...
Kalanchoe daigremontiana
Product Code: 60386
"Life Plant" or "Mother of Thousands" Plantlets form on the crenulated margins of the liver-green triangular fleshy leaves, spotted reddish-brown; heads of pendant pinkish midwinter blossoms gradually fade to a delicate gray-violet hue. Formerly in the genus Bryophyllum, appropriate as the Latin translates to "sproutin...
Kalanchoe daigremontiana Jaws Of Life
Product Code: 61036
Triangular paired fleshy gator jaw leaves sprout endless tiny plantlets along the crenulated rims. Possibly a hybrid, currently considered a sport (maybe a separate species or variety). If this stops any tortoise's runny nose problems, then this is probably a sport.
Kalanchoe eriophylla
Product Code: 60902
Very plushy white felted fat lvs, somewhat elongated, in pairs on lax pipecleaner fuzzy stems. Madagascar species needing very low humidity and full sun.
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Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi
Product Code: 60389
"Purple Scallops" Amethyst, flour-dusted scalloped leaves are margined purple with brownish notches producing adventitious buds in sufficient light and humidity; elegant terminal clusters of pendant khaki-pink flowers appearing late winter. Madagascar native. Very attractive; easily grown given good light. Lovely color...
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi marginata
Product Code: 60390
"Aurora Borealis Plant" Scalloped purplish leaves margined in bright ivory, toned pink in high light. Beautiful with the dangling clusters of mid-winter blossoms.
Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi variegata
Product Code: 60391
"Rosy Dawn" version of the "Aurora Borealis" plant.  The central section of the crenate leaves are arrestingly streaked and mottled with rich yellow-cream and aqua tones. Unusual clone, yet still produces showy khaki-pink heads of dangling blossoms on short terminal spikes late winter. Unusual variegation for the ...
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Kalanchoe figuereidoi
Product Code: 61046
This is sometimes confused with Kalanchoe humilis on the internet. Our Kalanchoe humilis below is less spotted. Small statured "Jade Jewel"; seriously beautiful with wide silver gray fleshy dark banded jade leaves with crenate margins, highlighted with pale toned midvein. Usually blooming mid-winter, the inflorescence ...
Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri
Product Code: 60392
Handsome large wide coppery "Donkey Ears" leaves inlaid with purple heiroglyphics and liberally dusted with silver on very short central trunks--striking basket subject with masses of midwinter blossoms of delicate pink emerging from the bell like calyx cups. Unique species needing saturated (but never burning) light t...
Kalanchoe glaucescens Frieling's Sensation
Product Code: 60731
This salmon flowered clone has fleshy scalloped/crenate leaves strikingly margined with a white band developing pinkish tints in high light. This impressively variegated sport was found and selected, then reselected by Ken Frieling here at the Glasshouse Works--a quite distinct sport of a not at all unusual species whi...
Kalanchoe Gnome Slippers [manganii x porphyrocalyx]
Product Code: 68490
Short statured stems thickly covered with elaborate rubbery deeply crennate leaves and topped mid-winter with wide clusters of nodding slipper flowers of pale rose tipped gooseberry green. A charmer on any windowsill totally unaware that some authorities suspect it to be of possible K. petitana origins. We suspect vari...
Kalanchoe hildebrandtii
Product Code: 60393
"Silver Teaspoons" perfect description of the platinum hair pelting the oval leaves with narrow petioles; these remarkable leaves are rigidly ranked on slim extremely erect stems (thus lending this plant new status as a unique but successful rigidly at attention topiary standard). A curiously similar habit to that of K...
Kalanchoe houghtonii
Product Code: 60394
Also K. poincarei, the famous "Good Luck Plant" A hybrid "Life Plant" of daigremontiana x tubiflora with tan-pink channeled slim leaves (distinctly wider and flatter than tubiflora) with purple designs and toothed margins producing many adventitious plantlets. Easy favorite with very showy rigid umbles of down turned b...
Kalanchoe houghtonii Pink Teeth [variegate]
Product Code: 60983
The succulent leaves have pink & silver splashed along the edges & sometimes the midrib; variegation disappears when in extended extremely warm conditions. Be prepared: if shipped during warmer times of the year, little pink will be visible. After considerable trial and error with shipping this exotic, we now p...
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Kalanchoe humilis
Product Code: 60931
Pairs of pale marble green leaves slightly mottled with "Baby Pinwiper" patterns; fleshy foliage blushed pink in high light conditions with rose heiroglyphs on the undersides. Originally offered as K. sp. HBG 'Baby Pinwiper," this produces tostled clusters of giant elongated winter blossoms.
Out of Stock
Kalanchoe kewensis [hyb]
Product Code: 60396
"Harpoon Leaf Kalanchoe." Short erect stems armed with soft spindle-shaped coppery-green leaves with occasional side harpoon tooth (pinnatisect leaf!). Sometimes considered to be a hybrid of teretifolia x flammea (and it does indeed produce thick rounded heads of showy rose red fowers late February), but more recently ...
Kalanchoe laciniata
Product Code: 60397
"Lace Leaf Kalanchoe" Overlapping ranks of stiff waxy leaves divided deeply like a lacy fern stuffed with sausage; open multiple heads of starry lemon toned flowers mid-winter. Very beautiful, yet seldom found available. Native to India, Africa, Yemen, Brazil and points between. Certainly considerably underutilized in ...
Kalanchoe laetivirens Big Momma
Product Code: 61009
Also known as Kalanchoe HBG 73004, from Huntington Botanic Gardens' distribution. Upright stout short trunks support thick upturned pearly surfaced fleshy leaves (so wide as to be nearly round in outline), each heavily ringed by a margin of cute baby plantlets--every kid needs one. Perhaps the most architecturally plea...
Kalanchoe manginii
Product Code: 60401
"Flask Flower" Multitudes of wiry scandant stems punctuated with crisp green oval leaves and groups of nodding salmon bellflowers shaped like flasks--blossoms of this clone not strictly orange and green, as described by some--so this may be possibly K. x 'Tessa.'
Kalanchoe marmorata
Product Code: 66040
Pinkish-green pruinose toothed wide leaves with rich mahogany- violet hieroglyphics splashed on the surface, thus known as the "Pinwiper Plant." Modest white flowers. Extremely similar to K. humilis until it blooms.
Kalanchoe millotii
Product Code: 60404
Erect branchlets ranked with rigidly held thick oval crenate leaves pelted with grayish-white hairs. Eventually topped with clusters of lime-yellow flowers, this Madagascar native with its curious grooved petioles holding thick leaves with a somewhat oakleaf lobed cookie cutter outline, is sometimes confused in the who...
Kalanchoe minima
Product Code: 61079
Nodding heads of nodding orange flowers at Christmas over the attractive glaucous small jade nacre succulent foliage. Good in small hanging baskets; seems a tiny lovely version of the more well known larger statured K. fedtschenkoi. Often overlooked, but quite a lovely intrepid grower.
Out of Stock
Kalanchoe mortagei crenata
Product Code: 60405
"Mother of Hundreds" Impressive ranks of giant fleshy, rubbery appearing thick up-turned elongated triangular leaves with doubly crenate margins and many large adventitious plantlets firmly held on the narrowing leaf tips; the closely stacked leaves (closely ranked on short stout stems) are impressive in baskets; red f...
Kalanchoe nyikae
Product Code: 60406
"Shovel Leaf" The opposite unnervingly pearly-blue peltate fleshy leaves are so sculptured that the basal end is up-turned to form a scoop; red rimmed in high light. Rosy green flowers impossible to accurately define. Eventually can be exhaused by the effort producing the inflorescence--be sure you have more propagated...
Kalanchoe obtusa
Product Code: 60407
Attractive broad succulent leaves on very short stems beautifully accent and frame the hemispheres of upfacing brick-red flowers. Attractive compact bouquet from Tanzania. Marvelous tuffet outline gradually branching with time; certainly the most flower power for the foliar size and thus astoundingly popular both as an...
Kalanchoe orgyalis
Product Code: 60874
Distinctive Madagascar stocky shrub with thick spatulate leaves emerging russet, then hardening to a silver toned mahogany felt--and thus easily damaged by high humidity; yellow flowers seldom seen--astoundingly slow to grow when compared to most its kin. We currently have enough so that collectors will not have to "ta...
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