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Sansevieria parva marginata
Product Code: 68141
There are several forms of this plant. We are offering the form with a golden rim. Pictures #1 and #2 show this plant. It is very handsome. Periodically we have available a white striated form (Picture #3); but this latter plant grows very slowly and with not be available probably for a good while at this point. It wil...
Sansevieria patens
Product Code: 68142
Originally distributed among collectors as USDA 19516. Fat overstuffed sausage leaves with deep furrows form congested off-setting clumps; nearly distichous congested gyring semi-columns eventually topped with white blossoms faintly scented. A most attractive compact plant seeming more to mimic a Gasteria on pygmy ster...
Sansevieria phillipsiae [hort]
Product Code: 68144
Cylindric grooved dangerously rigid leaves form a stiff fountain outline--appearance of a S. cylindrica becoming a trunked miniature tree. Handsome weapon. We have observed many varied plants under this name; our Kew Gardens clone remains distinct from any others we maintain--little agreement among "experts" can be exp...
Sansevieria pinguicula
Product Code: 68147
Silvery-gray thick horny wedge leaves, channeled on top with rounded swollen underside, tipped with sharp spine--looks like an Agave trying to morph into a punk sausage. Kenyan native with odd paniculate horizontally branched inflorescence of swollen tube flowers. A formidable, yet easily grown, presence in any collect...
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Product Code: 68151
This P. Fennig #1013 clone has ambitions to become a tree with rigid ranks of stiff grey toned leaves with dangerous dagger tips.   Not for the faint of heart
Sansevieria robusta x bagamoyensis
Product Code: 68372
(Pf 1951; Kew 600-73-19550) Wide open fans of olive green woody leaves with slim horned rims As this matures, the habit becomes distischus as the heavy, very tough succulent leaves reach impressive dimensions. A long term project. This hybrid originated in the Pfennig collection in Germany; it was also donated later to...
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Sansevieria schweinfurthii
Product Code: 68153
LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Rigidly stiff, terete leaves, glossy deep green, form tight distichous fans; further distinguished by its unspined flattened leaf tips and keeled bases; and typical lack of banding. Very beautiful rare Eritrean native. And of such a deliberate growth rate as to remain always rare!
Sansevieria senegambica [cornui]
Product Code: 68154
Short upright curved leaves flattening toward the tip end with a slim point, the surface a matte-green with faint banding. Good compact waxy leaved species with reddish rhizomes & violet-white flowers (the species name tells of its countries of origin). If grown in a moss or coconut fiber basket, it loves to send f...
Sansevieria socotra [hort] x fisheri
Product Code: 68579
Attractive hybrid: short (in full sun never more than a foot in length) outarched thick leaves, obtriangular in cross section, with dark bands and distinct rim form an open armed "rosette"--perfect in a moss basket as new stolons plunge through. We are not aware of the origin of this modestly attractive cross--but woul...
Sansevieria sp. Koko Crater
Product Code: 68271
Originally from the late Ed Eby who collected this from an abandoned USDA planting on this Hawaiian crater. Bright avocado green very rigid leaves with irregular chevrons in rigid fans punctuating a thick stolon. This is a cylindrica form that has runners that zigzag directly over the pot and over the edges. Like a hef...
Sansevieria sp. Zebra Fountain
Product Code: 68284
"Zebra Sansevieria" Unidentified species with long semi-terete, keeled thick leaves arched in rayed rosettes; deep green banding & sienna edges lined white. This antique clone, from Ruth Crane who received it from a Japanese friend, seems to be closely allied to roxburghiana and intermedia.
Sansevieria spicata (hort: a dwarf concinna?)
Product Code: 68157
"Tea Spoon Hemp" Manda's compact houseplant with unique spatulate short leaves of deep green ending in "spoon handle" bottoms; pale fragrant tubular flowers. Certainly one of the most attractive and appealing of the small statured "Hemps" even if its botanic identity remains in limbo. Certainly much too compact and dar...
Sansevieria stuckyii
Product Code: 68159
"Serpent Plant" USDA & Koko forms: Erect tall furrowed dark green terete leaves--juvenile plants are multi-leaved like S. cylindric with out arched fat leaves, with age each "head" becomes a single giant tusk looming over capitate flowering stalk produced at a basal node.
Sansevieria subspicata [hort]
Product Code: 68162
This clone we have is from Manda's collection, representing the most easily grown form most common in USA--Deep green-black undulate wide leaves on slender petioles, with bright horned edges; the very short leaves overlap in irregular tostled rosettes. Tolerant of much neglect. Some customers enjoy starting this in a m...
Sansevieria trifasciata Bantel's Sensation
Product Code: 68434
White and ocher-cream stripes with occasional yellow and dark green furrows accent the very erect succulent leaves; the "White Snakeplant" typically has a narrow green edge. 1940s laurentii sport originating in St. Louis. Because this is a trifasciata cultivar, the leaves are far more erectly rigid, of thicker substanc...
Sansevieria trifasciata Black Futura Goldedge
Product Code: 55999
Large beautiful "Bowl Hemp" European import with unusually wide leaves totally dark green and banded bright yellow. Handsome and very reliable houseplant of the first order. This is a stunning plant. Possibly not a trifasciata sport , but probably a hybrid. Newly introduced.
Out of Stock
Sansevieria trifasciata Black Magic [hort]
Product Code: 61094
Erect very dark emerald leaves with dramatic gold edge; very similar to the more dramatic 'goldiana' clones--perhaps shorter.
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Sansevieria trifasciata Black Sport/Form
Product Code: 68221
Very slow growing "Ebony Hemp" Rough surface of blackish-green. Very distinctive rugose surfaced extremely vertical foliage makes this a curosity in any collection. Ken Frieling found this unique curiosity in a random heap in a central Florida roadside nursery too many years ago for him to admit the date. If anyone has...
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Product Code: 68205
Long flexible creamy yellow, nearly translucent leaves with gray-green milky center and narrow dark green rims. Regular upright rosettes of trifasciata--not the irregular wavy foliage of guineensis although the coloration is similar! Astounding. Our clone was bought at Manda's Greenhouse decades ago--an heirloom totall...
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Sansevieria trifasciata Crane's Black Sport
Product Code: 68223
Remarkable erect tulip-shaped rosette of black-green leaves with bright gold rim. Habit similar to nelsonii or to a giant incurved 'Loops's Pride' but more ornate than either of these. Unique very slow growing treasure from Ruth Crane's remarkable collection.
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Sansevieria trifasciata Daria
Product Code: 68415
Juan Chahinian's clone: Dark out arched thick leaves with central bundle of bright lime pinstripes along billowing groves set off with rich buttery yellow margins showing barely a trace of crossbands. Somewhat compact in stature, easy to grow by nature even though quite slow to establish, and very pleasant on the eyes....
Sansevieria trifasciata Futura
Product Code: 68227
Large beautiful "Bowl Hemp" European import with unusually wide leaves richly mottled and banded yellow. Handsome and very reliable houseplant of the first order. Originally an European import of obscure origin (although reportedly purchased in Italy initially by Tony Falco); sometimes distributed as S. gigantea. Possi...
Sansevieria trifasciata Futura Gilt Edge
Product Code: 68226
Clone from Ed Eby with tight rosettes of large wide waxy leaves rimmed with golden cream edge--no wide border. This is an unusually slow growing clone with few offsets. Sometimes sports a stripe appearing in mid-leaf. Not as showy or fast growing as the basic 'Futura' but of interest to the collector. The second pictur...
Sansevieria trifasciata Futura Gold Flame
Product Code: 60923
Highly variegated and very thick leaves tend to arch out in proper light. In the general "Futura group" perhaps as openly vase forming leaves (the Dutch would say "tulip shaped") are more open and shorter than typical trifasciata cultivars. The inner emerging leaf on mature plants can be totally golden. Nearly the oppo...
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Sansevieria trifasciata Futura Twisted Sister
Product Code: 68432
Slightly slimmer than regular 'Futura,' the bright olive leaves with goldbanded edges form an unique sideways twist. Always a serious visual tweak in any assemblage of Sansevieria cultivars.
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Sansevieria trifasciata goldiana Slipped Stripes
Product Code: 68172
Selection from Ruth Crane who claimed to have named it thus before she traded it with other collectors: The defuring distinction of this cultivar is that golden-yellow banding on either side of the thick waxy leaves does not match. `Lillian True' (a remarkable California collector with whom Crane traded plants) may be ...
Sansevieria trifasciata goldiana [hort]
Product Code: 68171
Very dark green thick lance leaves with broad butter yellow marginal bands & faint marbled banding; popular for color contrast and erect habit. Our form is from the Manda's Nursery's important collection of original cultivars, obviously similar to 'laurentii compacta' which may merely be one of several new Florida ...
Sansevieria trifasciata Grandmother Seibert
Product Code: 68343
Typical trifasciata habit with very erect dark toned slim leaves--no gray tones appear--distinguished by furling tops & rich thick (but very narrow) creamy gold rims; not a typical laurentii type. We have increased our stock block in order to accomodate the increasing orders for this quite distinctive tall cultivar...
Sansevieria trifasciata Gray Lady
Product Code: 68230
Narrow upright leaves of gray-green (not silvery) usually edged in darker green; compact upright; not 'Silver Queen'-- Manda's `Plumbea' and the Florida `Silver Parva' appear to be apparently alternative trade names. One of the best smaller forms, but slow to offset.
Sansevieria trifasciata hahnii
Product Code: 68173
The original "Birdsnest Plant" Cup-shaped tight rosette of broad spiral leaves dark green with paler crossbanding; freely suckers to form a clump. Found in New Orleans in 1939 and considered to be trifasciata trapped in a juvenile form. Common as dirt, but still totally reliable and cute as a button.
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