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Sansevieria aethiopica [Heidleberg]
Product Code: 68080
"Bushman's Cure" Called "!hwi" & taken to cure abdominal pains & diarrhoea. Flat outspread small rosettes of dark dusky green (bluish in full sun) leaves with corky margins & tips-- This is an extremely slow growing compact German clone from the collection at Heidleberg, which was shared with us by the late...
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Sansevieria aubrytiana
Product Code: 68082
"Father-in-law Tongue" Large tall glossy gray green strap leaf blades held in close clumps to emphasize their pale bands of spots and blotches. Intolerant of any chill. Similar to S. longiflora which seems slightly more olive toned and less rigidly erect. These two have never bloomed here in our nursery simultaeously f...
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Sansevieria ballyi 'Minnie' [Rauh's Kenya]
Product Code: 68270
Bright green spiky "Hedgehog" type with many stolons (even from upper trunk); the fat upper keeled lower third leaves adorned with a papery horned edge. Much shorter and more compacted clusters of leaves than similar larger statured ones from Kenya. A Werner Rauh collection which has undergone many name changes over th...
Sansevieria Boncellensis
Product Code: 60544
The eye catching "Starfish Hemp" with very swollen sausage leaves forming a low rosette of tipped leaves silvery banded- not dark like patens and other sylindrically inclined Sansevierias.  Slowly becomes a massive living sculpture. 
Sansevieria canaliculata
Product Code: 68088
S. sulcata "probably more correct" according to the German authority-Pfennig. Single erect cylindric leaf per "head" with deep green longitudinal furrows; tall flower scape emerges quite separately. Needs very reliable light levels to perform well as the extremely extended slim terete leaves tend to droop precipitiousl...
Sansevieria canaliculata Dwarf
Product Code: 68089
Typically paired curved erect deep green leaves, slightly patterned, only inches tall--sometimes arching up to ten inches if grown in reduced light; forming an advancing cluster of these upthrust tusks, all grooved and shyly glossy. Excellent as a windowsill plant, beautiful for the hues it develops in lite gardening, ...
Sansevieria cylindrica patula
Product Code: 68096
Please limit your orders to under 5 plants unless you prearrange your order--now that rumors of its medicinal properties are spreading, some orders are reaching unusual proportions. This is the popular "Snake Plant" with recurved terete tapered leaves, with hard tips & darker transverse bands, in handome open fans....
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Sansevieria deserti
Product Code: 68100
Furrowed rounded tannish ochre to brownish-green leaves arrayed in upright rigid heavy fans--the infamous "Rhinograss" of dramatic appearance, with sharp-pointed, stemless succulent (unforgiving) bayonette leaves. Specimen houseplant demanding full sun. In short supply at times; please inquire before ordering. The pric...
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Sansevieria dooneri [hort]
Product Code: 68102
"Fountain Plant" Arched rosettes similar to S. parva, but with wider pale tannish leaves more strap like and slightly glaucous, becoming low arched for they are far more flexible--thus making it a perfect basket subject. Delicately scented bloom spikes. Underground stolons soon fill pot with glaucous soft strapped whor...
Sansevieria Fernwood Mikado
Product Code: 66249
Small in stature with bundles of dark spikes.  A very compact plant.
Sansevieria fischeri [singularis]
Product Code: 68156
Fabulous short thickly-swollen rigidly prostrate leaves of gray to brown-green with paler flecking; tiny concave ridge on leaf surface disappears with age as new nodes (eventually, as the clump matures) send out a "singular" single leaf up to eight feet in height--you may have to buy property in Kenya to ever achieve t...
Sansevieria francisii (sp. fkh #432)
Product Code: 68263
Remarkable "False Astroloba" column of thickly-set short terete leaves in vertical rows, throwing ungainly side stolons and tipped with purplish-budded scented (do not translate "scented" for "fragrant") tubular flowers, a peculiar tan with odd brown streaks. "Racoon Tail" Sansevieria of very unique growth habit from G...
Sansevieria gracilis [hort]
Product Code: 68108
Upright stems thickly covered with pale green terete leaves, which are keeled and horned half way, with pale bands and smooth surfaces becoming grooved with age; offsetting highly decorative art noveau stolons punctuated with tufted "hedgehog" clumps of foliage which can produce bottlebrushes of pale fragrant flowers w...
Sansevieria grandis Frieling's Stripes Forever
Product Code: 60847
Strong gold bands throughout each thick leaf. No leaf is the same and the banding does not follow the rules!  Created here at Glasshouse works! 
Sansevieria grandis [hyadk]
Product Code: 68113
 Creeping rhizomes send heads of two to five wide leathery leaves, furling out from narrowed petioles, of richly-patterned emerald-tones. Mature heads can produce spikes of white tubular flowers. "Somali Good Luck Plant",smaller statured than S. Masoniana, does best in very constantly warm conditions, tolerating s...
Sansevieria guineensis variegata
Product Code: 68118
"Golden Hemp" Wavy gray-green waxy leaves--usually under one foot in length--richly margined in creamy-yellow and distinctly curved under at margins as they mature; rarely more than three leaves in a "head." Quite striking plant which must be constantly warm-otherwise the nearly opaque variegation can be quite easily d...
Sansevieria hallii
Product Code: 68304
Holly Gate #019, the justly famous and astoundingly popular "Baseball Bat." Unusually slow growing collector's plant featuring very thick short wide leaves with pillowed-flat upper surface; blackish banded with white horn rims. Not as vigorous nor as large as the similarly statued and toned Sansevieria fischeri. Fab.
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Sansevieria humbertiana [hort]
Product Code: 68452
Impressively massive out arched leaves deeply ridged and decoratively banded--like a S. phillipsiae on steroids with larger harder leaves, yet with same pattern of arborescent central stalk with rigidly outflung offsets. This is the distinct clone introduced by our friends at Out of Africa. Similar to the plant we main...
Sansevieria hyacinthoides
Product Code: 68121
Seed collected in the Transvaal by Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens Yet some writers still consider this correct for hort. guineensis (a Ceylon species!)--but this still seems to have remained quite distinct for us over the last twenty years with handsome thick, curved abbreviated strap leaves, strongly banded, and margine...
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Sansevieria intermedia [hort] [volkensii?]
Product Code: 68122
 Short rigidly curved leaves horny-edged in very compact, tight rosettes. Manda's clone (we bought this in the mid 70s at Manda's Greenhouses in N.J.), habit of an extreme skinny aethiopica type but with a more out-arched habit: A dependable dwarf houseplant subject tolerating very unfavorable conditions. Colorati...
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Sansevieria javanica
Product Code: 60871
Short vertically challenged rosettes out arched in tight extremely abbreviated rotund rosettes. The slight gloss and deep tones these compact sculptures achieve in indirect light can be considerably amplified by growing this under lites where it looks like a miniature hahnii sidetracked by a sausage stuffer. These maho...
Sansevieria kirkii kirkii
Product Code: 68127
Bold erect rosette with curved flat cardboard-stiff leaves with gray-green mottling/barring and horned reddish wavy edges; juvenile plants from leaf cuts initially have flat-spreading leaves. Handsome easily grown Zanzibar native with white flowers tinted green and scented most oddly. Always popular with collectors who...
Sansevieria kirkii pulchra m19521
Product Code: 68126
Thick curving, sometimes nearly prostrate leaves, richly mottled black-green, with very dramatic blackish mahogany stripes streaming from base, as if some new concept of plaid were in the works--the whole framed with the bright white parchment edges. Choice form which sometimes offered as 'Coppertone" (!?!) or describe...
Sansevieria kirkii pulchra Pink Flowered Clone
Product Code: 68409
The dramatic foliage sports a pellucid glaucous surface "bloom." This is Chahinian's clone (which seems very very close to Grigsby's "Special Clone" or "Super Form") which will eventually produce prodigious large thick leaves far more erect than the other species forms with a ghostly surface tone and paperlike edge. Sl...
Sansevieria longiflora
Product Code: 68133
Longwood clone of "Botswana Hemp" for the serious collector.  Rugged upright sword leaves with pale green to olive blushed cross-marks and horny-corky rim. Handsome, though not particularly colorful. Name reflects distinction from S. guineensis,rather similar to S. aubrytiana for this has flowers with distinctivel...
Sansevieria longiflora variegata
Product Code: 68134
Impressive "Botswana Striped Hemp" with tall wide (but not thick) succulent leaves much taller than and more erect than variegated guinensis cultivars--which are also even more chill sensitive. Striped gray, golden lime, milky basil and faded ivory; corky rims can be ivory or appear in a dark green variation; indeed, w...
Sansevieria manolin [hort]
Product Code: 68247
Beautifully pinkish-cream striations over the arched sword leaves (appearing only as two or three per node, suggesting a possible affinity to S. guineensis); one of the most beautiful of all variegated plants--the original was found in Puerto Rico by Plant Shop's Botanic Gardens. Has no chill tolerance whatsoever. We d...
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Sansevieria masoniana
Product Code: 68285
The fabulous "Mason Congo" paddle, originally from Grigsby. GC 133-78, with beautiful dappled paterns of subtle mottling on unusually wide leathery glaucous leaves. Gets very large. Slow growing initially, but eventually gathers momentum to indulge in its favorite hobby--that of casually breaking through any plastic co...
Sansevieria Okeechobee [hort.]
Product Code: 68249
Delightful miniature upright clustering rosettes of dark green short semi-glossed leaves; very attractive modest variant which was originally found by Clyde Reed at an Okeechobee nursery. Perhaps a species traped in a juvenile form. Not cupped or wide spreading like the hahnii "Birdsnest" crew. Small statured enough fo...
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Sansevieria parva
Product Code: 68139
"Kenya Hyacinth" Thick deep green banded leaves in small dense rosettes which send out long pendant runners (stolons) ending in tiny plantlets; thus, excellent choice for growing in baskets. Fragrant palest pink bottlebrush blooms. Also known as S. d'amabilise, in early Sansevieria books; definitely more erect in habit...
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