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Succulents – H-J

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Hoya lacunosa
Product Code: 60094
Tassel-like pendant umbels of fuzzy lemon-greenish white flowers with lemon centers and soft fragrance (a very clean aroma) perfectly match the dwarf-statured quilted leaves; the name derives form the lacunose leaf surface. That is, the surface of the leaf is cupped or depressed between the veins. Malaysian native beau...
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Hoya macgillvrayi
Product Code: 60760
Seedling selection with tailed giant leaves and black-burgundy blossoms with white reverse shaped like a bowl. Very sensitive to chill. Sent as un-rooted cuttings in moss.
Hoya macrophylla albomarginata
Product Code: 60089
Dramatic pairs od wide waxy seersucker surfaced leaves with dramatic white margins.  These are large waffled leaves of some considerable visual impact. Usually rooted; but may be sent as a generous unrooted mossed cutting.   These pictures show pots with multiple starts per pot.  Purchase is for on...
Hoya meredithii [vitellinoides]
Product Code: 60753
"Cardboard Wax Plant" Large undulating thick plastic leaves, with cardboard texture with undulating edges, gray splashed lime green w/ emerald vein netting; open clusters of lime-yellow flowers with ivory coronas. Originally distributed as 'Borneo 80-05'
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Hoya mitrata
Product Code: 58717
An easily grown related to Hoya darwinii, but easier to cultivate. Flower bloom upright. Spotted thick leaves are very distinctive. Sent as an unrooted cutting in moss. Nomenclature uncertain.
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Hoya motoskei [hort]
Product Code: 60101
Probably a H. carnosa cultivar or form. Very wide waxy oval silver-brushed lvs perfectly foil the pale pink & maroon flowers. Of easy culture. May be sent as an unrooted cutting in moss.
Hoya New Guinea 355-309
Product Code: 60110
Curious somewhat pelted leaves on a slow growing vine. Lovely ivory yellow waxy clusters of flowers. Heirloom. Nomenclature rather muddled, but the plant is always dependable, always popular.
Hoya Obovata
Product Code: 60294
Thick oval leaves of deep tones with a sprinkling of pale speckles.  Very slow growing vine, typically sent as an unrooted cutting.
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Hoya pentaphlebia [citrina]
Product Code: 60752
Impressive large broad quilted somewhat glossy leaves with palmate venation; buttery yellow waxy blossoms with white centers in many-flowered umbels. Rangy big-boned Philippines viner with bronzy pink tones developing in high light. Mossed unrooted cuttings will be sent so you can set this rambling vine free in your gr...
Hoya Pink Silver [hort.]
Product Code: 60953
Heavy waxy leaves strewn with silvery pink brushings on vigorous compact vine; clusters of fragrant blossoms not quite as easily produced as those of the H. carnosa tribe. Tolerant of less than ideal conditions; perfect lush decorative focal point on any windowsill; perhaps still the most satisyfing and visually stunni...
Hoya pubicalyx Philippine Black [chimaera]
Product Code: 60768
"Harlequin Wax Plant" Chimaera of 'Red Buttons' halved with 'Purpureo-fusca [Hort]' with often one half of a leaf or flower cluster being splotched or entire, or not at all! Quite remarkable coversation piece. Shipped as unrooted cuttings in moss.
Product Code: 60828
Slightly brushed succulent leaves on a vigorous vine popular for its deeply toned, freely produced clusters of waxy flowers. Sent as unrooted cutting in moss
Hoya shepherdi [longifolia shepherdi]
Product Code: 60098
"Stringbean Hoya" Dark scooped beanpod leaves in pairs; interesting clusters of quite waxy ivory blossoms with rose-red crown. Sikkim native a natural cascading from a hanging basket. According to Kloppenburg's photos, our clone is most correct as longifolia. Often shipped as unrooted cuttings in moss.
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Hoya sulawesii
Product Code: 58718
A distinctive South China species with pairs of round, quite convex leaves (a Dischidia mimic) a leathery basil tone; Waxy beige and maroon blossoms often numbering up to 20 per inch in a single umble. Happiest grown on a moss surface as the roots are decidedly shallow. Usually shipped as mossed unrooted cuttings.
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Hoya tsangi [sp. ds-70; angustifolia]
Product Code: 60773
Lovely rich green pelted leaves with darkly blushed margins; flat-planed umbels of small ball-shaped rich red fls appear almost year round if kept warm with adaquate humidity--the modest size, beautifully pelted foliage and easily trained stems continue to make this one of the most popular "Wax Plants" for a small area...
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Huernia macrocarpa penzigii
Product Code: 60142
Ethiopian with 4-5 angled stems and basal greenish-yellow flowers with brownish stripes. From the Peterson collection. We got this many years ago. This is a good grower.
Huernia schneideriana
Product Code: 60164
Chocolate violet flowers with cinnamon mahogany tones outside the bells produced in clusters as the base of the glossy upright (then tumbling) succulent short columnar stems ribbed with rows of soft "teeth." Easily grown cousin of the Stapelias, flourishing under the same growing conditions--and importantly, the most e...
Huernia zebrina
Product Code: 60138
We almost always have this plant available. Large cream flowers with bright chocolate-magenta annulus ring semi-gloss waxed. Also called H. blackbeardae. The upright succulent stems are sent as unrooted segments in dry moss. Will not toleratae chill; we cannot ship this in cooler months of the year.
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Hylocerus guatamalensis
Product Code: 66264
Famous edible Guatamalan "Dragon Fruit" follows the most remarkable nocturnal fragrant foot long white blossoms which emerge from the most impressively statured three winged glaucous clambering stems of this semi-epiphytic big-boned Cactus. Typically sent in dry moss--although potted ones are often mailed as well. Be w...
Product Code: 66896
Strong stems cloaked with deep toned fiddle shaped leaves, are topped with a display of stunning watermellon pink flower clusters.  Give heat and bright light.
Product Code: 60127
The errect stems cloaked with fiddle shapped leaves, flaunt clusters of clear pinkish red blossoms.
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Jatropha hastata [integerrima] compacta
Product Code: 67399
Fiddle-shaped richly toned foilage on upright shrublet with a constant show of deep rose red flowers in erect clusters as long as good light (full sun if you are as far north as us) is available. Cuban "Peregine" performs well as a container plant. Give bright light and avoid EVER allowing the roots to chill and this w...
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