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Tropical Speciality Plants

Tropical Speciality Plants
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Eucomis Vandermerwei
Stock Number: 65094
Dwarf bulb with highly ornate fleshy short leaves, nearly evergreen with fluted margins and maroon spotted; cute tubby "Pineapple" inflorescenceorescence only 6" tall. Collector's dream.
Out of Stock
Musa Siam Ruby
Stock Number: 66863
We sold out of the larger plants, so these are small and not so colorful, but they will certainly grow for you and get more colorful as they get bigger. We have been working on this wonderful and colorful new Banana with some of the best color around. We all thank Tony Avent for his struggle to get this variable beauty...
Pandanus Pygmaeus [Polycephalus]
Stock Number: 40715
"Pigmy Screwpine" Super plant for indoor bonsai. These are already showing some stilt roots. Branched heads [polycephalus] of arched toothed narrow [graminifolius] leaf blades on sculpturesque angular trunks with multiple stilts. Small-statured. Real one--slow growing enough to remain a rarity always. We have some grea...
Paphiopedilum Maudiae Group
Stock Number: 58424
One of the most beautiful of all of the "Lady Slipper" orchids. This plant has great spotted foliage and wonderful flowers with a range of colors. We have several color forms, all with the great spotted foliage types. Take a look at the photos. Since Phalaenopsis seem to be at every store now with imports coming in the...
Protasparagus Densiflorus Mazeppa
Stock Number: 65597
Collected in Africa and distributed initially by Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens--arching branches more compact than the species form, yet not as congested as 'Meyersii'. Distributed ny Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens.
Tillandsia Cyanea Medio-Picta
Stock Number: 53395
We have these in stock now and we have a lower price! Thanks. A remarkable cultivar of the already fabulous "Pink Quill." This variety has yellow to cream central ribbon stripes down the outarched narrow leathery leaves. Gradually clusters to form a remarkable striped hemisphere. Extremely rare, extremely choice. Yet e...
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