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Succulent Speciality Plants

Succulent Speciality Plants
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Agave Attenuata Variegata Kara's Stripes
Stock Number: 68011
Wonderful and rare variegated spinelss Agave. This was originally introduced by Ed Hummel in the 1960s. It has always been considered a rare and unusual plant and sometimes drew prices of upwards of a thousand dollars. This is a meristemmed version that has come down in price and sometimes goes under the clonal name of...
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Agave Kisso Kan
Stock Number: 56939
Wonderful and rare variegated "Happy Crown" Agave always sought after by serious collectors interested in the compact highly variegated Japanese clones. Very beautiful--and compact enough to use in dish garden designs.
Agave Lophanthe Quadricolor
Stock Number: 68475
Extremely showy variegation with no two showy armed leaves striped in the same precise pattern. Waxy Central American (thus, intolerant of extended chill, but tolerant of watering year round) collector's favorite with striking stripes and ornately toothed margins forming thick compact mounded outlines which as it becom...
Agave Parryi Cream Spike
Stock Number: 68581
Wonderful and rare Agave.This spectacular agave displays blue-green leaves surrounded by a dramatic smooth creamy-white margin. The thick leaves comprising the 12 inch clump feature maroon-black leaf tips and haarmless teeth along the margins when quite mature. Leaf impressions from the reverse side of unfurling leaves...
Agave Parryi Truncata
Stock Number: 68341
Wonderful and rare Agave. It has always been considered a rare and unusual plant and sometimes drew prices of upwards of a thousand dollars. This is a meristemmed version that has come down in price and is listed under differing names. This plant originally came in from one of our Japanese plant collectors in the mid e...
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Agave Schidigera Shira Ito No Ohi
Stock Number: 68316
Wonderful and rare "Queen of the White Thread" developing a similar form and symmetry to the dramatic beauty of 'Shira ito no Ohi' to capture one's attention. Each thick, dark-green leaf is margined by a crisp white border, highlighted by silver interior markings and edged with white curly filifers. Eventually forms a ...
Dasylirion Longissimum
Stock Number: 65095
Distinctive desert plant from Mexico. Often called "Mexican Grass Tree." Eastern Mexico (Coahuila, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi. Dasylirion form a genus of 18 varieties native to the desert areas of southern USA and Mexico. Dasylirion usually form a single short trunk topped by an almost spherical head of leaves. Mature...
Dasylirion Wheelerii
Stock Number: 65096
Distinctive desert plant from Mexico. Similar to the previous species but which more a bit more green leaves and slightly more spines. Is easy to grow with little maintenance; like the previous plant, it can be grown with plant care like the Beaucarnea, the pony tail plant.
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Euphorbia Milii Pet Mongkoi
Stock Number: 67910
Impressive "Purple Thai Crown of Thorns" Thick, richly spine stems branch, but remain essentially fastigate, to present thick tufts of heavy leaves blushed purple beneath; topped with clusters of giant pink flowers (cyathophylls). Stunning.
Euphorbia Viguirii Viguirii
Stock Number: 67324
Thick erect trunk with wide spirals of pale brown stipular spines topped with deciduous tufts of emerald lvs with white midribs & pink petioles; cyathophylls scarlet-red. Very interesting and distinctive plants. Grows well in the average home.
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Gasteria Armstrongii
Stock Number: 65099
"Blacktie Plant" Quite short wide leaves open flat to display raspy black-green surface; initially distichous, but will spiral with age. South Cape.
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Hoya Lacunosa Snow Peaks
Stock Number: 58389
This is the variegated form of the great Hoya listed above. Tassel-like pendant umbels of fuzzy lemon-greenish white flowers with lemon centers and soft fragrance appropriate to the dwarf-statured quilted leaves. Malaysian native. Certainly among the least challenging small statured cascading species with variegate fol...
Jatropha Berlandieri
Stock Number: 60787
Curious Jatropha from Mexico which is grown above ground in cultivation, although its tuber is underground in nature. We find that this plant adapts well in bright windows in the home and greenhouse. These are 3 inch plus tubers with great character. These are nice sized older plants this year.
Pedilanthus Tithymaloides Marblestem
Stock Number: 67354
"Marbled Devil's Backbone" The zig-zag stems are richly marbled ivory-cream; the same vigorous growth rate and the same "Red Bird" bill-shaped red inflorescence of the species--remember that these flower buds form most reliably if the plant is kept cool (not freezing, please) and relatively dry throughout the fall.
Pedilanthus Tithymaloides Splish Splash
Stock Number: 58715
"Marbled Devil's Backbone" Wonderful introduction from Thailand, this clone not only has strongly striped zig zag stems, but heavily textured ivory leaves splashed and marbled with intense deep green. We hope to keep up with the demand this season--it was astoundingly sought after for the past several seasons.
Uncarina Roeoesliana
Stock Number: 61063
Compact relative of the Uncarina grandidierii. This plant actually blooms at a small size. Very nice caudex forming plant for the collector of odd caudiciforms or Madagascar plant collector. Very odd member of the Pedaliaceae Family. These are younger plants just forming their caudex. A great price for a rare plants. L...
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