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Perennial Speciality Plants

Perennial Speciality Plants
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Asarum Splendens Quick Silver
Stock Number: 82446
This clone has extra silver in a mature form. "Chinese Wild Ginger" Dark leathery heart leaves with beautiful mottled pewter patterns. Slightly rhizomatus. Evergreen (when not in exposed site) even in our Z6.
Cercis Canadensis Hearts Of Gold
Stock Number: 73883
The amazing "Golden Redbud Tree" with heavily textured heart shaped leaves of buttery gold. Keeps its color very well during summer. Lilac purple flowers. New for Glasshouse Works in 2010.
Chasmanthium Latifolium River Mist
Stock Number: 90261
New for the 2013 SEASON. These are really nice and good sized plants! Beautiful white striped "Northern Sea Oats" add elegance to any garden; plus the arhed quite ornamental seed heads are successful in dried arrangements. Once genus Uniola as the rachillas do disarticulate above the glumes. Beware!
Metasequoia Glyptostroboides Ogon
Stock Number: 73906
"Golden Dawn Redwood" This is the famous tree discovered in only one location in China years ago but the needles are right golden yellow. The plants are of good size. It has also proven to be quite hardy here in Ohio. We recommend if you have the space. This is a great clone of bright gold color.
Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus Morning Light
Stock Number: 81003
"Variegated Maiden Grass" White edges brighten the straw blond midribs of the very slim strongly channeled lf blades; showy fall plumes persist into December. Simply the best in this category. We have very nice plants this season 2010.
Sedum Angelina [Hyb?]
Stock Number: 89175
"Golden Stonecrop" succulent mat former considered to be of Croatian origin. Upright stemlets thickly set with fat needle leaves turning a brilliant lime gold in full sun and cooler temperatures, then developing a decidedly orangy fall blush.
Shibataea Kumasaca [Ruscifolia]
Stock Number: 80422
"Ruscus-leaved Bamboo" Reoffered and highly recommended. Japanese species with slender zigzag culms reaching 6' with whorls of uniquely broad tapered leaflets on short lateral branches; plant this "Goose's Plume Bamboo" in slightly acidic soil to avoid leaf burn. Unique dependable evergreen bamboo seldom reaching waist...
Veronica Chaemadrys Miffy Brute
Stock Number: 82447
New variegated Veronica for your garden. Miffy Brute Speedwell is has panicles of powder blue flowers with white eyes rising above the foliage from late spring to early summer. It's attractive oval leaves emerge pink in spring, then turn white and green in colour. The fruit is not ornamentally significant.
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