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Begonia Palace White
Product Code: 56560
Platinum polka dots on elegant slim winged leaves on narrow stems. ..
Begonia Big Mac [hyb]
Product Code: 56731
( upright rhizomatous) Available now for the collector of large plants, Begonia Big Mac!! Impressive..
Begonia Curly Fascination [hyb]
Product Code: 56027
(rhizomatous) Silver-splashed, olive crinkly leaves in wide beautiful spirals held low. Sport of 'Fa..
Begonia Fiji Islands [Auriculata]
Product Code: 56043
(upright rhizomatous) The "Mini-Cathedral Begonia" Dwarf with congested fanned stems studded with cu..
Out of Stock
Begonia Hocking Flamenco [hyb]
Product Code: 56882
(rhizomatous) Very compact mound of tightly double whirlpooled leaves dramatically designed with an ..
Begonia Irene Nuss [hyb]
Product Code: 56377
(cane) Large satiny deep green leaves, oddly cut & reddish beneath nearly overwhelm the short ca..
Begonia Morocco [hyb]
Product Code: 56342
(trailing/scandent) Big quilted bronze leaves--similar to 'Orococo' as to leaf color, but larger mor..
Begonia richmondensis purpurea
Product Code: 56237
(shrub) Redish-tinged coppery glossy wing-like leaves thick on arching/cascading stems make this a p..
Begonia venepi
Product Code: 56263
(shrub) Wide waxy leaves of heavy substance, felted beneath, on strong short stems forming an impres..
Begonia Black Truffles
Product Code: 56914
(rhizomatous) Small statured. Crinkly spirals of dark sheen with brilliant white eye; forming a tigh..
Out of Stock
Begonia Dade [hort] [hyb]
Product Code: 56401
(sempervirens) Very charming self branching mini-semp habit forming a thick mound of small crinkly l..
Begonia Fountain Of Youth [hyb]
Product Code: 56796
(cane) Stout stalks, cinnamon speckled, hold impressive "Angel Wing" leaves with bold silver dots.&n..
Begonia Hocking Flourish [hyb]
Product Code: 56437
(upright rhizomatous) Frieling hybrid flaunting rich lime green erectly furled leaves held aloft by ..
Begonia Juanita's Jewel [hyb]
Product Code: 56765
(cane) Giant bamboo like canes rigidly ranked with large almost glossy olive angelwing leaves freckl..
Begonia Miniperba [hyb]
Product Code: 56736
(shrub) Closely clustering arched stems of great delicacy; leaves striped and/or stippled white and ..
Begonia Rip's Wrinkle [hyb]
Product Code: 56770
(upright rhizomatous) Unmistakably a "subtle giant" with wide rounded fleshy waxy leaves with cloudy..
Begonia Washington State [hyb]
Product Code: 56265
(rhizomatous) Enormous rhizomes anchor thick russett red petioles which bear impressive outfacing "P..
Out of Stock
Cissus discolor
Product Code: 14106
"Rex Begonia Vine" Cambodian species with velvety quilted green-violet leaves with elevated silver a..
Out of Stock
Saxifraga veitchiana
Product Code: 83047
The "Red Carpet" groundcover for moist places--thick solid rounded "Mars Red" leaves in profusion, e..
Bonsai Starter Collection - Indoor Tropicals (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99021
Among our most ordered collection as well as most reordered (did someone forget to water?); we send ..
Topiary Moss Frame Plants (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99314
We will select five plants which will thrive on self-contained moss-stuffed wire forms--these select..
Terrarium Collection: Rare Selections (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99553
Five extremely special plants. This collection includes miniature items like the previous collection..
Winter Bloomers Collection II (10 Plants)
Product Code: 99067
Mainly old Victorian favorites also, but these are plants that typically need a bright winter window..
Tropical Gardens - Cheap Glitz (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99690
For a quick fix without serious bank account shock--this might (depending on the week) include Sanch..
Pellionia daveauana [elatostema repens]
Product Code: 41035
Reliable "Satin Creeper" from Viet Nam with crisped oval leaves of deep olive marked umber, becoming..
Saxifraga stolonifera [Sarmentosa]
Product Code: 12912
"Strawberry Begonia" or "Creeping Sailor" Flat central rosette of silver-veined leaves, reddish bene..
Terrarium Collection (10 Plants)
Product Code: 99038
We select interesting reliable plants from various families for a range of color & habit. 10 pla..
Caudiform and Tropical Bonsai Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99027
Diverse group of fat bottomed plants from a considerable range of plant families to give you a taste..
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