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Thunbergia battiscombei Black-eyed Susan Vine

Thunbergia battiscombei
Thunbergia battiscombei Thunbergia battiscombei Thunbergia battiscombei
Stock Number: 54014
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Family: Acanthaceae
Cultural Code: CGH TGH what's this?

Shrubby vining Kenyan species with beautiful glossy leaves and racemes of electric blue (with a hint of violet) trumpet blossoms with yellow throats; best kept in a warm greenhouse during the winter so can start its big display early on. We've grown many "Clockvine" species, and this remains the most impressive flower--and even more impressively, the flowers are produced readily compared to many of the more famous species. Take a look at the last two thumbnails of this plant, provided to us from Kathy Keller. These were all plants bought from us last year as starter plants. All were grown from a this small size for a Fall Garden Show. We thank Kathy for sharing these photos with us. The plant in the upper right hand corner got First Prize!

Family Acanthaceae
Plant Details
Cultural Code CGH TGH

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Cultural Codes

Some of you grow only indoors, some only in terrariums; many of you have hobby greenhouses; while a growing number of customers live in subtropical or tropical areas of the world. These brief codes are an attempt to suggest whether or not a particular plant will do well in your particular conditions.

If an entry has the cluster HP CGH, this means normal house plant culture will be successful if the plant is given a cool CGH moist location; however if the entry has the cluster CGH HP, you would interpret this to suggest that while Cool Greenhouse conditions are needed for total success with this plant, House Plant conditions will be adequate, while not ideal. If the cluster is HH CGH you would interpret this to mean that while in Zone 8 or below this will be winter hardy outdoor, further north it will need considerable mulch, a cold frame, or a Cool Greenhouse to thrive. And so on.

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