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Adiantum hispidulum
Stock Number: 10009
"Australian Maidenhair." Forked horn-like fronds emerge red pink on top of the wiry black stems. Forms an attractive slowly increasing mound. Reliable if kept evenly moist and cool; demands quite bright light and sweet soil to thrive--when you lightly lime the other Adiantums, avoid dusting this species with lime. We s...
Adiantum macrophyllum Peaches And Cream
Stock Number: 10011
New for 2013. A Maidenhair of interest like the "Adianutm peruvianum" with larger leaflets and distinct structure. Short-statured. Challenge for the collector-avoid acid soil and avoid over watering. Large fluted leaflets reddish maroon at first, then fading to silvery green. Very interesting. This has pink new foliage...
Adiantum microphyllum Little Lady
Stock Number: 10013
This "Little Lady Maidenhairn Fern" forms tuffets of arching fronds aflutter with tiny teardrop pinnae.  For the terrarium designer or fern collector ready for a challenge.
Adiantum Pacific Maid
Stock Number: 11411
This clone of maidenhair has broad ruffled fronds and dense habit. We often recommend this for terrariums, although it does quite well in the open if grown in dappled light. Tropical plant for growlights too.
Adiantum pedatum
Stock Number: 11600
Elegant maroon polished stems hold aloft the semi-circle of dainty fronds of our native "Hardy Maidenhair Fern" which loves a hint of lime from time to time and grows best in high shade, unless the site never completely dries out. Use the tropical species offered in the TROPICAL SECTION for terrarium and houseplant sub...
Adiantum peruvianum
Stock Number: 10014
"Silver Dollar Maidenhair Fern" We hope to have these available again throughout the Fall Season! Large dramatic species with pink toned new foliage hardening into rich green arching fronds. Must have high humidity to perform well--loves a large Wardian Case as its home (this is far too large for a small or narrow terr...
Out of Stock
Adiantum raddianum fragrantissimum
Stock Number: 11626
Elegant arching blackish stems accent the dark narrow fans of this heirloom "Fragrant Maidenhair Fern"--Not quite the challenge as a houseplant that some of its fussier cousins are--and quite wonderful in any large terrarium composition if the container has considerable height- the fronds will achieve a foot lengh as m...
Adiantum raddianum Fritz Luthii
Stock Number: 10016
Sturdy habit with a windswept aspect as fronds radiate from the central creeping rhizome. Beautiful elongated pinnae {fronds) are thickly spaced to give a shingled, layered effect always giving this a distinctive highly decorative appearance.
Adiantum raddianum Snowstorm
Stock Number: 10021
A small tesselate "Maidenhair Fern" with compact fronds brightly variegated with white streaks.  For the collector.
Out of Stock
Aglaomorpha meyeniana Roberts
Stock Number: 10035
Available now for shipping. Sturdy variety with long, narrow fronds and occasional oak leaf shaped basal fronds as well. This "Lacy Bearspaw Fern" is perfect in hanging baskets with good drainage; the darkgreen leathery fronds never spore, suggesting this a hybrid.
Out of Stock
Alsophila cooperii [cyathea australis]
Stock Number: 11438
"Australian Tree Fern" Young plants present a spreading canopy of metallic deep green arching fronds supported by a cinnamon trunk; eventually a massive stunning specimen. Although we recommend greenhouse culture in our climate, some customers have successfully grown this as a house or large Wardian Case specimen, alwa...
Arachniodes simplicior variegata
Stock Number: 88648
"Variegated Leather Leaf Fern." A small variegated fern which is slow growing and small. This is great for dish gardens and terrariums. It can also often withstand cold temperatures in the winter, so some Southern customers might want to try this outside in a rock garden area.
Asplenium bulbiferum floralee
Stock Number: 10047
A selected form of this wonderful fern, probably a faster and more robust clone called "Floralee." Long waxed lacy fronds with baby ferns growing on the leaf surface of the arching fronds. Easy (but slow) and choice. Cool spots tolerated; regular reliable humidity levels imperative making this a challenge as a house pl...
Asplenium goudeyii
Stock Number: 11553
Recent introduction to the "Birdsnest" group of ferns, similar to Asplenium nidus and Asplenium Antiquum, but the leaves are more like rubber and the stature is shorter and the nest wider. This is an amazing little Bird's nest fern. So slow growing we only have a couple each year.
Out of Stock
Asplenium nidus antiquum
Stock Number: 10052
Decorative "Japanese Birdsnest Fern" form with elegant slim fronds with occasional cresting on the tips, forming bowl-shaped specimens thriving in high-light areas, tolerating low humidity. Gives a Shirly Temple tone to your ferns.
Asplenium nidus antiquum Osaka
Stock Number: 11408
Available for shipping in May. We have nice sized plants available now. Decorative "Japanese Birdsnest Fern" form with elegant slim fronds with wavy ruffled margins, forming bowl-shaped specimens thriving in high-light areas, tolerating low humidity. Gives a Shirly Temple tone to your ferns.
Asplenium nidus crispum Lasagne Fern
Stock Number: 10053
"Ruffled Birdsnest Fern' Fabulous bowl-shaped plant with "Lasagne Fern" pleated thick leathery undivided fronds--needs warm bright conditions to flourish. Suppy is irregular as needs considerable time to form a new "bowl" after divisions.
Out of Stock
Athyrium angustum rubellum
Stock Number: 11659
"Red Stem Lady Fern."
Athyrium felix-femina Lady In Red (hyb)
Stock Number: 89214
Great "English Lady Fern" with red blushed pinnae and delicate form. Quite hardy to go in the shade garden.
Athyrium filix-femina victoriae
Stock Number: 11658
"Victoria's Lady Fern". Architectural three dimensional fronds created by quite tiny pinnae. Impressive, given time.
Athyrium georingianum pictum cristatum
Stock Number: 11616
Charming "Crested Japanese Painted Fern". Forming elegant clumps of silvery fronds emerging pink toned, each mature frond forking at the tip to form a crested fishtail. Quite winter hardy in our Ohio location.
Athyrium Ghost (hyb)
Stock Number: 11650
Nancy Swell's "Ghost Fern" with the upright vertical habit from the A. filix-femina and the fabulous silvery platinum tones and reddish rachis of the other parent, A. nipponicum 'Pictum'--most impressive. So highly colored as to be slow in establishing in its site, but certainly earns its place.
Athyrium goeringianum pictum
Stock Number: 10060
"Japanese Painted Fern." Diciduous fern with elegant pink to silver centered fronds. Best grown outside with some protection from sun and wind.
Athyrium nipponicum pictum Ursula's Red
Stock Number: 11594
"Purple Painted Fern" A large statured clone of this Japanese native with gray silver accented with red-maroon tones found in the Long Island garden of Alex Summer. From the South Carolina gardens of Ursula Syre-Herz. Thrives in our climate.
Blechnum Silver Lady (Affinity moorei)
Stock Number: 11634
Available again now for Spring & Summer Shipping 2013. Charming "Dwarf Silver Tree Fern" with pewter gray toned arching fronds in a wide rosette atop the very gradually developing woody trunk. Needs good reliable humidity levels. This plant is also a possible subject for terrariums also.
Colysis wrightii
Stock Number: 10204
Very compact deep green strap fronds with tiny depressions on surface like hammered tin. Very attractive small fern equally successful as a windowsill pot plant (looks great in a small bonsai pot as the wiry maroonish rhizomes wander over the lip) and as a small statured vertical accent in the sophisticated terrarium. ...
Colysis wrightii monstrifera
Stock Number: 11431
Short glossy membraneous fronds, elaborately veined, widely fluted into undulant tips like an Art Nouveau fantasy. And thus sometimes in Asian texts as 'Laciniata' even though not exactly lacinate! This tassled rare dwarf is petite enough to be perfect in a terrarium, yet quite able to cope with humidity levels of the ...
Cyrtomium caryotideum
Stock Number: 10240
"Clean Holly Fern." Sharply outlined holly shaped pinnae are closely layered on the short curved fronds' distinctive verdant green dull sheen also distinguishes this beautiful species native from Sri Lanka to Japan. Good container plant. Certainly a subtropical garden worthy fern in the South as will tolerate considera...
Cyrtomium falcatum rochefordianum
Stock Number: 10242
Long-lived Asian "Holly Fern" with dark leathery fronds with pinnae strongly fringed and toothed. Very reliable container subject as long as kept evenly moist. Not reliably winter hardy here if weather is severe for an extended period, yet considered and declared to be zone 6 hardy in many reference books. Our clone ha...
Davallia (Humata) tyermanii
Stock Number: 10484
"White Rabbit Foot." The arched, vigorous foot is covered with pure white hairs-- very furry. The fronds are lacy and deep, rich green. "Humata" is the true genus name, but we double referenced it because it looks so much like a Davallia and sometimes appears as such in the wholesale trade. Excellent as a pot plant, ou...
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