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Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens
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Acalypha Repens Strawberry Foxtail
Stock Number: 41930
"Strawberry Firetail/Foxtail"--(hispaniola) Trailing slim stems disappear beneath the small leaves and rosy pink velvety "Tails" which mimic their "Chenile" brethern--resembling roseate chenile pendant woolyworms fat on steroids. These terminally cute critters are splendid additions to any urn or windowbox as well as h...
Acorus Gramineus Dwarf
Stock Number: 81484
Fast clustering miniature selection with taller foliage than pusillus, while individual blades are elegantly slim in the overlapping foliar fans--much used as a bonsai companion. As with all the gramineus cultivars, this must be kept evenly moist in order to maintain lustrous foliage.
Acorus Gramineus Dwarf Himemasamume
Stock Number: 30549
Interlacing ranks of short swpictures/ord-shaped glossy-grass leaves, each striped on its inner edge, form remarkable 4" cushions. Most certainly the prize cultivar of the species, this quite rare Japanese selection of this winter hardy "Sweetflag" is also beautiful as indoor pot plant as well as a choice mame bonsai c...
Acorus Gramineus Masamune
Stock Number: 30550
Bright white-striped leaves similar to A.g. variegatus--altho considered to be more compact and shorter as matures. An easily grown houseplant, always a star in a terrarium setting, equally happy in a damp area outside in our climate here.
Acorus Gramineus Minimus Aureus
Stock Number: 30724
Marvelous small tufts of bright golden chartreuse fans of tiny flat leaf blades; wonderful in small undrained containers; very showy golden tuffet in a terrarium as well.
Acorus Gramineus Oborozuki
Stock Number: 30551
"Golden Sweetflag" Elegant ranks of 6"+ sword leaves of bright yellow-ochre with emerald pinstripes. Striking indoors in a small blue bonsai pot; beautiful evergreen golden-grass effect when grown in a boggy spot outdoors; popular in aquatic tubs for the deck as keeps small stature. Japanese clone.
Adiantum Hispidulum
Stock Number: 10009
"Australian Maidenhair." Forked horn-like fronds emerge red pink on top of the wiry black stems. Forms an attractive slowly increasing mound. Reliable if kept evenly moist and cool; demands quite bright light and sweet soil to thrive--when you lightly lime the other Adiantums, avoid dusting this species with lime. We s...
Adiantum Macrophyllum Peaches And Cream
Stock Number: 10011
New for 2013. A Maidenhair of interest like the "Adianutm peruvianum" with larger leaflets and distinct structure. This stays shorter and is of interest year-round. Short-statured. Large fluted leaflets reddish maroon at first, then fading to silvery green. Very interesting. This has pink new foliage, thus it is often ...
Adiantum Peruvianum
Stock Number: 10014
"Silver Dollar Maidenhair Fern" We hope to have these available again throughout the Fall Season! Large dramatic species with pink toned new foliage hardening into rich green arching fronds. Must have high humidity to perform well--loves a large Wardian Case as its home (this is far too large for a small or narrow terr...
Adiantum Raddianum Fragrantissimum
Stock Number: 11626
Elegant arching blackish stems accent the dark narrow fans of this heirloom "Fragrant Maidenhair Fern"--Not quite the challenge as a houseplant that some of its fussier cousins are--and quite wonderful in any terrarium composition.
Adiantum Raddianum Pacotti
Stock Number: 11651
A small form of the "Maidenhair Fern" with erect quite compact fronds congested with sometimes overlapping deeply lobed segments shaped like teardrops, which are often further lobed. Fertile form perfect in a wardian case. Not always available; check with us.
Ajuga Repens Linda Applegate
Stock Number: 88864
From the garden of Charles & Linda Applegate comes this brightly basil toned vigorous groundcover topped with showy spires of white in the spring--Very slowly carpeting selection with extremely thickly tostled congested foliage unique among the "Bugleweeds"--just so in vogue currently! Our most popular Ajuga--especiall...
Ajuga Reptans Chocolate Chip
Stock Number: 88862
A very miniature tuffet (eventually a carpet if given a few years) of purple blushed cocoa bronze mouseear leaves; spikes of blue flowers (fading to dark blue purple) only 3" tall! From Valfredda nursery in Italy. Now we have a perfectly behaved "Bugleweed" appropriate for even small trough gardens and an excellent und...
Alternanthera Christmas Tree [Hansoti #5]
Stock Number: 42125
Very tiny leaved selection with grayish green foliage thickly held in petite conical mounds. Marvelous very small plants with congested curved leaves nonetheless are stalwart growers; absolutely marvelous in any terrarium landscape--no one will guess the genus of this elfin critter. We will send this slow growing charm...
Alternanthera Ficoidea Green Machine
Stock Number: 54603
Very low carpeting "Puckered Parrot" with clusters of wide very quilted deep green leaves accented with small white straw textured bracts tucked among the foliage year 'round. Much used at Disney World for its richly toned dimpled flat leaves are perfect in the topiary gardens; also popular as a "dot" plant in tropical...
Alternanthera Ficoidea White Carpet
Stock Number: 41926
Very congested flattened buns of lovely tiny puckered leaves brightly margined bold white. Incredible Indian cultivar famous for fooling plant show judges who cannot believe this is cousin to the "Calico/ Parrot" tribe! The most successful way to introduce a patch of white in your terrarium or tropical trough. Much use...
Anthurium Radicans
Stock Number: 30147
We now have limited numbers of large plants available. Prostrate creeping dwarf species with metalic pustulate leaves. creating a waffled carpet in a large terrarium or as a low light houseplant grown in a pebble tray; absolutely fabulous in a Wardian Case. This is often in limited availability as is so slow growing; p...
Armeria Maritima Rubrifolia
Stock Number: 88791
Impressive "Purple Thrift" with dark burgundy foliage (in full sun & skree) topped with deep pink flower heads. A most distinctive reddish purple tuffet for your trough or rock garden.
Artemisia Kawakamii
Stock Number: 88936
Very defined hemispherical mound of finely divided rather leathery textured interlocking foliage a rubbery sea spray green--though becoming distinctly bronzy toned in scorching sun. "Taiwan Wormwood" producing modestly clustered cream toned flowers. Hardiness uncertain--grow in a large container which can be kept in a ...
Asplenium Goudeyii
Stock Number: 11553
Recent introduction to the "Birdsnest" group of ferns, similar to Asplenium nidus and Asplenium Antiquum, but the leaves are more like rubber and the stature is shorter and the nest wider. This is an amazing little Bird's nest fern. We recommend because it does not need high humidity and extra care--yet perfect in a Wa...
Asplenium Nidus Antiquum Osaka
Stock Number: 11408
Available for shipping in May. We have nice sized plants available now. Decorative "Japanese Birdsnest Fern" form with elegant slim fronds with wavy ruffled margins, forming bowl-shaped specimens thriving in high-light areas, tolerating low humidity. Gives a Shirly Temple tone to your ferns.
Asplenium Platyneuron
Stock Number: 11618
Beautiful "Ebony Spleenwort" with elegant dark leathery small fronds (seldom a foot tall) perfect between lime or sandstone boulders in a rockery or along a moist old concrete wall.
Begonia Dade [Hort] [Hyb]
Stock Number: 56401
(s) Very charming self branching mini-semp habit forming a thick mound of small crinkly leaves with deep veins and glossy surfaces perfect with the clusters of rose blushed blossoms. Wonderful windowsill "Busy Lizzy" type for those after the retro look. Easy to grow if given good light saturation.
Begonia Deja Thorus
Stock Number: 56910
(rz) Fabluous silver nacre leaves with elegantly frilled and fluted margins. Great in a Wardian Case; deserves to be more popular as one of the easiest to grow of the silvery crew. You get ten extra points if you get the name reference.
Begonia Hawaiian Freakout [Hyb]
Stock Number: 56056
(rex) Unique upright miniature with extremely monstrose, cupped leaves flecked with coral & silver; prefers a winter rest. Can be difficult unless grown in a terrarium or wardian case.
Begonia Ken's Kandy [Hyb]
Stock Number: 56387
A well known hybrid by Ken Frieling at the Glasshouse Works. "Celery Stalk" thick blanched erect petioles flare into double Ionic helixes of wide deep olive leaves nearly entirely netted deep chocolate-sienna; very congested habit typical of many recent 'Hocking Hybrid' series. Although most popular as a basic addition...
Begonia Soli-Mutata
Stock Number: 59422
(rz or trailing/scandent) Very lovely low statured primadonna with very wide rich cinnamon green pebbled (cordate outline with bullate surface) leaves, reddish beneath, accented with pale lime veins. Extremely popular Brazilian with white flowers for designers of wardian cases and large terrariums--and for lite gardene...
Begonia Withlacoochee [Hyb]
Stock Number: 65336
[trailing-scandent] Lovely elongated softly pelted rich green leaves, with soft ochre radiating veins. overlap on the cascading stems; white winter flowers most elegant. Very attractive delicate appearance, yet easy to grow on the windowsill, impressive as a terrarium carpeting plant, and fantastic cascading from a win...
Blechnum Brasiliense
Stock Number: 11501
"Miniature Copper Treefern" Heavily textured rosette of leathery bronzed fronds, deep wavy lobes overlapping, top the woody scally trunk. Gives a Jurassic tone to a largE terrarium. We are lucky to re-offer this now!
Breynia Disticha Nana
Stock Number: 41953
Marvelous "Dwarf Snowbush" with oval green & white "Foliage Flower" leaves on zig-zagging stems. Very lovely miniature form with stronger color contrast (plus pinkish when cool); very sought after for "mame" subject in Asia. This is a plant we originally brought into the country in the late seventies. We have sold it o...
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