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Below is a list of the basic collections of plants available from the Glasshouse Works, including many items which would cost considerably more if ordered individually. You will find groups of plants reflecting plant families (such as fat lilies & Gesneriads) or individual genera (such as Ivies, Coleus, or Begonias) as well as theme collections of plants all compatible for a particular environment or use (such as terrarium or outdoor urns, or topiaries). The list finishes some giant inclusive collections aimed at getting you started in your greenhouse, on your windowboxes or club plant sale. Enjoy reading through them. We have added new ones for 2013! The "Terrarium Collections" are amoung our most popular.

For those curious about trying a new family or genus of plants, or for a compatible assortment of companion plants--as well as those interested in a bargain--these plant collections are the answer. Many customers also have found that these collections contitute a perfect birthday or holiday gift. Several new collections are offered as new fads and fashions emerge.

Be sure to notice the particular target collections that are aimed at the spring or summertime bedding season. We offer various collections which work well in urns, pots and tubs on the patio, in the garden border, and in window boxes. Please note: Special shipping rates apply to the two large Greenhouse Hobbyist Collections as their price includes some of the shipping costs. Remember the base charge only needs to be added once for your entire order.

Notes on Plant Collections:

  • All plants will be labeled; no duplicates will be included unless you so request--unless you have ordered several of the exact same collection which would necessarily involve duplications.
  • If you already have several plants in a category and wish to order a collection of this group, simply include the names of what you already have (in the comment section) so we can try to avoid sending duplicates.  If we only have/maintained those ordered individually within the same group duplicates are possible.
  • If you designate specific plants in a collection, we will entertain your suggestions but cannot guarantee or promise their inclusion. If you want a particular plant, order it from the main catalogue.
  • A number of plant society chapters, garden clubs, public garden plant sales houses, etc. regularly order these very economic collections to raise money for their groups or institutions; if your group or sales area would like quotes for larger numbers of plants, or different categories (such as plants for young children, Crassula family members, hanging basket or wreath making subjects, etc.) please write or call us for specific quotations.
  • Because of the demands on our mailorder, collections cannot be picked up on our open days unless you have provided us with your want list at least a week ahead so these plants might be pulled with other orders at the beginning of the shipping days. They are mailorder only. Our walk in area has a fine selection of plants at all time available for your selection when you arrive--you will find many selections not individually listed on the website as well as the more popular catalogue offerings on the benches Fridays and Saturdays, as well as larger specimens and hanging baskets.

The catalogue will periodically have other Collections available. We might possibly change the variety here also during the year, as stocks and crops change.

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Kalanchoe Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99199
A good starter kit for several of those eternally popular "Mother of Thousands" kit & kin; for the kid in all of us, as well as an introduction to the range of bold and colorful, or furry, or dusted, or waxed, and even variegated foliaged species and hybrids, with at least one famous for a showy display of winter b...
Kalanchoe Collection: Proliferators (5 plants)
Product Code: 99684
A Jump start group emphasizing types forming plantlets on the leaf edges or upon the flowering heads--thus known as "Mother of Thousands" and "Life Plants" appealing strongly to all children, even those in their fifties. These Madagascar natives are the most easily grown Kalanchoes--and are offered here at a bargin bas...
Kid's Korner Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99103
Children love mimic caterpillars, green tapeworms that bloom, rouge plants with berries, and the odd carnivore or sensitive plant--and never can resist the easily grown "Mother of Thousands" Kalanchoes, a pot of "Squills" Ledebouria or "Electric Grass" Scirpus; equally fun are "Pregnant Onion" Ornithogallum, Pedilanthu...
Miniature Railroad Collection (10 Plants)
Product Code: 99675
Although some of the temperate bonsai and hardy trough plant groups overlap here, we include more dwarf than miniature winter hardy plants in this grouping as well as larger specimens. This collection is also popular with rock garden enthusiasts. 10 plants.
Nightshade Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 90233
Far more than peppers, 'taters, and tobac for the indoor and outdoor gardener--let us know whether these are headed to hanging baskets, bedding, urns, or greenhouse bloom so we can pick appropriately from Brugsmansia, Brunsfeldia, Capsicum, Cestrum, Datura, Lycopersicon,Nicotiana, Nicandra, Physalis, Solandra, Solanum,...
Oxalis Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99663
A collection of the tried and true plants that everyone can remember from their childhood. Some of these might have dorman cycles, others grow year round. 5 plants.
Peperomia Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99007
These plants used to have a whole society devoted to their culture and identity. Some are remarkable for spectacular leaf formations, waxy and variegated surfaces, pelted and felted surfaces; for stout decorative stems strikingly clustering, vigorously clambering, or elegantly cascading. At your suggestion, we will sen...
Philodendron Collection  (5 plants)
Product Code: 99433
A beginner's robust selection of strong colors & various habits; might even include a Raphidophora, Monstera, or Epipremnum cousin. 5 plants Our Collections are pulled based on price point and what we have available at that time within that grouping at the time of pulling/shipping.  Every collection can be ...
Philodendron Collection: Rare & Unusual (5)
Product Code: 99478
This group will include rarely offered species, dramatic hybrids and cultivars, and distinctive variegated clones. We have various quite choice cultivars that have golden or purple leaves. 5 plants Our Collections are pulled based on price point and what we have available at that time within that grouping at the tim...
Plants From Japan  (5 plants)
Product Code: 99113
We need to know if you want native Japanese genera & cultivars for temperate zones or flashy Japanese selections of tropicals & subtropicals but not necessarilly native to the islands of Japan. Natives might be selected from Anemone, Callicarpa, Buxus microphylla cultivars, Sanguisorba, Lychnis miquelaria, Gera...
Plectranthus Collection  (5 plants)
Product Code: 99554
A selection of highly colored and of often wildly fragrant "Tropical Mints" to punch up any plant display. A beautiful cross-section of various habits and colors will be included.  We typically include an array ranging from unique species to spectacular variegates.  5 plants
Rhipsalis Collection  (5 plants)
Product Code: 99702
Mossed cuttings of these easily grown tropical "Mistletoe" Cacti. 5 plants
Sansevieria Collection  (5 plants)
Product Code: 99075
A good initial introduction to these "Hemp Plants" reflecting their diversity of leaf design & habits from the "Mother in Law Tongues" to the "Hedgehogs" on to the "Birdsnests." 5 plants
Sansevieria: Advanced Collection  (5 plants)
Product Code: 99076
No common "Mother-in-Law Tongues" here--we will include bizarre foliage types, rare and uncommon species, and variegates among the 5 plants
Splendid Spiderwort Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 90232
Tell us how you intend to use your tropical Commelinaceae and we will send appropriate showy plants from such genera as Ballya, Callisia, Campelia, Cyanotis, Dichorisandra, Gibasis, Palisota, Rhoeo, Setcreasea, Tradescantia, Tripogandra, & Zebrina--while several of these are too large to include in a very inexpensi...
Standards & Topiary Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99315
Plants easily grown in containers for you to train into geometric pyramids & spheres or into bunnies, turtles & elephants --let us know if you plan to stake these, to train them on mossed forms-- or to trim and sheer them into exotic ornate shapes, so we can select the appropriate 5 plants - also note whether t...
Succulent Wreath Collection / Leafy Succulents Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 90230
This introductory group will include easily grown members of such genera as Cyanotis, Adromischus, Rhipsalis "Mistletoe Cactus," Sedum, Kalanchoe "Mother of Thousands," Hoya "Wax Leaf Plant," Crassula, Sansevieria (especially the hahnii and "Hedgehog" types), and Senecio{especially such as jacobsonii and implexus}--all...
Syngonium Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 91953
A beautiful cross-section of various habits and colors will be included in this tropical "Arrowhead" vine collection with the probable inclusion of a species form as well. 5 plants
Terrarium / Vivarium Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 92147
We select interesting reliable plants from various families for a range of color & habit, 5 plants.  Let us know the size of your container so we might send plants appropriate in size and scale.  Lighting conditions and water needs may also be helpful if this is for a Vivarium.  Let us know if any cr...
Terrarium Collection (10 Plants)
Product Code: 99038
We select interesting reliable plants from various families for a range of color & habit. 10 plants. We maintain an extensive selection of genera appropriate for terrarium. We offer an extremely handsome TERRARIUMS & WARDIAN CASES for serious growers at our location's gallery in Stewarts' Old Hotel. This collec...
Terrarium Collection: Rare Selections (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99553
Five extremely special plants. This collection includes miniature items like the previous collection, but the base cost of the items chosen is considerably higher. Instead of ten plants, you get five plants of more distinctive form and color . If you already have a terrarium and just want to fill it in with some more u...
Terrarium: Wardian Case Collection (10 Plants)
Product Code: 90234
This Collection will again give you 10 plants for your terrarium/wardian case. For the wonderful larger scaled speciality (such as a 15 to 20 gallon size or larger) terrariums, you will need the slightly fuller plants of this collection, especially as several will be chosen for height. Selections from Scindapsis, dwarf...
The Color Purple Collection I (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99116
Trendy tones of purple, violet, magenta, & unnatural lavender in foliage and/or in flower constitute this astoundingly popular collection--and little wonder as we can select from such beauties as Aechmea 'Foster's Favorite, Peperomia, caperata, clusiifolia, Cryptobergia, Ctenanthe, Fosterella, Philodendrons (such a...
The Color Purple Collection II (10 Plants)
Product Code: 99117
For a bigger statement of purple with inexpensive plants--boldly express your "Inner Goth." We cannot accept responsibility for any severe stress damage done to your interior decorator's psyche. 10 plants
The Desert Indoors Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 90231
Interesting dramatic members of such genera as Agave "Century Plants," Euphorbia, Monadenium, Stapelia "Starfish Plant," Senecio "Succulent Daisy," Pachypodium, Aloe, Haworthia, Gasteria "Bowtie Plants," Epiphyllum "Orchid Cactus" or Selenicerus (and other Cacti), and caudiform species. Let us know if these are headed ...
Topiary Moss Frame Plants (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99314
We will select five plants which will thrive on self-contained moss-stuffed wire forms--these selections will not need a separate container for roots, but will root within the mossed framework--and you must keep the moss moist to prevent STD (Sudden Topiary Death). We will select from such plants as the following which...
Tropical Bulb Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99109
Introductory group from such genera as Achimenes, Agapanthus, Albuca, Allium, Alocasia, Amorphophalus, Arrenantherum, Babinia, Bowiea, Bulbine, Caladium, Canna, Amaryllis, Ceropegia, Chlorophytum, Colocasia, Cooperanthes, Crinum, Draconium, Dietes, Dioscorea, Disporom, Drimiopsis, Drimia, Eleocharis, Eucharis, Eucomis,...
Tropical Gardens - Cheap Glitz (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99690
For a quick fix without serious bank account shock--this might (depending on the week) include Sanchezia, Acalypha, Caladium, Synadenium, Pennisetum, Tripogandra, Costus, Talinum, vigorous Begonia, Dietes, Carex, Cordyline, Strobilanthes, Tetrastigma, showy Plectranthus, even a shameless giant Kalanchoe. Five plus plan...
Tropical Gardens - Spectacular Substance (5+ Plants)
Product Code: 99691
The serious impact of Ligularia, Breynia, Clerodendron, Musa, Alocasia, Alpinia, Anthurium., Bougainvillea, Eragrostis, Colocasia, rare Canna, Aucuba, leafy Euphorbias, Crinums, Colocasia, summer blooming Hibiscus, Brugsmansia, etc. Five plus plants. We must be doing something right with this selection as many customer...
Tropical Herbs Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99034
For those of you wishing to grow your herbs indoors or in your winter greenhouses throughout the year. We can draw upon the appropriate species from among these tropical & subtropical genera--Hedychium, Fouquieria, Elatostemma, Curcuma, Ugni, Phlomis, Lippa, Olea, Vanilla, Ornithogalum, Laurus, Myrtus, Myrsine, Bap...
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