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Tropical Flower & Foliage Collections

Tropical Flower & Foliage Collections
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Acanthus Family Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99405
Let us know if you will be growing these in a greenhouse, tall or squat terrarium, a windowsill houseplant, or as outdoor summer container subjects so that we can select appropriately from our stocks of Acanthus, Aphelandra, Asystasia, Barleria, Baphicacanthus, Chamaeranthemum, Crossandra, Dicliptera, Eranthemum, Hypoe...
Alternanthera Collection  (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99687
Whether "Parrot Leaf" or "Calico Plant"--all great flashy fun. Remember, these emphatically resent any chill. 5 plants
Apoballis acuminatissima Lavallaeii
Product Code: 66232
Very lovely aroid with milky green arching leaves highlighted with pewter dapplings forming open rosettes to reveal the maroon red underleaf and petioles. A gradually clumping habit with cute lime toned spatches that reveal its kinship to its Homolomena cousins.  
Aroids: A Tropical Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99042
A good introductory selection of the Arum Family members picked from Amorphophallus, Acorus, Alocasia, Anchomanes, Anthurium, Anubias, Arum, Caladium, Colocasia, Culcasia, Dieffenbachia, Epipremnopsis, Epipremnum, Gonatopus, Pistia, Raphidophora, Scindapsis, Syngonium, Xanthosoma, Zamioculcas, Aglaonema, Homalomena, Sp...
Begonia Cane Types Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99686
A group including "Angelwing" hybrids. This collection can include both small and larger leaved varieties. 5 plants
Begonia Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99004
An introduction to the range of habits--such as rhizomatous, shrub, rex, and cascades. Five established reliable species & hybrids.  Let us know if these are for a hobby greenhouse, windowsill, litegardening, baskets, and so on to guide our selection for your environment.
Begonia Madame Queen (rz)
Product Code: 56073
Large heavy rhizomes give anchor to the elaborately ruffled reddish leaves with remarkable crested margins.  Red underleaf surface.  Dark pink late winter blossoms add even more interest to this major presence.
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Bromeliad Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99078
An introduction to the variety of genera & habits of these indestructible showy "Pineapple Family" characters. 5 plants – likely including various genera not listed in this catalogue--but drawn from Abrometiella, Acanthostachys, Aechmea, Anamea, Ananas, Billbergia, Cryptbergia, Cryptanthus, Deuterocohnia, Dyckia, F...
Coleus Craze Collection I (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99108
Tell us if bedding, basket, standards, or topiary fills your Victorian urge to order a passel of these glitzy guys. 5 plants Please understand when ordering Coleus that what we call "Coleus" is now correctly classified as Plectranthus scutellarioides in the botanical world.
Coleus Craze Collection II (10 Plants)
Product Code: 99483
We also can concentrate of ochre/yellow tones, reddish beacons to pinkish tones, or demonic purples when gathering your 10 plants – If you order more than one Coleus Craze Collection I or II you will most likely receive a few duplicates of the same cultivar, as the selection on these changes each week. Please unders...
Fern Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99454
5 labeled plants. Please tell us if these are for house, for greenhouse, or terrarium in the comment section of the order form. For tropical ferns, we will select from Dicksonia, Blechnum, Adiantum, Aglaomorpha, Asplenium, Azola, Bolbitis, Campyoneuron, Colysis, Cyrtomium, Davallia, Drynaria, {Equsetum), Hemionitis, Hu...
Fig Family Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99461
One of the essential backbone genera for indoor plant groupings with a very wide range of habits and environmental tolerances with numerous outstanding variegated selections. You may suggest that you would prefer species and hybrids appropriate for terrariums, standards, topiary, indoor gardening, bonsai, and so on--we...
Product Code: 99011
Extremely popular offering as will bring you a strong growing selection from a range of "Miracle Houseplants" genera--genera such as Achimenes, Aeschynanthus, Alsobia, Chirita, Codonanthe, Columnea, Corytoplectus, Codonanthanthus, Drymonia, Episcia, Gloxinia, Kohleria, Nautilocalyx, Nemathanthus, Rhynchoglossum, Saintp...
Ivy Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99002
Strong growers perhaps including variegates, ruffles, columns, dwarfs, even odd species. Please let us know if these are to be planted outdoors (with your zone number so chill hardiness will be noted), as basket cascaders, as dish garden and/or windowsill subjects, for terrarium, for topiary work, ete and so forth--man...
Jasmine: Plants Called Jasmines (5 plants)
Product Code: 99105
Because the selection changes all the time of what plants are ready, we choose the group. If you want particular Jasmines please order them by name. Should you lack the cool, humid, very bright conditions demanded by the bulk of the true species but still want the intense fragrances, we can select a group collectively ...
Nightshade Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 90233
Far more than peppers, 'taters, and tobac for the indoor and outdoor gardener--let us know whether these are headed to hanging baskets, bedding, urns, or greenhouse bloom so we can pick appropriately from Brugsmansia, Brunsfeldia, Capsicum, Cestrum, Datura, Lycopersicon,Nicotiana, Nicandra, Physalis, Solandra, Solanum,...
Oxalis Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99663
A collection of the tried and true plants that everyone can remember from their childhood. Some of these might have dorman cycles, others grow year round. 5 plants.
Peperomia Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99007
These plants used to have a whole society devoted to their culture and identity. Some are remarkable for spectacular leaf formations, waxy and variegated surfaces, pelted and felted surfaces; for stout decorative stems strikingly clustering, vigorously clambering, or elegantly cascading. At your suggestion, we will sen...
Philodendron Collection  (5 plants)
Product Code: 99433
A beginner's robust selection of strong colors & various habits; might even include a Raphidophora, Monstera, or Epipremnum cousin. 5 plants Our Collections are pulled based on price point and what we have available at that time within that grouping at the time of pulling/shipping.  Every collection can be ...
Philodendron Collection: Rare & Unusual (5)
Product Code: 99478
This group will include rarely offered species, dramatic hybrids and cultivars, and distinctive variegated clones. We have various quite choice cultivars that have golden or purple leaves. 5 plants Our Collections are pulled based on price point and what we have available at that time within that grouping at the tim...
Plectranthus Collection  (5 plants)
Product Code: 99554
A selection of highly colored and of often wildly fragrant "Tropical Mints" to punch up any plant display. A beautiful cross-section of various habits and colors will be included.  We typically include an array ranging from unique species to spectacular variegates.  5 plants
Splendid Spiderwort Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 90232
Tell us how you intend to use your tropical Commelinaceae and we will send appropriate showy plants from such genera as Ballya, Callisia, Campelia, Cyanotis, Dichorisandra, Gibasis, Palisota, Rhoeo, Setcreasea, Tradescantia, Tripogandra, & Zebrina--while several of these are too large to include in a very inexpensi...
Syngonium Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 91953
A beautiful cross-section of various habits and colors will be included in this tropical "Arrowhead" vine collection with the probable inclusion of a species form as well. 5 plants
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