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Below is a list of the basic collections of plants available from the Glasshouse Works, including many items which would cost considerably more if ordered individually. You will find groups of plants reflecting plant families (such as fat lilies & Gesneriads) or individual genera (such as Ivies, Coleus, or Begonias) as well as theme collections of plants all compatible for a particular environment or use (such as terrarium or outdoor urns, or topiaries). The list finishes some giant inclusive collections aimed at getting you started in your greenhouse, on your windowboxes or club plant sale. Enjoy reading through them. We have added new ones for 2013! The "Terrarium Collections" are amoung our most popular.

For those curious about trying a new family or genus of plants, or for a compatible assortment of companion plants--as well as those interested in a bargain--these plant collections are the answer. Many customers also have found that these collections contitute a perfect birthday or holiday gift. Several new collections are offered as new fads and fashions emerge.

Be sure to notice the particular target collections that are aimed at the spring or summertime bedding season. We offer various collections which work well in urns, pots and tubs on the patio, in the garden border, and in window boxes. Please note: Special shipping rates apply to the two large Greenhouse Hobbyist Collections as their price includes some of the shipping costs. Remember the base charge only needs to be added once for your entire order.

Notes on Plant Collections:

  • All plants will be labeled; no duplicates will be included unless you so request--unless you have ordered several of the exact same collection which would necessarily involve duplications.
  • If you already have several plants in a category and wish to order a collection of this group, simply include the names of what you already have (in the comment section) so we can try to avoid sending duplicates.  If we only have/maintained those ordered individually within the same group duplicates are possible.
  • If you designate specific plants in a collection, we will entertain your suggestions but cannot guarantee or promise their inclusion. If you want a particular plant, order it from the main catalogue.
  • A number of plant society chapters, garden clubs, public garden plant sales houses, etc. regularly order these very economic collections to raise money for their groups or institutions; if your group or sales area would like quotes for larger numbers of plants, or different categories (such as plants for young children, Crassula family members, hanging basket or wreath making subjects, etc.) please write or call us for specific quotations.
  • Because of the demands on our mailorder, collections cannot be picked up on our open days unless you have provided us with your want list at least a week ahead so these plants might be pulled with other orders at the beginning of the shipping days. They are mailorder only. Our walk in area has a fine selection of plants at all time available for your selection when you arrive--you will find many selections not individually listed on the website as well as the more popular catalogue offerings on the benches Fridays and Saturdays, as well as larger specimens and hanging baskets.

The catalogue will periodically have other Collections available. We might possibly change the variety here also during the year, as stocks and crops change.

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Acanthus Family Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99405
Let us know if you will be growing these in a greenhouse, tall or squat terrarium, a windowsill houseplant, or as outdoor summer container subjects so that we can select appropriately from our stocks of Acanthus, Aphelandra, Asystasia, Barleria, Baphicacanthus, Chamaeranthemum, Crossandra, Dicliptera, Eranthemum, Hypoe...
Aloe Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99196
Interesting leaf designs, flower colors, and a diverse range of growth habits included to give you an idea of the diversity in this popular, easily grown group of succulents. 5 plants
Alternanthera Collection  (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99687
Whether "Parrot Leaf" or "Calico Plant"--all great flashy fun. Remember, these emphatically resent any chill. 5 plants
Aroids: A Tropical Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99042
A good introductory selection of the Arum Family members picked from Amorphophallus, Acorus, Alocasia, Anchomanes, Anthurium, Anubias, Arum, Caladium, Colocasia, Culcasia, Dieffenbachia, Epipremnopsis, Epipremnum, Gonatopus, Pistia, Raphidophora, Scindapsis, Syngonium, Xanthosoma, Zamioculcas, Aglaonema, Homalomena, Sp...
Begonia Cane Types Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99686
A group including "Angelwing" hybrids. This collection can include both small and larger leaved varieties. 5 plants
Begonia Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99004
An introduction to the range of habits--such as rhizomatous, shrub, rex, and cascades. Five established reliable species & hybrids.  Let us know if these are for a hobby greenhouse, windowsill, litegardening, baskets, and so on to guide our selection for your environment.
Bonsai Starter Collection - Indoor Tropicals (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99021
Among our most ordered collection as well as most reordered (did someone forget to water?); we send strong starter plants chosen from various genera which remain popular among bonsai fanciers for growing year 'round indoors under constant threat of wiring and tweaking. The collection includes such plants as Ficus, Hede...
Bonsai Starter Collection - Temperate Zone Trees & Shrubs (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99022
This collection uncludes starter sized plants for cooler zones.  We can select from Buxus, Cotoneaster, Lonicera, Wisteria, Jasminum, dwarf Salix, Acer {'Maples'}, conifers {Juniperus, etc}, Ulmus {Elms'}, Hedera, Dendranthemun, Nandina and so forth. 5 plants
Bromeliad Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99078
An introduction to the variety of genera & habits of these indestructible showy "Pineapple Family" characters. 5 plants – likely including various genera not listed in this catalogue--but drawn from Abrometiella, Acanthostachys, Aechmea, Anamea, Ananas, Billbergia, Cryptbergia, Cryptanthus, Deuterocohnia, Dyckia, F...
Butterfly Garden Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99455
A selection from hardies like Foeniculum, Caryopteris, Physotegia, Veronica, Oenothera, Liatrus, Echinacea, Monarda, Lobelia, Origanum, Amsonia, Buddleia, Coreopsis, and so forth; or you might suggest a more immediate "this season" garden with tropicals like Passiflora, Dichorisandra, Asclepias Curcuma, Barleria, Plumb...
Buxus Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99147
We can send types best for an outdoor border or bed, or types to be trained into bonsai. If you are in New England and intend these to be planted outside, we will send windburn tolerant hybrids, not tender species or dwarf types. Remember that all give off a faint eau de Cat scent when the conditions are quite warm. 5 ...
Caudiform and Tropical Bonsai Collection (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99027
Diverse group of fat bottomed plants from a considerable range of plant families to give you a taste of the astounding range of these easily grown succulents--Adenium, Crassula, Euphorbia decryii, cylindrifolia, neobosseri, knuthii, persistens, etc.; Jatropa, Trichodiadema, Gonolobus, Zamia, Chorisia, Kalanchoe, Alluau...
Coleus Craze Collection I (5 Plants)
Product Code: 99108
Tell us if bedding, basket, standards, or topiary fills your Victorian urge to order a passel of these glitzy guys. 5 plants Please understand when ordering Coleus that what we call "Coleus" is now correctly classified as Plectranthus scutellarioides in the botanical world.
Coleus Craze Collection II (10 Plants)
Product Code: 99483
We also can concentrate of ochre/yellow tones, reddish beacons to pinkish tones, or demonic purples when gathering your 10 plants – If you order more than one Coleus Craze Collection I or II you will most likely receive a few duplicates of the same cultivar, as the selection on these changes each week. Please unders...
Conifer Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99402
Can include an emphasis on compact growth, on tapestry hedge, on rockeries, container specimen, etc. You can see from the series of photos that there is a good range of conifers and evergreens to choose from! Start your arboretum or put together a selection for a Christmas gift. 5 plants
Euphorbia: The Crown of Thorns Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99697
This collection can include some of the dwarf species in this group of plants to add to the diversity of this collection. This group is for the collector of oddities and visual diversities. If you want particular hybrids or species, be sure to order them individually with their stock numbers; because we gather this sel...
Fern Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99454
5 labeled plants. Please tell us if these are for house, for greenhouse, or terrarium in the comment section of the order form. For tropical ferns, we will select from Dicksonia, Blechnum, Adiantum, Aglaomorpha, Asplenium, Azola, Bolbitis, Campyoneuron, Colysis, Cyrtomium, Davallia, Drynaria, {Equsetum), Hemionitis, Hu...
Fig Family Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99461
One of the essential backbone genera for indoor plant groupings with a very wide range of habits and environmental tolerances with numerous outstanding variegated selections. You may suggest that you would prefer species and hybrids appropriate for terrariums, standards, topiary, indoor gardening, bonsai, and so on--we...
Fragrant Plant Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99167
If you have a hobby greenhouse, a very bright plantroom or vast windowsill location, or if you garden under artifical lights, you will be most successful with such groups as Cestrum, Gardenia, Jasminum, Murraya, Nicotiana, Passiflora, Solanum, Stephanotis, Trachelospermum, Anredera, Carissa, Cestrum, Crinum, Pittosporu...
Gasteria & Haworthia Introductory Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99025
Strong growing selections from our considerable stock of these fat lilies to emphasize the range of habits & charming designs from translucent rosettes to bowties to rigid sculptural columns. 5 plants
Product Code: 99011
Extremely popular offering as will bring you a strong growing selection from a range of "Miracle Houseplants" genera--genera such as Achimenes, Aeschynanthus, Alsobia, Chirita, Codonanthe, Columnea, Corytoplectus, Codonanthanthus, Drymonia, Episcia, Gloxinia, Kohleria, Nautilocalyx, Nemathanthus, Rhynchoglossum, Saintp...
Grasses Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99100
We can emphasize winter hardy genera such as Erianthus, Alopecurus, Arrthenatherum, Arundo, Briza, Calamagrostis, Carex, Chasmanthemum, Deschampsia, Erianthus, Festuca, Helictotrichon, Imperata, Juncus, Leymus, Miscanthus, Pennisetum, Phalaris, Phragmites, Phyllostachys, Pleioblastus, Sasa, Sasaella, Spartimia, and so ...
Green Wall Plant Collection Starter - Indoor (10 Plants)
Product Code: 94000
A collection of plants that are suitable indoor greenwalls or plaques. These will thrive planted vertically. Smaller plants or plants that cascade. Try something new in your plant room or greenhouse.  Be sure to describe the light and humidity levels of your site so we can send appropriate plants. 10 plants
Green Wall Plant Collection Starter - Outdoor
Product Code: 94001
A collection of plants that are suitable walls, plaques, even roof plantings for greenwall culture. These will thrive planted vertically or at a slant. Often smaller plants or plants that cascade are included. Give us the details of where you wish to plant these items.  10 plants
Greenhouse Collection: Advanced Collector (50 Plants!)
Product Code: 99030
This wide ranging selection is very popular with botanic gardens needing unique plants in their supporting sales areas & volunteer training workshops (and a number from each shipment seem to become parts of the permanent displays); this is also much ordered by estate or municipal conservatories starting new display...
Greenhouse Collection: Beginner & Hobbyist (50 Plants!)
Product Code: 99029
A popular group of plants for those of you starting up a new hobby greenhouse or planting a backyard in the keys. This group is frequently ordered by local plant society chapters and garden clubs everywhere needing some unusual, some uncommon, and distinctive plants to spice up their fun-raising plant sales--we are mos...
Hoya Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99080
A solid introductory selection of high performance "Wax Flowers"--including flashy H. carnosa cultivars seldom (if ever) offered in the catalogue listings. This bargain price reflects strong cuttings sent in moss (and they will root in your conditions best in moss) as well as a good probability that some will be alread...
I'm Gettin Religion Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99543
Give us your growing conditions so we can choose appropriate tropical and subtropical plants from Crown of Thorns, Rosary Vine, Jerusalem Cherry, Voo Doo Bulbs, Angel's Trumpet, Moses-in-the-boat, Joseph's Coat, Buddhist Pine, Prayer Plant, Devil's Backbone, Apostles' Plant, Mistletoe Cactus, Chalice Vine, Temple Bells...
Ivy Collection (5 plants)
Product Code: 99002
Strong growers perhaps including variegates, ruffles, columns, dwarfs, even odd species. Please let us know if these are to be planted outdoors (with your zone number so chill hardiness will be noted), as basket cascaders, as dish garden and/or windowsill subjects, for terrarium, for topiary work, ete and so forth--man...
Jasmine: Plants Called Jasmines (5 plants)
Product Code: 99105
Because the selection changes all the time of what plants are ready, we choose the group. If you want particular Jasmines please order them by name. Should you lack the cool, humid, very bright conditions demanded by the bulk of the true species but still want the intense fragrances, we can select a group collectively ...
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