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Tanacetum Parthenium Aureum
Stock Number: 88704
The wonderful heirloom "Golden Feverfew" with cushions of feathery acid golden lime foliage topped with stout clusters of lime yellow flowers rayed with white petals; heavily scented favorite formerly classified as a Chrsanthemum. Easy to grow in containers.
Tanacetum Vulgare Isla Gold
Stock Number: 80430
"Golden Tansy" The somewhat woody stems of this strongly scented 3' mound are cloaked with ferny golden yellow leaves; topped with typical easily dried tansy flower clusters. Must have good sun and good drainage.
Taxodium Distichum
Stock Number: 70750
Strongly buttressed native "Bald Cypress" newly popular as a candidate for Bonsai in Japan as "Rakuusho"; always popular as a deciduous conifer in American gardens giving shade for windowed rooms all summer than , after a golden needle fall in autumn, a beautiful leafless outline all winter allowing in winter light. If...
Taxus Cuspidata Silver Queen
Stock Number: 70586
New foliage frosted white--may fade to a yellow green with the arrival of hot dry summer, but maintains variegation during moist cool seasons. A curiosity forming a wide full vase outline with time. Remember that you can avoid everything, save "death and Taxus."
Teucrium Scorodonia Crispum
Stock Number: 80881
"Curly Wood Germander" Beautiful rich low mound of short arching stems tightly foliaged with crinkled frilly thickly textured leaves with velvety sheen and a heart outline; small creamy yellow flowers. Excellent container plant--especially if you pot it in a peat based mix as this germander, unlike most of its kin, per...
Thalia Dealbata Red Stem
Stock Number: 88870
Dramatic aquatic with leathery oval leaves held in fans over the red stems--all covered with white powder; stalks of soft violet blossoms soon followed by strikingly attractive clusters of purple black seeds. Native to S. Carolina on thru Texas--but don't freeze roots--and seen here at our nursery as that massive clump...
Thorncroftia [Plectranthus] Succulenta
Stock Number: 41138
"Mint Oak" Tidy woody stems hold pelted succulent oak-shaped leaves with delicate mint fragrance; purple flowers appear on seasonal spikes. Eventually develops a gnarled woody base beloved by bonsai fanciers. Treat as you would its Iboza cousins.
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Thuja Occidentalis Ericoides
Stock Number: 71112
Beautiful conical evergreen typically developing several rounded peaks of very soft juvenile foliage--soft coppery green in Summer, turning rich plum purple in Winter. Wonderful color and mossy texture for use making Christmas wreaths.
Thuja Occidentalis Girard's Golden Sunset
Stock Number: 73894
This golden offering from Girard's Nursery is snaking upward to its full pyramidal height in our gardens; turns a rich gold in the winter, not to be mistaken for yellow or canary.
Thuja Occidentalis Linesville
Stock Number: 73885
Wonderful upright globe ericoides type with much branched tiny foliage (soft to the touch) with paler tips of a delicate pastel green. Looks like a mossy Chamaecyparis.
Thuja Occidentalis Meldensis
Stock Number: 70944
Beautiful fern spray foliage--new growth chartreuse yellow turning very gold during winter chill. Seldom available.
Thuja Occidentalis Sherwood Moss
Stock Number: 70999
Interesting dwarf cone habit of thick bright green juvenile foliage, bronzing during the winter, giving the appearance of a ferny Chamaecyparis. Lends a delicate tone to difficult growing sites where Chamaecyparis cultivars would fail to grow.
Thuja Occidentalis Sudsworthi
Stock Number: 70451
The showy wide one-dimensional fans of bronzy gold are not unlike 'Lutea' yet the striking winter color is orange in tone and the eventual outline is a broad wide hemisphere, not a column.
Thuja Occidentalis Wansdyke Silver
Stock Number: 70453
Clone of "American White Cedar" discovered by Welch in 1961 forming a slim cone with brilliantly white new foliage, holding snowy color all year. Very special effect in the landscape.
Thuja Occidentalis Wareana Lutescens
Stock Number: 71000
Dense pyramidal to columnar habit with broadly fan-shaped fans showing white-gold winter color, a lace like effect is given by tip needles often being darker than interior ones. Dense coral like foliage perfect with other conifers as the soft pastel hued coloration remains quite distinct from the gold and the silvery w...
Thuja Occidentalis Yellow Ribbon
Stock Number: 72834
A vertical pyramidal golden evergreen with coral like flat fans of very fine foliage giving a beautifully ferny aspect to this slow growing clone--usually attaining a height of ten feet in ten years.
Thuja Orientalis Conspicua [Berkman's Gold]
Stock Number: 70465
Upright conical column with bright golden winter color as the tips of the densely foliaged fans contrast with the interior of this coral mimic. A hard-to-find heirloom shrub originating in Berkman's Atlanta nursery before 1902, (perhaps now obscure because it can be vulnerable to bagworms) often labeled 'Aurea Nana.'
Thuja Orientalis Westmont
Stock Number: 70457
"Golden Oriental Arborvitae" Broad oval habit with irregular upright branches deep green tipped bright yellow turning dusky amesthest-tan in winter. In time, becomes a major tree.
Thuja Plicata Green Giant [Hyb]
Stock Number: 73888
"Giant Western Arborvitae" A vigorous broad pyramidal specimen maintaining a lustrous green on the heavy waxy foliar sprays in our winters. Fast growing bully considered to possibly be a hybrid with standishii, originally foun in Kristgaard, Denmark.
Thuja Plicata Sunshine
Stock Number: 70454
Strong growing upright clone with very bright yellow foliage keeping strong color well. Best for immediate impact. This is truly bright.
Thujopsis Dolobrata Aurea
Stock Number: 72835
Very rare and beautiful "Golden Japanese Elkhorn Cedar" with waxy flat sprays of rich yellow: non-fading for us. Eventually forms an upright cone outline. Not reliably hardy in zones colder than Z6.
Thymus Doone Valley
Stock Number: 80704
New foliage is bright lemon, fading to green. Tight growth of tiny leaves. sometimes looks variegated. Great new plant for the enthusiast.
Tovara Filiformis Painter's Palette
Stock Number: 41799
Zoned leaves liberally splashed with pink, ivory & chartreuse; weird bisque red knotweed flower wands in fall. This showy hardy (yet tropical appearing) perennial is now more accurately in the genus Persicaria as is the chevron-less T. virginiana.
Tovara [Persicaria] Virginiana Variegata
Stock Number: 81612
Seldom seen "Variegated Buckwheat" with showy leaves richly marbled and slashed with cream--lacks the chocolate chevrons of the better known 'Painter's Palette.' Botanists now have declared this to be Polygonum or Persicaria filliformis.
Tradescantia Andersoniana Concord Grape
Stock Number: 80440
Dark purple-flowered "Spiderwort." Distinctively compact mound of glaucous violet-green foliage; reflowers easily if planted in a moist full sun situation.
Tradescantia Andersoniana Sweet Kate
Stock Number: 80572
"Blue & Gold Spiderwort" Grassy golden leaves (shading to bright lime if planted in shade) on succulent stalks; deep pure blue flowers opening early each morning.
Tradescantia Blushing Maid (Bride)
Stock Number: 61723
Also called "Blushing Bride." Charming short vine with white variegated central petiole and leaf which emerge pink and fade to white. Great hanging basket and great new variegated pot plant with best coloring during the cooler periods of the seasons; most likely will prove to be winter hardy in the deep south, and has ...
Typha Angustifolia [Hort]
Stock Number: 80458
Very slim tall elegant strap leaves with long slim (and typically segmented) "Cattails;" edible root and shoots; pollen used in porridge (so you never need to miss breakfast if this is in your pond). The marvelously tubby fat little catkins are ever so perfect in dried arrangements.
Typha Latifolia Variegata
Stock Number: 80455
"Variegated Cattail" Elegant erect leaves striped in ivory in this cultivar which flourishes only when slightly submerged in water in full sun; as brown-black spikes have naked segments occasionally, this may be Typha angustifolia. Sent freshly dug.
Stock Number: 80457
Very slim leaves usually a foot tall; tiny fat "cattails." Mature late summer. Treat as an aquatic or bog plants.
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