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Perennials – R-S

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Sedum tetractinum
Product Code: 89229
Showy wide rounded glossy waxy leaves overlap on tumbling stems tipped with heads of bright yellow starblossoms. Forms a beautiful succulent carpet bronzing beautifully in winter chill.
Silphium terebinthinaceum
Product Code: 88785
Very impressive "Showy Meadow Dock" (actually a perennial sunflower) with giant luscious rosettes of two foot leaves forming an anchor for nearly leafless amber stems reaching up some 5' to present clusters of lemon yellow daisies. Handsome. An impressive unique addition to the back of any perennial border.
Out of Stock
Product Code: 81903
Densely foliaged compact dwarf shrub with rust brown stems cloaked with leathery small leaves to foil the clusters of deep pink blossoms fading to rose.  Does well in containers.
Syringa vulgaris Dappled Dawn
Product Code: 70697
Striking "Variegated Lilac" with cream-mottled leathery leaves. Known in horticulture sometimes as 'Acubifolia Variegata.' This erect statured beauty readily produces many fragrant heads of semidouble blossoms the exact color of "lilac"!
Out of Stock
Product Code: 70371
This tall statured "Lilac" presents large heads of fragrant single magenta blossoms, each accented with a bright white candy stripe margin.  Hardy even in Zone 3.
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