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Pachysandra procumbens
Stock Number: 81599
Native clump forming groundcover with leathery evergreen thickly clustered leaves richly patterned once chill temperatures arrive.  While very cold tolerant, site in an area protected from winter sun and wind to prevent damage to the beauriful evergreen carpet of foliage.
Pachysandra terminalis variegata
Stock Number: 70317
"Silver-edged Spurge" Ground cover Boxwood cousin very slowly and deliberately forming mats of short stems with leathery toothed leaves bordered white Small white flowered Japanese evergreen. Much slower to increase than the solid green cultivars. Genus means "Thick/fat Man" in reference to width of stamen.
Passiflora incarnata
Stock Number: 81152
"Hardy Passion Flower" Native with yellow edible fruit following the astoundingly beautiful pale lavender flowers with elaborately fringed pink-purple coronas. Please remember that this emerges from the ground very late in the spring unless situated in a warm courtyard: the local name of "Maypop" accurately refers to i...
Passiflora Incense [hyb]
Stock Number: 40734
Hybrid of P. incarnata x P. cincinnata. Many large deep rich purple flowers some 6" across with considerable fragrance; with purple stripes on the corona filliments. The green fruit is deemed edible. We have never noted any winter growth; vigorous grower with a good reputation for outdoor hardiness even up into norther...
Out of Stock
Patrinia scabiosifolia Nagoya
Stock Number: 81534
Attractive dramatically toothed foliage over which arise displays of fls w/ flourescent yellow cymes persisting for months. Barry Yinger found this in the Japanese cut flower trade.
Pennisetum alopecuroides Moudry
Stock Number: 81172
Wide deeply arching blades form a highly decorative specimen from which emerge "Jet Black Foxtails" (purple mahogany seed plumes creating constant show on into the first frosts)--still the most popular grass at the nursery as it achieves its most splendid show during that late late summer period when so many other gard...
Penstemon Husker Red [glacialis]
Stock Number: 80842
Dramatic evergreen wine-purple foliage beautifully sets off the foot tall inflorescence of ivory flowers produced over several months. Possibly more accurate as P. digitata 'Husker Red.'
Penstemon mexicale Sunburst Ruby
Stock Number: 80584
Tiny tidy clumps of attractive slim foliage are topped with short upright stems of abundant ruby toned tubular flowers beloved by humming birds.  Perfect for a rockery, yet a good container performer.
Persicaria amplexicaulis Golden Arrow
Stock Number: 89207
"Golden Afghan Firetail" Clumping moisture loving perennial with golden lime lance leaves clapsing elegant 18" to 22" stems tipped with short stalked spines (cattails) of cardinal red flowers fading to rose, sometimes still blooming at frost.
Persicaria microcephala Red Dragon
Stock Number: 88772
Beyond marvelous rockery or container perennial: two foot stems emerge from a woody crown displaying saber shaped leaves of rich burgundy, chevroned a vibrant pewter fading to deep emerald edges; fleecy blossoms demurely appear late summer. [Polygonum sphaerostachyum]
Petasites japonicus giganteus [hort]
Stock Number: 88986
The "Monster Butter-burr"-- with truly giant rounded leaves reaching impressive dimensions; showy white inflorescence very early spring emerging from the February (sometimes frozen) ground like science fiction artichokes. If it gets too vigorous, remember that the Japanese use the petioles in stir fry. Prefers cool tem...
Petasites japonicus purpureus
Stock Number: 88800
Odd "Purple Bog Daisy" with new foliage a weird purple maturing into giant lilac tinged leaves. Needs bog to romp in. Difficult to ship once in leaf; so later orders will be sent with current foliage removed.
Phragmites australis aurea
Stock Number: 80863
"Golden Carrizo" Variegated clone of "Common Reed" with the glaucous blades striped golden & lime; weeping one-sided panicles of showy purple seeds fading to russet in Fall; thrives in moist clay and full sun; tends to wander. But if if wanders too far you can harvest it because this graceful reed has long been use...
Stock Number: 10960
Rosette of knife-shaped fronds. Can often be grown outside in a milder clime than ours. This is the famous "Hart's Tongue" fern. Needs cool temps during the winter.
Phyllitis [Asplenium] scolopendrium cristatum
Stock Number: 10961
Rosette of knife-shaped fronds with crested cockscombe tips. Can also often be grown outside in a milder clime than ours. This is the famous "Crested Hart's Tongue" fern or "Cockscomb" fern. The first two pictures show what you will get from our shipping of younger plants. The final pictures show more mature and older ...
Phyllostachys bissetii
Stock Number: 80363
"David Bisset Bamboo" Giant hardy dramatic species with 1" diameter canes reaching 22'; dark leaves attractively curl at tips. A running species which remains brilliant green here most winters; easier to contain than most its kin.
Phyllostachys heteroclada purpurata
Stock Number: 88993
The impressive "Water Bamboo" with the purple colored sheath of the zigaging new culms giving this 20' bamboo the 'purpurata' in its title; survives wet areas because of the unusual air channels in its hard rhizomes.
Phyllostachys nigra
Stock Number: 80364
One of the most sought after of the Bamboo cultivars, this Black Bamboo is not totally hardy in the North, but after a cool spell always darkens into a great looking plant. We grow this outside here, but it can be containerized easily and make a successful indoor container subject.
Phyllostachys rubramarginata
Stock Number: 70895
Prolific producer of 1" culms reaching 32 feet; wood used extensively for building and for furniture in China; edible shoots--although we have not tried them; yet surely if too many culms emerge some spring, you need only to add this to your lunch menu or support your local panda and thus keep your grove within appropr...
Stock Number: 81204
"Golden leaved Pokeberry"  A selection with yellow foliage - dramatic backdrop for the arched late summer berries.
Phytolacca Americana Steve Silberstein
Stock Number: 54350
"Variegated Virginia Pokeberry" A remarkable selection of our native "Pogum" by Steve with each leaf richly mottled with cream strewn over with olive flecks. A necessary weed.
Out of Stock
Stock Number: 71034
This remarkable selection of the conical "Dward Alberta Spruce" sends a frist flush of soft green foliage in the spring, followed by a second midsummer flush of creamy yellow new growth - a dramatic contrast with the older dark green foliage.
Pinellia tripartita
Stock Number: 31717
Vigorously clumping species with green spathes striped purple. The fingered foliage is divided into how many lobes? Check the name--but do not be surprised if a mature bulb eventually ignores this--we have found that very very few plants have developed reading skills to the point of adequately understanding the names a...
Pinus strobus fastigata
Stock Number: 72841
"Fastigate White Pine" All branches point directly upwards to parallel the main trunk; a good choice for a small inclosed courtyard garden.
Pinus strobus Hillside Winter Gold
Stock Number: 70765
"Golden Eastern White Pine" Soft green in summer; very bright yellow gold during winter. Outstanding cultivar: certainly lights up our winter garden here in Ohio, especially stunning when planted in front of dark Hemlocks or dusky deep green spruces. As with all "White Pines" avoid planting in a constantly wet or boggy...
Out of Stock
Plantago asiatica variegata
Stock Number: 81131
Wide small paddle shaped leaves liberally striped and blotched with bright ivory white. Supposedly the petioles juice sooths bee stings. True from seed, this small non-invasive Eruasian can form a richly variegated mat in time; also a favorite for tiny containers--but its variegation is so showy it would probably turn ...
Plantago major Frills
Stock Number: 88897
Absolutely charming "Parsley Leaved Plantain" forming tight rosettes of elaborately frilled and cripsed leaves--small enough for a large trough; excellent between garden walk pavers. Very cute; very amusing; very over the top. And if a few too many volunteers come up? Just gently remind the seedlings that their seeds a...
Stock Number: 80849
A very thick textured rich blue "Balloon flower" blossom in upfacing clusters over a compact much branched cultifar with deep green foliage.  One of the most reliable long-lived garden perennials.
Pleioblastus auricoma [sasa / arundinaria viridistriata In Horticulture]
Stock Number: 80001
Correct as Pleioblastus auricoma now--but popular long enough in horticulture to have garnered at least three genus names in the basic plant books. Nearly waist-high arched stem present wide downy blades (much larger blades than its kin offered below) suffused with yellow stripes. Easy "Gold Striped Bamboo" perfectly h...
Pleioblastus okinasasa
Stock Number: 80075
"Fanleaf Bamboo" Glorious waist high,tightly spaced shoots of rich green tipped with a terminal congested tufted fan of spear leaves always creating a very ornate focus in the garden--especially as these decorative tips turn bright straw colored in winter. A good pot subject also, often pictured growing in a Cymbidium ...
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