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Perennials – M-O

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Bignonia Capreolata Tangerine Beauty
Stock Number: 71239
Interesting selection of the "Cross Vine" with tangerine to salmon large rumpet flowers in showy clusters. Although not likely to be evergreen, this selection might be z6 hardy. Showy clusters of trumpets mid winter in our cool house.
Out of Stock
Macfadyena Ugnis-Cati [Bignonia Tweediana]
Stock Number: 71663
From Argentina, this vigorous Zone 8 "Cat's Claw Vine" clambers with neat claw tendrils under small attractive leathery leaves; showy clusters of tubular cupped bright crome yellow blossoms are 4" across. Excellent for the cool greenhouse in the north; fab outdoor vine in the deep south where it forms a considerable tu...
Macleaya Cordata
Stock Number: 80306
2"Plume Poppy" Bold showy calloped leaves with an outline mimicing that of the hardy fig, silvery beneath, on tall stalks topped with plumes of tiny white flowers appearing to be pinkish buff from a distance. Chinese "Tree Celandine" soon forms impressive clumps. Effective close up; impressive as a backdrop.
Magnolia Macrophylla
Stock Number: 72753
A deciduous magnolia which has magnificent large leaves and large sized white flowers. It is the center point often of interest in our garden during summer.
Magnolia Ricki
Stock Number: 71731
Beautiful full habit developing into a small tree or giant shrub with freely produced flowers of white twisted sepals revealing the rich purple interiors. Even though it can become a small tree in time; yet it can easily shaped (limbed up) for the small garden. Very reliable flower show every spring as the blooms, unli...
Manfreda Maculosa
Stock Number: 68075
"Rattelsnake Agave" Arching squill-like leaves blotched purple and lavender; flowers on spikes arising from a thickened basal "bulb". Hardy here in a protected perfectly drained location. We also grow this in the greenhouses, so can be grown either indoors or out. Newly offered in 2012.
Out of Stock
Stock Number: 11642
"Jumbo Ostrich Fern" In time, with good light and near bog conditions the fronds will reach up some seven feet. This is a long term commitment!
Melissa Officinalis All Gold [Gold Leaf]
Stock Number: 80914
"Golden Lemon Balm" Cultivar shared with us by Henry Ross; the richly scented pubescent leaves keep bright chartreuse-yellow coloration throughout the season, unlike the quickly fading regular variegated variety. Even when we fail to list this, customers order it anyway: so we probably will just offer this cheerful fra...
Menispermum Canadense
Stock Number: 70312
"Moonseed" or "Yellow Parilla" Woody twining vine with very attractive oval leaves, pubescent beneath; tiny flowers followed by odd drupe fruit; dried rhizome has alkaloids of medicinal value--N. American cousin of curare source, Chondrodendron. If it likes its site, this native can become quite rampant--give it a big ...
Mentha Piperita Chocolate Mint [Hyb?]
Stock Number: 88445
Deep green-purple richly scented leaves on upright magenta toned stems forming a vigorous clump; very potent leaves used in drinks and deserts. Peppermint patty bronzed foliage; rich lavender flowers on foot tall clumps.
Mentha Suaveolens [Rotundifolia] Variegata
Stock Number: 80309
"Wooly Pineapple Mint". Lax tostled stems bend under sweetly fragrant tomentose leaves with large white variegated splashes; white flowers highly decorative. Easy container plant for those fearful of its traveling ways.
Metasequoia Glypstrobioides
Stock Number: 71222
"Dawn Redwood" This is the famous tree discovered in only one location in China years ago. It has proven to be quite hardy in northern climates. We recommend if you have the space. There are great clones of this out now. Check for these in our offerings from time to time.
Metasequoia Glyptostroboides Ogon
Stock Number: 73906
"Golden Dawn Redwood" This is the famous tree discovered in only one location in China years ago but the needles are right golden yellow. The plants are of good size. It has also proven to be quite hardy here in Ohio. We recommend if you have the space. This is a great clone of bright gold color.
Mimosa Pudica
Stock Number: 47139
This is seasonal, so it should be available from May through the middler of summer. Check this out. This is your childhood "Sensitive Plant" with upright prickly stems from which angle out pealike bipinnate leaflets which cloes up quickly upon being touched, along with the leaf stalks drooping down along the main stem....
Out of Stock
Miscanthus Sacchariflorus Gotemba Gold
Stock Number: 88973
Impressive seven foot clumps of this Z5/6 specimen will brighten and heighten the back of any bed. The bold impressive leaf blades glow with brightly striped gold and lime and rich green. Asian with wandering habit once it is established, giving you clumps to share with plant friends who will ask for this distinctive t...
Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus Morning Light
Stock Number: 81003
"Variegated Maiden Grass" White edges brighten the straw blond midribs of the very slim strongly channeled lf blades; showy fall plumes persist into December. Simply the best in this category. We have very nice plants this season 2010.
Miscanthus Sinensis Zebrinus
Stock Number: 80992
Variegated Porcupine Grass or Zebra Grass. This is a reintroduction of an old favorite. This used to be the most popular of all the clumping grasses. Notice the wonder cross design in the tall blades. A plant can get to you 5 or 6 feet after a couple years.
Morus Alba 'snowflake Lobed'
Stock Number: 70874
"Snowflake Mulberry" Very deeply lobed leaves margined in white. We are not sure what its hardiness range will be. Supplies can be limited as this is heavily ordered--please do not order if you need this rarity immediately.
Morus Bombycis Unryu
Stock Number: 70725
Famous "Dragon Mulberry"; 'Unryu' is "Dragon in the Clouds" so named for wildly zig-zaggin spiraling branches and stems used in Japanese Ikabana arranging. Lustrous large leaves in summer. Fantastic ricrac outlines in the winter garden.
Musa Basjoo
Stock Number: 57496
Prefering cooler climes, this "Northern Novelty Banana" from the Ryuku Islands sends up large pale green draping tropical foliage from rootstocks needing winter protection (with mulch this is quite winter hardy in our Zone 6 gardens); odd inflorescenceorescence; white pulp fruit insipid; Japanese use 10' plant for fibe...
Nandina Domestica Compacta
Stock Number: 71299
Very miniature "Dwarf Heavenly Bamboo" with bronze red & maroon fall-winter foliage.
Nandina Domestica Kurijuse [San Gabriel]
Stock Number: 71391
The marvelous "Leafless Heavenly Bamboo" with leaves like pine needles all intersticed into a filiform mound. Remarkable bonsai subject; a cluster of these in the rockery makes one wonder. This does circulate under different clone names. It is also known as Nandina San Gabriel and Nandina domestica filamentosa. We rece...
Nandina Domestica Moyer's Red
Stock Number: 71108
Scarlet "Heavenly Bamboo" selection which remains clear red all summer, taking on some purple tones in winter; intricate lacy foliage rigidly held in horizontal planes.
Nandina Domestica Wood's Dwarf
Stock Number: 70315
Reddish-coppery pinnate foliage make this very compact clone of "Dwarf Heavenly Bamboo" perfect for rockeries. Selected by Ed Wood from 'Nana Purpurea.' Japanese "Nanten" translates as "Heavenly Bamboo." Holds foliage all winter here.
Nicandra Physalodes Splash Of Cream
Stock Number: 66803
Sold only to ancient children: yes, a blue flowered "Variegated Shoo Fly Plant"--we've not even seen a whitefly on the richly splashed foliage. As this "Apple of Peru" ships very poorly, we will send only packets of seed.
Nipponanthemum (Chrysanthemum) Nipponicum
Stock Number: 80968
Shrubby "Nippon Daisy" from Japan with stout stems studded with thick widely toothed spatulate leaves with a glossy jade quality; big white daisy flowers with bold greenish-yellow eyes late fall. The "Montauk Daisy" while hardy here with good drainage, blooms so late that we grow them in large low mum pots so we can br...
Nymphaea Hybrida Arc-En-Ciel
Stock Number: 80328
"Variegated Waterlily" Amazing selection with glossy dramatic leaves freckled white and splotched pink--often entire pink round leaves are produced in fall; the beautiful amply produced double white blossoms fade to pearl. We send heavy divisions. If you maintain a small pond or a large patio tub, this will give you th...
Ocimum African Blue Variegated
Stock Number: 89180
Columnar type of basil with distinct bluish tinge on the deep green white rimmed leaves.
Out of Stock
Oenanthe Javanica Flamingo
Stock Number: 83092
Striking, yet easily grown, Korean "Water Celery" with lacy foliage variegated white & tinged violet & blushed pink: a quick colorful (but not aggressively invasive in wet conditions) low groundcover topped with lovely umbels of ivory white. Good cascader in a basket (which can NEVER dry out); very popular as a contain...
Ophiopogon Japonicus Aritaki
Stock Number: 40678
"Silver Mist Lilyturf" with short narrow strap leaves richly lined in cream-white, pink tinted in high light. Rare because is slow to offset; considered at least Z7 hardy. Evidentally same as `Folius Albo-striatus.' Fabulous container subject.
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