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Ordering Details & Shipping Policies

Where We Ship To

We only ship within the United States at this time.

Pot Sizes, Plant Sizes, Warranties

Unless specified, we ship established starter plants typically in 2 3/4" to 3 1/2" plastic pots; some items such as Hoyas, some Bromeliads, Epiphyllums and Rhipsalis are sent as mossed unrooted cuts (as they travel and reestablish best this way); dormant bulbs may be shipped out of pots depending on the season ordered. Often dormant bulbs are shipped in the pot in which they have been growing. We will write "dormant" on the label of this pot, if this be the case. Various hardy items may be shipped in liter size pots.

Warranties: We warranty that our plants will be free of bugs and true to name as far as we know from our research and sources. We guarantee that the plants will arrive to you in healthy condition and will be shipped usually ready for repotting. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to grow the plants you purchase from us. We cannot give a guarantee that a year later your plant will be growing and happy. E-mail or call if you have any problems within ten days after you receive them. Also, call or e-mail us at any time during our phone hours for culture question. We will try to help. With as many species of plants and flowers that we offer, we have no idea whether you will be able to grow them successfully. That is part of the challenge of horticulture. Many plants we offer do take regular care, and take no extraordinary care. Some of them we have gone to great extremes to bring in from all over the world to offer to the garden hobbyist. Some of these plants (although not all) can be a challenge to grow. We usually recommend a plant room, grow lights or a greenhouse for these. Use us as your source for those plants that you cannot find anywhere else. In many instances we are the only mailorder and internet source.

Payment/Returns and Refunds

We process your payment at the time your order comes in to us and is processed through the office.  This may be a while prior to your shipping expectation.  We do this because we are a small speciality nursery and do not keep large numbers of each plant on hand at all times so your payment places your hold on the plants you have ordered.  It also guarantees that if the plant you've ordered needs to be propagated, there will be one for you as we also do not have large amounts of space for massive propagation events.

We do accept returns.  If there is an issue with a plant please let us know as soon as you see the issue.  E-mail us Photos when there is something wrong with your order ( store@glasshouseworks.com) and be sure to mention your order ID # along with your picture(s) and a description of your issue. 

At this time we are not sending out replacement plants due to shipping costs and order demands. We can either e-mail you a credit slip for a free replacement plant in your next order or we can process a refund for you.  In order to recieve either of these things we need to know what is wrong with the plant and the response to that issue is situational.  There are times when we will need the plant to be returned to process a refund.  In these cases (if there is something wrong with the plant that is against our infomation provided in the warranty) we will include the return cost of shipping in your refund or provide a return shipping label.  If there is nothing wrong with the plant(s) against our warant or you've simply decided you dont want the plant we do not cover return cost. 

When we process your refund you will get a notification e-mail similiar to your 'processed' notification. Our system will download the refunds at the close of business and after that it is up to the banks.  Refunds typically take between 5-14 business days to process through the banking system.  Banking regulations dictate that the banking system has up to 30 business days to approve and process through the refund.  We have no control over this time frame and are not accountable for the banking system. 

Shipping Times and Order Fulfillment

Plants are shipped UPS Ground in most cases. Shipments to the CA, WA, OR, NV, AK, HI are sent via UPS 3 day Air.

Generally, plants are shipped when ready or at the best time for planting. During ambient weather conditions, we try to ship generally in a four to ten week period for plant orders. In times of inclement weather this time frame can be extended without notification.  You're welcome to e-mail or call us for status updates on your order at any time. If you have a rush order request or need the plant(s) you ordered for an occasion or as a gift, you will have to notify us by phone or email when you place your order. In these cases (if the order is for a smaller number of plants or for items that are not out of season or temporarily out of stock) we may be able to accommodate such rush requests. We do not ship during extreme weather. Low temperatures can cause problems with the plants. We grow many species of plants (more than many other nurseries) and some items are always in short supply. Thus, the Glasshouse Works must be the ones to decide when shipment is best made. During January and February we sometimes have to stop shipping entirely. We always inform you in your confirmation Email or letter if there will be unusual delay in shipment.

You will recieve a "processed" notification at the time your order payment is processed and it will include a rough shipping estimate.  Please keep in mind these are just that- estimates.  Your order may go out before estimated or later than estimated without notification of the delay.  At times we send an estimate along the lines of "as weather permits"  This doesn't necessarily mean the plants will be shipped as soon as the weather is cooperative to do so- often times this means that the propagation for your order cannot commence until the weather permits and your order will ship after that.  Again- we invite you to inquire as to the status of your order-propagation-shipment at any time.

Do not order if you cannot wait for an unusual or rare item to finish before shipment is made. Plants are not like computer parts, pots, fertilizers or other inanimate objects; they are living things and we continually work to propagate and have them ready for sale. There can be delays.  Some plants may be shipped in a dormant state to fufil the order in a timely manner or substitutions may be made.  This is dependant on the time of year for individual plants and if they simply ship better this way (dormant). We usually ship the order if it is under ten plants, when ALL the plants are ready on that order. If an item is out of stock at time of delivery, you will be given a credit slip on your next order or a similiar substitute may be used to fill the order.  If you will not accept substitutes please mention this in the comment section on your order. Larger orders may sometimes be shipped in several shipments and items backordered for shipment when ready. Orders shipped on a rush basis will be shipped at the customer's risk and may have minor substitutions or credits given. Some plants can be shipped throughout the year; while other orders can be shipped only during their particular seasons of the year. We do answer emails or inquiries concerning order status!

In the event that you'd like to cancel the order that is usually fine- however if we have started pulling the order already there will be a $10.00 restocking fee deducted from your refund.

Your order is important to us; thus, we will answer your Emails and give you updates, if you should need them. Some orders are obviously immediately ready and often go out in two to three weeks when weather is warm. Other orders include plants that need to either be started for your order, transferred from one of our other greenhouses, or shipped at the appropriate time of year for that plant. If you order a very unusual plant and we confirm the order with a particular shipping date and then later want it earlier, this sometimes may not be possible. Do not order if you cannot wait for a rather rare item. Again, we want to stress that you can email us at any time to inquire on the status of your order.

Miscellaneous Comments

In some categories (rhipsalis, epiphyllums and hoyas primarily), the plants are priced as unrooted cutting (URcut). These are shipped sphagnum moss and in small pots to travel well. These are quite easily rooted. Prices would have to be higher on rooted plants of these items. If you want these items rooted you have to be prepared for a longer wait and a possible higher cost.

All pots are shipped small plastic bags with rubber bands around them to prevent loss of moisture in travelling and to prevent soil falling away from the roots. Some exceptions are made with extreme succulents.

If you order dormant bulbs they will arrive without leaves. If this is upsetting to you, please order plants which do not have dormant cycles. Dormant bulbs are mostly shipped in the pot in which they were growing when they went dormant.

If you have travel plans that may interfere with delivery of your plants, include this information in the comment section of your order (or send us an e-mail) so we know when not to ship the plants. We are willing to work you you and accommodate you to the best of our ability.

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