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Christine Freeman Leafstones

Christine Freeman Leafstones
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Green And Blue Burdock
Product Code: 4664
Looks real. This piece is particularly amazing because of the rough texture that is captured from the original laeve surface. You have to touch it to realize that it is an artistic capturing.
Showroom Only
Large Yellow/Orange Elephant Ear
Product Code: 4663
This is the largest of the leaves we have at this time. Heavy and solid. You might want to put this in your rock garden as a center piece.
Showroom Only
Lime Green Petasites
Product Code: 4668
This texture of this particular leaf interpretation is like another new spring leaf emerging. This one would work will hung on the wall.
Showroom Only
Medium Green Elephant Ear
Product Code: 4667
Looks real. This is one of our favorites because is has great color and the leaf veins are darker like a newly emerging leaf in the Spring.
Showroom Only
Orange petasites
Product Code: 4665
Looks real except for the color. We have an entire bed of Petasites in our garden and people buy the real item all the time. If you buy this, you can have a great Petasites in your house all winter.
Showroom Only
Small Orange Elephant Ear
Product Code: 4666
Smaller and will fit anywhere in the house. This leaf can be displayed indoors or out and fool the view either location.
Showroom Only
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