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Adenium obesum Red Flower
Product Code: 60502
"Impala Lily" Fat swollen trunks taper into stubby branches with spiral leaves and white funnel flowers edged crimson. A reliable and beautiful start into a collection of caudiform plants. This Adenium is usually promoted as the "Desert Rose" and will defoliate if temperatures are too chill.
Adiantum hispidulum
Product Code: 10009
"Australian Maidenhair." Forked horn-like fronds emerge red pink on top of the wiry black stems. Forms an attractive slowly increasing mound. Reliable if kept evenly moist and cool; demands quite bright light and sweet soil to thrive--when you lightly lime the other Adiantums, avoid dusting this species with lime. We s...
Aechmea calyculata X recurvata
Product Code: 53221
Small erect cardboard urns a rich avocado green with a blush of old rose. Very xerophytic small statured Bromeliad gradually forming a tightly packed colony of compressed urns which mimic a larger Tillandsia visually; needs full light and semi-epiphytic conditions, otherwise it will never produce a bloom spike.
Aechmea caudata albo-marginata
Product Code: 52004
Tall impressive urns of tough leathery leaves brilliantly margined in ivory, gradually offset to form an art nouveau fantasy. Strong growing piece of drama, but needs bright light, especially to produce the soft yellow flowered inflorescence. Major specimen impact in any plant array; a must for lovers of extreme varieg...
Aechmea chantinii amazonica
Product Code: 52007
Massive purple blushed silver urns with wide crossbands further accented by the ornately toothed edges; red flowers. We send mature offsets packed in moss of this impressive Bromeliad.
Out of Stock
Aechmea fasciata albo-marginata
Product Code: 52010
Rather uncommon selection of the "Pink Feather Duster" (a description of the dramatic inflorescence). Wurthman's prefered form of the white-banded "Silver Urn." This remarkable beauty will be shipped in moss.
Out of Stock
Aechmea fasciata medio-picta
Product Code: 52012
An unusual sport of the "Pink Feather Duster" (a description of the dramatic inflorescence) with a bold golden central band on each of the silvery leaves. Most dramatic.
Out of Stock
Aechmea Foster's Favorite Favorite
Product Code: 52016
Sport of "Red Urn" with broad cream margins on shiny dark red-maroon glowing leaves; coral petals dramatically tipped a bright blue. We have maintained this fab creature for thirty years, and its beauty is still unrivaled. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
Out of Stock
Aechmea Foster's Favorite [hyb]
Product Code: 52015
"Red Urn" Rich glossy maroon narrow urns brilliantly display fabulous heads of coral "berries" tipped with blue blossoms. Easy "Lacquered Wine Cup" a hybrid of A. victoriana x racinae quickly forming a colony of glossy elegantly fluted urns... and why not try this as an addition to your summer urns as a dramatic jolt o...
Aechmea fulgens discolor albo-marginata
Product Code: 52017
"Coralberry" Beautiful open urns of glaucous green leaves with faint crossbands and showy ivory margins, purpled beneath; violet purple flowers followed by quite dramatic wide spikes of "Coralberry" fruit. Stunning rosettes of seemingly unreal laquerware, yet easy houseplants. Once not uncommon in collections, this mar...
Out of Stock
Aechmea gamosepala
Product Code: 52020
"Bottlebrush Bromo" Compact, rapidly-clustering urns with erect bottlebrush spikes studded with clove-shaped reddish bracts tipped with electric magenta petals. Easy house plant for the windowsill.
Aechmea gamosepala Lucky Stripes
Product Code: 52273
The nearly spineless outcurved erect leaves are broadly striped bright white, wonderfully overlapping to form an upright glossy urn like rosette--beautiful with the blue petaled blossoms tightly packed on a "Bottlebrush" inflorescence; certainly a must in any collection of exceptional variegates. Always sought out by B...
Out of Stock
Aechmea gracilis
Product Code: 52023
"Popcorn Plant" Short outcurving leathery stiff rosettes present short popcorn inflorescences of bright red bracts with red-violet flowers--and these are very very impressively colored. Excellent house or greenhouse subject; easy to bloom if given bright light. Price reflects its refusal to quickly offset like most oth...
Aechmea orlandiana Bert variegata
Product Code: 52220
Wonderful plant with central variegation on each impressive leaf. This is a bromeliad with some of the most stunning variegated foliage we have seen.
Aechmea orlandiana Gold Tone
Product Code: 52216
Compact cultivar with tidy upright glossy black dotted urns stunningly margined with buttery golden lime bands accented with dark marginal teeth. Usually sent mossed. This is popular because it is far more compact and smaller statured than the other orlandiana cultivars. The rare white variegated A.O. 'Ensign' is avail...
Aechmea pineliana miniata
Product Code: 52032
"Bristle Cone Plant" Copper pink hued silver urn edged in maroon teeth--compact; pinecone inflorescence of red bracts over- whelming the small yellow blossoms, held aloft on stout stem. Erect urns need full sun to maintain brilliant coloration. An heirloom Bromeliad still essential in any collection for its distinctive...
Aechmea recurvata Hybrid
Product Code: 52118
A very bold upright hybrid with tight clustered flowers of pink green & russett; rapidly clustering / offsetting to form a soft porcupine hemisphere. Best grown with the high light of Tillandsia culture--indeed until it blooms, quite typically mistaken for a terrestial Tillandsia. Quite popular among the topiary de...
Aechmea Red Ribbon
Product Code: 52272
Elegant 'Foster's Favorite' type upright urns of overlapping lacquered glossy rose blushed ochre leaves with dramatic central red bands. Easy to grow despite its flamboyant color and habit. The dense red bracted spikes with red sepaed blossoms with lilac petals emerge from the depths of mature urns. An excellent choice...
Aegopodium podagraria variegatum
Product Code: 80018
"Bishops Weed" or "Goutweed" Creeping rootstocks quickly form a deciduous carpet of biternate (thus called "Ground Elder") short leaves edged in white; perfect choice for ground-cover or for edging. White blossoms form rigid patterns in cute umbles much beloved by butterflies. Reliably beautifully variegated low ground...
Aeollanthus parvifolius
Product Code: 41088
Columns of four-ranked, felted aromatic leaves completely hide the small arching stems tipped with soft pink lipped flowers. Very beautiful "Teddy Bear Mint" forms beautiful pot plant or perfect groundcover for taller leggy succulents. Comercial source of soap oils. This plant nees the bright light and perfect drain...
Aeonium arboreum Schwartzkopf
Product Code: 60213
"Black Tree" Wide leaves tipped purple in flat rosettes topping thick erect trunks; golden blossoms in impressive pyramidal clusters often appear midwinter. This form has very deep maroon "Black Tree" leaves with shiny flat leaved rosettes reaching their most beautiful level mid winter--tends to rest in the heat of mid...
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Aeonium domesticum
Product Code: 60737
Standard "Canary Island Aeonium."  Sometimes called A. decorum or Aeonium arboreum. This is an easy grower with a flush of succulent pelted foliage all winter, then a summer rest. The thickly crouded whorled leaves overlap so tightly that many think this mimics a rose blossom. Very easy to grow with good light and...
Out of Stock
Aeonium Kiwi-onium [hyb]
Product Code: 60726
Slim wiry stalks topped with congestions of wide cillate leaves with their variegated broadened tips suggesting fashion conscious nails painted lime cream--this variegation trailing on up the margin of each of the waxy dainty leaves. The beautiful colorations seems always to be especially much more bright in the cooler...
Aeschynanthus aff longicaulis/marmorata
Product Code: 31368
Excellent "Zebra Vine" form with cascading maroon stems ranked with pairs of brightly zoned succulent leaves, & with (often solitary) odd upright orange tubular blossoms. Tolerates lower levels of humidity than most Gesneriads. Usually sent as a generous cutting in moist moss.
Out of Stock
Aeschynanthus lobbianus Variegatus
Product Code: 20020
An "alba" selection of the popular 'Lipstick Vine" with out arched stems ranked with leathery leaves variegated white; tipped with clusters of maroon cupped calyxes from which arise the dragon blossoms.
Out of Stock
Aeschynanthus radicans Curly [Rasta]
Product Code: 38484
Most curious and fun plant. Typical Lipstick blooms but with reflexed leaves--thus it slightly resembles the "Hindu Rope" plant.  Must have strong light and perfect drainage to survive. Will be sent as an UNROOTED cutting in moss.  
Aesculus pavia [humilis]
Product Code: 71571
Wonderful "Red Buckeye"--a shrubby tree with tropical appearing foliage topped in the spring with massive pyramidal panicles of showy rosy red blossoms. Prefers poor soil with shaded roots.
Out of Stock
Product Code: 51290
Dense, showy clusters of intense deep purple-blueish star flowers sit on long, sturdy stems over narrow green strap leaves. Blooms are self-cleaning, starting after the last spring frost. Cold Hardy  
Agapanthus africanus Getty White
Product Code: 51289
Somewhat compact glaucous foliaged selection of the "Nile Lily" with heads of ivory white flowers emerging from the attractive leathery leaf fans; must reach maturity before blooming.
Agapanthus Elaine [hyb]
Product Code: 50117
Vigorus growing deep blue 8" wide flower heads on thick stems above the dark green upright two foot tall foliage fans; typically starts heavy flowering period three weeks later than most when grown outdoors in the deep South--seems to bloom with the others for us in northern greenhouses. Most certainly easier to flower...
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