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Colocasia Pharaoh's Mask
Product Code: 20076
A total show stopper!  From a strong base emerge fantastic broad leaves of milky green perfectly highlighting the fan of dark green/ purple prominent veins.  Unlike most of it's kin this 3-D show off has not gone dormant for us in greenhouse conditions.  Introduced by Plants Nouveau
Colocasia [xanthosoma] maculatus
Product Code: 31414
Heavily mottled arrow shaped foliage always stays compact for us; must have moisture and considerable constant warmth for best dramatic show. Our original clone of this is from Larry Lowman, Ridgecrest Nursery, this resembles a Caladium more than it resembles the other taros. We hope to offer by late 2022
Out of Stock
Colysis wrightii
Product Code: 10204
Very compact deep green strap fronds with tiny depressions on surface like hammered tin. Very attractive small fern equally successful as a windowsill pot plant (looks great in a small bonsai pot as the wiry maroonish rhizomes wander over the lip) and as a small statured vertical accent in the sophisticated terrarium. ...
Colysis wrightii monstrifera
Product Code: 11431
Short glossy membraneous fronds, elaborately veined, widely fluted into undulant tips like an Art Nouveau fantasy. And thus sometimes in Asian texts as 'Laciniata' even though not exactly lacinate! This tassled rare dwarf is petite enough to be perfect in a terrarium, yet quite able to cope with humidity levels of the ...
Product Code: 81811
This clone of the "Lily of the Valley" is beautifully decorated with pale pinstripes on each leaf.  Heavily scentented flowers appear in spring.
Out of Stock
Costus dubius winnstripe
Product Code: 53101
Tom Winn's selection of a wide banded clone--the succulent spiraled leaves are more striped than margined.
Costus dubius [amazonicus] variegatus [hort]
Product Code: 53008
"Ivory Stepladder Plant" Brilliant white stripes on the spiral stepladder leaves; very showy, handsome, and easy if even any brief chill is avoided. More erect than specious, with smaller, smooth foliage, on thicker stems.
Out of Stock
Cotoneaster procumbens Strieb's Findling
Product Code: 70130
"Bonsai Rockspray" Glossy contorted prostrate branches form bonsai shapes. In a rockery or by walls will conform to the contours it encounters.A prostrate selection from Germany, 'Strieb's Findling' will provide an unusual accent to your garden. This very low growing plant with tiny green leaves appears to cling tightl...
Out of Stock
Crassula arborescens undulatifolia
Product Code: 60241
"Blue Bird Jade" Bluish-gray elongate twisted leaf pairs stand erect on much branched pseudo-tree. Good succulent bonsai with compact rounded heads of pink star flowers whose glossy petals are more wide and blunt than those of most C. ovata cultivars. If the leaves develop any surface scars, this usually means that the...
Crassula marginalis
Product Code: 60259
"String of Buttons" The opposite oval red-edged button leaves fuse around the stem like some Eucalyptus. Perfect much branching small statured subject for hanging baskets, fine on succulent wreaths.
Crassula marginalis marginata
Product Code: 58721
All the tumbling beauty of the thickly foliaged species, plus the succulent stems are enclosed by fused oval leaves quite brightly margined white, a pinkish rim emerges in high light. As the roots are quite shallow, be sure to grow this in a very shallow container. Quite charming--the plant itself is never shallow.
Crassula multicava
Product Code: 60262
Pairs of wide flat oval hazy green leaves peppered and dimpled in purple-red on thick stems; mid-winter masses of starry pinkish-white blossoms sometimes in such numbers to often topple these pinkish stems, thus the "Fairy Crassula" in the European nursery trade. Very reliable mid-winter blossom sprays are hopelessly c...
Crassula multicava mediopicta
Product Code: 60263
Wide fleshy succulent leaves with lime centers; showy winter sprays of tiny white starflowers are quite attractive.
Crassula muscosa pseudolycopodioides
Product Code: 60255
Clubmoss Cactus" Very tiny irregular "zipper" stems. Looks somewhat like a Selaginella clubmoss, but is obviously a dryer grower and a true succulent.
Crassula ovata
Product Code: 60266
Formerly C. argentea. "Jade Tree" or "Chinese Rubber Tree." The basic: stout brown tanned trunks support the heavy mass of succulent glossy green blunt-edged leaves; sprays of starry white flowers are produced mid winter if the plant is given some cool conditions (do not freeze!) early fall to set the buds.
Crassula ovata obliqua California Red Tip
Product Code: 60906
Distinctive slow growing "Red Rimmed Jade Tree" originating with Ed Hummel long ago, with a subtle hue of purplish-red on the fat leaves' rims (when given bright light to full sun). Paired rimmed leaves on stout woody trunks; but without intense light, cool winter conditions and very limited fertilizer, the subtle colo...
Crassula ovata obliqua tricolor
Product Code: 60279
"Tricolor Jade" The commonly seen variegated "Jade Tree" with creamy white and rose striped pointed (not blunt tipped) leaves typically having a slight twist in orientation. Please note that any dark spots appearing on the succulent leaf surface indicates too much humidity in the immediate environment. (Thus it is a mo...
Out of Stock
Crassula ovata pallida [hort]
Product Code: 60272
This rare "Silver Jade Tree" may be more sensitive to chill than the other cultivars. Not really silver, the blunted quite thick leaves are of a pallid rine-gray tone. Another unusual Hummel selection rarely offered as grows very slowly and deliberately, developing gnarled "character" trunks prized by succulent bonsai ...
Crassula ovata Ripple Jade
Product Code: 56954
"Ripple Leaf Jade." Rather unusual new selection of "Jade" with slimmer leaves that undulate along the edges and have a powdery tomentus on the leaf. Obviously needs a bright window or under lights. We are not sure of the parentage of this yet. It might have both Crassula arborescens and Crassula ovata in its blood.&nb...
Crassula ovata rubiflora
Product Code: 60641
"Pink Flowering Jade" Vigorous cultivar with open rounded clusters of starry pale satiny pink two-tone blossoms--petals longer and much narrower than most C. arborescens cultivars. In warmer conditions, the tiny blossoms are a pale pink to soft pearl in tone.  Perfect addition to the jaded (no pun?) collector's st...
Crassula ovata Sunset [hort ]
Product Code: 60270
"Golden Jade Tree" In bright saturated light and cool (not chill, please) temperatures the leaves can become richly edged in golden ochre--warm temperatures and high nitrogen fertilizer will prevent this edging contrast. Very striking as a large specimen. Because these are grown in our greenhouses, these plants are oft...
Crassula ovata variegata
Product Code: 60276
Golden cream strips in random distributions on thick flat blunt-edged wide leaves.  Slow to grow and always rare as tends to sport to albino branches.  For the collector.
Crassula perfossa variegata
Product Code: 60280
"Necklace Vine" Erect woody stems with fused keeled gray leaves with yellow-cream variegation which fades as the older foliage matures. May shipped be mossed cuts if potted ones are sold out. Curious old heirloom from the Hummel collection.
Crassula portulacea convoluta Gollum
Product Code: 60284
"Trumpet Jade" Stiff short woody trunks support tufts of bizarre leaves so fused that only a curious trumpet fish-mouth remains at the tip--rather like E.T.'s fingers! The stems redivide constantly giving an old specimen a rather hemispherical outline unlike the more terete 'Hobbit' cultivar below. The cute name once a...
Crassula portulacea convoluta Hobbit
Product Code: 60285
Each leaf is rolled in from the sides and nearly fused into various bizarre forms of fat unrolled cigarettes. Popular conversation piece developing a considerably different outline as assumes a more mature habit than that of 'Gollum.'
Crassula portulacea rubra
Product Code: 60283
"Crosby's Compact Jade" Darker foliage on purplish trunks.Small statured & heavily self-branched: handsome in bonsai pot. More compact in stature, more tolerant of lower light, and uncomplicated in cultural demands than Crassula ovata cultivars--all qualities that contiuue to quarantee that this self branching shru...
Crassula sarmentosa medio-picta
Product Code: 60288
Cascading succulent stems punctuated with pairs of rounded coarsely toothed waxed leaves with creamy-greengold central stripes--this sport originated in our greenhouses in the mid seventies and remains popular in the trade today. Terminal clusters of pale starry flowers appear midwinter.
Crassula Streyi
Product Code: 66041
Gets the prize for most stunning presence of any Crassula with wide thick cupped leaves thickly spaced in opposite ranks on thick stems.  Plant so the very richly pigmented red-maroon undersides are showcased.  Delicate clusters of white star flowers often appear in late summer.  No for the faint of hear...
Crassula tetragona
Product Code: 60291
"Chinese Pine" Stiff woody slim stems studded with spindle shaped needle leaves in four rigid ranks; white flowered native of the Eastern Cape is most effective grown in tightly clumped groups displayed in a small bonsai pot.  Very popular as a miniature tree mimic for Fairy Garden designs--especially since it is ...
Crassula woodii
Product Code: 61008
Petite tumbling tinkertoy stems set with multitudes of paired tiny fat leaflets; cute tuffet for a planter. Always popular as a key element of succulent wreaths. The perfect tuffet for the base of a succulent bonsai and a big hit with Fairy Garden designers.
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