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Monstera deliciosa
Stock Number: 30271
Vigorous "Splitleaf Ceriman" with stout succulent stems supporting the impresive oblong-perforated leathery shield leaves and impressive cord-like aerial roots. Traditionally called the "Mexican Breadfruit" for its pine-apple scented edible cone fruit. indestructible houseplant; magnificent climbing up a conservatory w...
Monstera deliciosa albo-variegata
Stock Number: 30267
"Variegated Splitleaf Philodendron" Wide windowed and split foliage splashed with clear white. Stunning if grown in high humitity conditions--the white areas will burn or rust if confronted with dry heat over a period of time.
Out of Stock
Monstera deliciosa marmorata
Stock Number: 30268
"Golden Splitleaf Philodendron" The wide shield-shaped over lapping leaves with their dramatic splits are richly marbled lemon-lime and gold. Intolerant of even occassional low humidity indoors. This fantastic collectors' dream "Golden Ceriman" is typically sent as mossed established sections unless you cannot wait for...
Monstera deliciosa Salt & Pepper [Splotched]
Stock Number: 30521
Each rich green "Splitleaf Philodendron" leaf is strewn with large creamy blotches and peppered entirely with tiny cream to faintly pink specklings & flecks. Quite unique. We have limited quantities for shipping--in the past this has only been available to walk-in customers. Often sold out as demand from collectors...
Monstera friedrichsthalii
Stock Number: 30776
Costa Rican Monstera adansohii with same clambering habit of pittieri, yet much larger stature, forming oval aperatures in the leaves when mature foliage receives very strong light.
Monstera karsteniana
Stock Number: 30282
Roughtly blistered, uneven leaves dramatically corrugated & so glossy as to earn the name "Plastic Vine" with each puckered leaf held by wide winged petioles so close as to form a shingled effect. A giant M. siltepecana.
Out of Stock
Monstera pitterii [obliqua]
Stock Number: 30284
This is the very popular "Swiss Cheese Vine" with oval windows in small leathery leaves; one of the most successful small vines for low light areas. To know it is to love it.
Monstera siltepecana El Salvadore
Stock Number: 30285
Small bluish toned twisting javelin shaped leaves of waxy texture with darker mosaic of veins are closely "shingled" along the succulent stem which roots as it wanders--juvenile form, small enough for terrarium display, although as tolerant of exposure as any Philodendron scandens cultivar. A great favorite of topiary ...
Monstera Silver Leaf [Species]
Stock Number: 30288
Similarly shaped, but smaller statured leaves than M. pittierii, but seldom forms windows until mature.The leaf surface is entirely blushed with lovely ash-silver. Availability of this can be irregular; please inquire before ordering--for sometimes is ordered in considerable numbers for moss topiary projects, seriously...
Monstera stanleyana Variegata
Stock Number: 30287
Available now. Rich ivory splashes on elongated, round tipped leaves; very beautiful selection of this scandent vine shingled with soft leathery foliage of deep green slashed with ivory white. The foliage remains quite small and the internodes long (even extended at times) on this demure species most at home in a terra...
Out of Stock
Muehlenbeckia complexa
Stock Number: 40647
"Maidenhair Vine" Tiny round leaves on black wiry stems; with strange white bubble flowers followed by purple berries. Easy. Although of delicate fragile appearance, this tolerant vine prefers a very bright situation with well drained soil.
Muehlenbeckia complexa triloba
Stock Number: 55965
"Lobed Maidenhair Vine" Wild mats of wiry maroon stems with waxy white fls & a flutter of trilobed leaflets creates very complex 3-D visuals; if planted in the conservatory ground, this will weave its way to the roof within a year to great effect.
Murdannia acutifolia variegata
Stock Number: 50520
"Bamboo Spiderwort" Clumping jointed bamboo-like short stems of this vigorous houseplant hold elegantly arching reed-like boldly white-striped, glossy leaves. Outstanding specimen. After years of being an elusively hard to find greenhouse subject with constant popularity as a windowsill showoff, this "Bamboo Spiderwort...
Musa basjoo
Stock Number: 57496
Prefering cooler climes, this "Northern Novelty Banana" from the Ryuku Islands sends up large pale green draping tropical foliage from rootstocks needing winter protection (with mulch this is quite winter hardy in our Zone 6 gardens); odd inflorescence with white pulp fruit insipid; Japanese use 10' plant for fiber. In...
Musa [ensete ventricosum] maurelii
Stock Number: 40650
"Abyssinian Black Banana" While having the thick heavy substance of M. ventricosa, the blackish red leaves flaunt mahogany midribs and margins; purple-carmine underleaf is revealed as leaf unfurls; red-bracted inflorescenceorescence. This is the astounding giant we keep at the patio-pond area here every summer. Come fa...
Musa [musaella] lasiocarpa
Stock Number: 57498
The extremely rare "Chinese Yellow Banana" pictured with snow on its gray green tropical leaves where native (but the root clump will not survive sub-terranian frost in our experience); small statured (good in pots to display the very distinctive swollen leaf bases); striking artichoke shaped inflorescenceorescence of ...
Myrsine africana
Stock Number: 40654
"African Boxwood" or "Cape Myrtle" Thick-foliaged popular pseudo-bonsai, pleniful tiny leathery coin shaped leaves stud distinctly fastigate woody stems. We recommend this for indoor bonsai for it can be shaped successfully; nonetheless, the very erect woody trunks just cry out to be staked topiaries with single woody ...
Nashia inaguensis
Stock Number: 42156
Tiny crinkled fleshy leaves, with lovely mint/verbena fragrance, on rigid much-branched twiglets emerging from woody trunks--perfect tropical bonsai for high light; the orange " Bahana Berries" (following petite verbenia-shaped cream flowers) add that distincly vanilla flavor to Moujean tea. Also used in topiary as the...
Nautilocalyx lynchei
Stock Number: 20188
Erect fleshy stems with brazen glossy purple-bronze leaves, and odd yellowish-cream flowers with maroon hairs tucked at leaf axils. The "Black Alloplectus" is very easy Gesneriad potplant--but completely intolerant of chill.
Nematanthus Black Magic [hyb]
Stock Number: 20432
Dark patterned leaves on arched stems from which dangle lovely lemon yellow blossoms fading to dusky red. Typically we start these upon receiving your order or can easly send as mossed cuttings if you suggest.
Nematanthus Gregarius Cheerio (Variegated)
Stock Number: 20199
Upright woody stems are ranked with fleshy glossy bright leaves and outfacing pale-orange blossoms shaped like purses with guppy mouths and leaves margined in white variegation. Quite a great looking plant. Great variegated form.
Out of Stock
Nematanthus Yellow Maroon #82-123
Stock Number: 20477
Stout upright stems, toned red, hold elongated heart leaves with felted surface and red-veined reverse. Attractive inflorescence with tubular blossoms emerging from dramatic calyxes: and the colors would be? (Check clonal name.) This is far more vigorous and strapling than the others we maintain.
Neoalsomitra podagrica
Stock Number: 40661
"Sea Urchin Plant" From huge "Swollen Pickle" ground-level stems, thinner succulent stems arise, bearing rough waxy, fingered leaves; unique yet of easy culture. The basal thick "pickles" form the first season, then send up vines the next. Too much fun not to grow. Every collector needs a cucumber in their windowsill. ...
Neomarica caerulea Blue Hawaii [hyb?]
Stock Number: 54394
Remarkable "Giant Toad Cup Lily" with tall strong, nearly glaucous, fans of erect iris leaves; showy wide clear pale blue "Iris" blossoms with elaborate multihued designs. Must have full sun to perform well. This species does not reliably produce plantlets on the old flowering tips as does the following much more easil...
Neomarica gracilis
Stock Number: 40664
"Apostle Plant" Fans of leaves with spikes of Iris fls of pale lilac with brown, yellow, blue; spikes deeply arch to touch a nearby surface (thus "Walking Iris") as new plantlets form where earlier the flowers bloomed. Central American species with delicate fragrance.
Neoregelia ampulacea zebrina [hort]
Stock Number: 52132
Very showy compact epiphyte, forming colonies of leathery urn-shaped plants joined by tinker-toy stolons; each narrow urn's dark olive leathery leaves dramatically banded maroon.
Neoregelia ampullacea rubra
Stock Number: 52285
Lovely "Flask Plant" form with very wide leaves with deep violet wine banding & heavy purple teeth; soon forms a colony of small erect rosettes in which hide white fls with blue edges.
Neoregelia ardie
Stock Number: 53398
A new striking hybrid Neoregelia with some of the most beautiful variegated foliage we have seen for a Bromeliad. Price reflects the size of this glorious creature resulting in special packing requirements.
Neoregelia carolinae tricolor [striata]
Stock Number: 52144
Selection of the dramatic 'Blushing Bromeliad' with pink blushed (in full sun) central stripes of bright blonde. A basic because it has passed the test of time for excellent performance of a highly variegated dramatic houseplant.
Neoregelia Pepper x pauciflora
Stock Number: 52300
Clustering fat small urns of rosy toned olive richly dotted rich mahogany. Very lovely deeply colored bromeliad. Highly recommended for distinctively saturated hues and for ease of culture.
Out of Stock
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