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Jasminum nudiflorum
Stock Number: 40418
"Hardy Chinese Jasmine" Yellow odorless tubular blossoms on rush like twigs of this dull polished three-part leaved shrub from late winter on through March. "Pinwheel Jasmine" is hardy here, typically starting the long bloom period mid February unless the winter has been quite harsh. Late winter visitors to the outdoor...
Jasminum nudiflorum Mystique
Stock Number: 40419
Tiny lobed leathery leaves variegated white; rare Japanese form of this "Hardy Chinese Jasmine" producing yellow tubular flowers along the deciduous (if grown outdoors) stems throughout the winter. Hardy for us in Zone 6b. From Brookside Gardens, this is sometimes a propagate-to-order item, so check with us before orde...
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Jasminum officinale frojas Solid Gold
Stock Number: 40446
"Spanish Jasmine" Western Chinese species with tubular white flowers produced maily during the winter season in showy fragrant clusters; unlike 'Variegatum,' the brashly bright chartreuse gold foliage is solid, not mottled. Dramatic "Fiona Sunrise".
Jasminum parkeri
Stock Number: 40420
"Hardy Himalayian Jasmine".  Woody twiggy shrub prized for bonsai and for the rockery.  Crome yellow tubular flowers barely scented follow winter.  Best in an alpine house in Northern climates.
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Jasminum polyanthum
Stock Number: 40421
"French Perfume" Vigorous climber with attractive compound (foliate) leaves in opposite pairs and mid-winter clouds of white richly-scented flower clusters (which have pinkish cast in bright light as the unopened buds are blushed red). Basic to any collection, the Yunnan native is quite vigorous. Very very strongly sce...
Jasminum sambac Grand Duke Of Tuscany
Stock Number: 40423
"Arabian Jasmine" clone with double cauliflowered camellia- like fragrant flowers, thus known as the "Moss Rose Jasmine"--perhaps now more correctly J.sambac `Flore-plena.' Excellent foliage of deep green ruffled leaves on strong rigidly erect canes; easily produces its typically solitary flower if provided richly fert...
Jasminum sambac Maid Of Orleans
Stock Number: 40424
This "Arabian Jasmine" clone has semi-double flowers of rich fragrance on woody shrubs with pale foliage; considered the best for houseculture by the Elberts--certainly the easiest to bloom indoors. The famous J.s. `Multiplex' grown for oils used in the French perfume industry; traditionally the Chinese use this attrac...
Jasminum tortuosum
Stock Number: 41944
Handsome "African Jasmine." Dark foliage (oblong leathery leaves in groups of three) on shrubby vine perfectly foils the abundant very sharply fragrant open clusters of white starflowers of thick substance with triangular lobes. South African native of robust growth once established--stand back if this strikes root in ...
Jasminum volubile maculata [hort]
Stock Number: 40425
"Australian Wax jasmine" Small glossy leaves dappled lemon-gold when temperatures are cool, on strong vines; open clusters of quite fragrant white star-like flowers produced irregularly throughout the yeard with sufficient sun and fertilizer, especially if given free rootrun. Needs full sun to perform; known in Asia as...
Stock Number: 60127
The errect stems cloaked with fiddle shapped leaves, flaunt clusters of clear pinkish red blossoms.
Jatropha hastata [integerrima] compacta
Stock Number: 67399
Fiddle-shaped richly toned foilage on upright shrublet with a constant show of deep rose red flowers in erect clusters as long as good light (full sun if you are as far north as us) is available. Cuban "Peregine" performs well as a container plant. Give bright light and avoid EVER allowing the roots to chill and this w...
Justicia aurea [jacobinia umbrosa]
Stock Number: 50036
"Golden Crown" Heads of bright yellow flowers top erect stems; blooms throughout a bright winter; responds to severe pruning early summer to shape this very large statured shrub for the next smashing display--do not prune in the fall as you will destroy all the potential flower buds.
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Justicia betonica
Stock Number: 50037
"White Shrimp Plant" White papery bracts veined blackberry purple top rigid, erect stems.
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Justicia brandegeana Fruit Cocktail/ Mutant
Stock Number: 31415
Originally considered a mutant of "Shrimp Plant" with erect ranks of deep burnished red bracts with pastel red lipped flowers. Doug Lohman's clone of this vigorous potplant. Now considered to probably be a sport of Justicia [Beloperone] comosa by some horticulturalists.
Justicia brandegeana Jambalaya
Stock Number: 50091
"Compact Shrimp Plant" A cultivar selected for its compact much-branched habit with attractive bronzy red drooping chain of bracts persisting much longer than the species form. Will bloom most seasons if given full sun and adequate fertilizer.
Justicia brandegeana variegata
Stock Number: 50040
"Snow Shrimp" Fabulous snowy white variegation on foliage fading to pure white margins; white bracts turn copper in bright light. Rare and striking sport. Not a totally successful houseplant unless you can provide the essential levels of humidity necessary to prevent spider mite. But with good light and a pebble tray t...
Justicia carnea hollanda [purpurea]
Stock Number: 50599
"Purpled King's Crown" Chocolate-violet foliage quite strong in any setting. The elongated pairs of plum hued leaves are eventually topped with showy heads of rich magenta red hooked flowers. Handsome.
Justicia carnea [jacobinia carnea]
Stock Number: 50042
"King's Crown" or "Brazilian Plume" Erect stems bear large, very showy plumes of rose-pink tubular hooked flowers. Knockout when in full flower. Available usually in late Spring. Other times of the year, it might be propagated to order.
Justicia petiolaris bowiei
Stock Number: 69003
Beautiful mauve blossoms perfectly foiled by wide rounded sheened leaves, each with a bright radiating midvein. An introduction from Kirstenbosch fomerly listed a J. bowiei--actually looks more like a Barleria! Fabulous in a shaded basket or mixed urn.
Justicia rizzinii
Stock Number: 50045
Also Jacobinia pauciflora/floribunda. "Brazilian Fuchsia" Tiny oval olive toned leaves on jointed, arched stems bearing marvelous pendant scarlet flowers with bright yellow tips. A Victorian favorite which requires a relatively cool location in your greenhouse in order to initiate flower bud formation along with bright...
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