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Tropicals & House Plants – G-H

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Hedera helix Curly Locks
Stock Number: 42020
Small leaves with rippled fluted lobes; closely packed in cute toppling columns--gives a very soft, very 3-D effect.
Hedera helix Cyrano de Bergeracs
Stock Number: 54050
Dark large leaves with attractive veining and one very long "Nose" of a central lobe! Fast growing and most willing to create a "shingle" effect as indicated by the photo here, taken along our alley of this cultivar colonizing the trunk of a young "Dawn Redwood" tree.
Hedera helix Design
Stock Number: 41882
Quite distinct and most subtle in colorations, remarkably lovely "Frosted Ivy" with gently cascading stems cloaked with shallowly three-lobed leaves each with pale frosted center. A subtle beauty beautifully self-heading into perfect mounds, and thus popular as a hanging basket subject.
Hedera helix Duck Foot
Stock Number: 41166
Fantastic tiny mounds of miniature duckfoot-shaped leaves. Use as a tiny tuffet at the base of a bonsai; add to your terrarium, or encourage it over a mini-boulder in your rockery.
Hedera helix filigran
Stock Number: 41212
"Filigree Ivy" Outrageously fluted, lobed foliage of dark glossy green--remarkable appearance. Very dark deeply cut foliage leathery enough not to winterburn here, surviving to cause a sensation in the rockery. Fantastic spilling out of a basket in your hobby greenhouse.
Hedera helix Finger Froth
Stock Number: 55550
Conspicuously veined down-curved fat pointed fingers are slightly furled on ascending stems. A sport of 'Filigran' so popular for its shrubby leathery nature and self-heading vigor that it deserved a name.
Hedera helix Gold Child
Stock Number: 42074
Soft sea green & avocado green mottled leaves with bright cream yellow margins; excellent habit, broad overlapping foliage-- the flat leaves larger and wider than other gold-edged cultivars.
Hedera helix Gold Heart
Stock Number: 41173
Small black-green leaves centered yellow; this is an unusually winter tolerant variety, surviving in Michigan. Unlike most ivies, this ancient cultivar plods along up the wall without branching unless you pinch out the lead tip--thus more labor intensive than other winter hardy types; and thus never recommended as a gr...
Hedera helix Guilded Hawke
Stock Number: 66851
Deeply fingered, handsomely ruffled pale pewter green leaves with showy buttery margins hardening to rich ivory. Slow growing 'Manda's Crested' selection always worth its space in the collection; will burn in our type winter outdoors, yet the stems survive to resprout.
Out of Stock
Hedera helix Harald
Stock Number: 41176
Large new leaves emerge nearly white; fading to a pattern, usually a wide creamy green margin, then dark hydroponic green with age--very thin textured, thus best grown in a greenhouse. Often offered as `Harold.' Narrower leaves than `Anne Marie.'
Hedera helix Henriette
Stock Number: 55613
See 1995 Ivy Jorunal, Vol 21, pp 19. Heavily textured extremely small elongated leaves with irregular variegation. At first view does not seem to be an Ivy as the shingled frosted leaves are softly lobed, if lobed at all. Has proven to be quite winter hardy here in Ohio if situated out of winter sun and out of any poss...
Out of Stock
Hedera helix kolibri
Stock Number: 41183
Silver-white and slate-gray flecked with emerald enameled on compact leathery leaves--forming a thick richly textured carpet with remarkably beautiful color saturation. Beautiful "Hummingbird Ivy" noted for unusually strong contrast of dark flecks on snowy white & ochre mosaic leaves of very strong texture. Its pop...
Hedera helix Lemon Swirl
Stock Number: 41400
Lemon-yellow to white variegation on the new shallowly lobed curled leaves with curious diffuse vein patterns; color of the dense foliage fades as new leaves mature, thus giving a lovely two-tone effect. Unique tostled mound outdoors as well.
Out of Stock
Hedera helix Little Diamond
Stock Number: 42115
Small-statured 'Kleiner Diamant' with diamond shaped gray splashed leaves with delicate white border. Very shrubby; a conversation piece small enough for the alpine house; lovely as an upright accent in a terrarium.
Hedera helix Manda's Crested
Stock Number: 41187
Large very curled, fluted lobes; fast, easy grower quite effective as a large hanging basket subject. A vigorous outdoor carpeter for us in Z6b
Hedera helix Misty
Stock Number: 41402
Wide sharply-toothed fan leaves streaked ivory and gray green. Very petite closely overlapping leaves; very slow-growing, flattopped mounded habit. Popular in terrariums.
Hedera helix Natasha
Stock Number: 89225
"Deltoid Ivy" Reddish brown stems rigidy hold thick darkly toned heavily textured leaves with a deltoid heart outline. Reluctant to self-head. Reputed to be Z6 hardy. Perfect for that Valentine gift.
Hedera helix Paper Moon
Stock Number: 53386
Lovely "Mint Ivy with flat small bright yellow ocher leaves slashed with lime and bordered soft green; possibly a petite selection of "Mint Kolibri"
Hedera helix sagittaefolia variegata
Stock Number: 41198
Self-heading birdsfoot with white frosted foliage. Perhaps the favorite for good habit combined with variegation--and thus marketed as the "Snowflurry Ivy".
Hedera helix Silver Dollar
Stock Number: 54548
Wide three-lobed leaves of pale gray green tones brushed nearly to the edges of the white margins; keeps contrast well. Strong growing care free cultivar.
Hedera helix Spetchley
Stock Number: 41399
"Gnome Ivy" Very tiny triangular round lobed arrowhead outlined leaves of blackish green thickly shingled on slim dark stems, maroon when young, heading in very straight lines, but branching at most nodes when in a brightly lit situation; very winter hardy selection from Spetchley Park in England. Extremely popular as ...
Hedera helix Teneriffe
Stock Number: 42089
Small statured; small very wide barely lobed leathery leaves of rich green with two tones of marblized cream creating wide margins, pettered overall with dark green flecks. Slow growing, reluctantly branching "Marble Ivy" not surviving outdoors here. This can make a very nice houseplant especially if trained on a mosse...
Out of Stock
Hedera helix Thorndale
Stock Number: 41860
Lustrous large deep green leaves--popular outdoor groundcover. Best choice for a groundcover or wall cover in our climate, maintaining a deep rich color (purple tones often appear with chill) all winter with very minor wind burn. Indeed, customers in Alaska report that it remains evergreen even there if protected suffi...
Hedera helix Tiger Eyes
Stock Number: 41196
A golden-centered sport of `Plume d'Or' selected by Ken Frieling and introduced by the Glasshouse Works greenhouses. The deeply lobed, self-branching foliage makes this a full, handsome container subject; so far, a fair to good outdoor groundcover here in SE Ohio, burning only during severe cold spells without snowcove...
Hedera helix Tiny Hussler
Stock Number: 58490
Dimunitive and self branching tumbling tuffet of tiny round lobed three dimensional leaves.
Hedera helix tussie mussie
Stock Number: 41401
Pat Hammer's marvelous find: creamy white splotched and mottled sport of `Shamrock.' Similar to 'Chrysandra' but far more tostled, congested, and rumpled: how more Victorian can a plant be? More successfully presented as a mounding, rather than vining, highly variegated 3-D ivy,
Hedera helix Yellow Ripple
Stock Number: 66816
Wide leaves with nearly equally long "eyelash" lobes beautifully margined in limes & yellows. Slow growing unusual cultivar easy as a pot plant subject, but quite dramatic when encouraged to cover a wall for the overlapping shingled leaves cause quite an optic dance with the variegated pinked edges initiating visua...
Out of Stock
Hedera helix Zebra
Stock Number: 66732
Stout stems hold thick textured glaucous green cupped leaves liberally streaked with cream. Although a bit reluctant to self-branch, still a dramatic cascading very variegated choice for a hanging basket indoors; furthermore, this dramatic heavily textured showoff has been quite winter tolerant outdoors for us for the ...
Hedera pastuchovii
Stock Number: 41403
Distinctive Ivy with beautiful black-green glossy elongate (often rather hastate) leaves. Very popular with serious plant collectors with a more botanic than horticultural bend. Native to limestone cliffs of the Caspian forests in Asia--but definitely not winter hardy in our part of the Ohio River Valley. We offer this...
Hedychium coronarium
Stock Number: 53023
"Butterfly Ginger" Fragrant white flowers top very tall stalks. The heavily perfumed ivory petals are used in Hawaiian leis, hence, also known as the "Garland Flower." Evergreen species easy to grow with good light.
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