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Fuchsia encliandra Lottie Hobbie
Stock Number: 59180
Very tiny foliaged arched stems with bright tiny dark pink & cerise blossoms along their length; very miniature selection reputed to be winter hardy at least to Z7. Very popular with the bonsai & alpine greenhouse crowds! Petite enough for a terrarium. We prefer to ship this when the temperatures are moderate f...
Fuchsia magellanica gracilis variegata
Stock Number: 41600
Small featured arching stems aflutter with slim white margined leaves and tipped with clusters of small pendant "Lady's Eardrops" scarlet blossons.  Will not tolerate drying out nor survive high temperatures.
Out of Stock
Fuchsia Mme. Cornelissen [hyb]
Stock Number: 42170
Beautifully arching woody slender stems with lanceolate leaves, thickly textured with dark reddish veins giving the foliage a blush hue; many delicate dangling single red tubed flowers with red pointed sepals and white corollas with slim red veins. While the texture is petite, the eventual size of this chill tolerant "...
Out of Stock
Stock Number: 40310
Elegant upright stems puncuated by pairs of soft pewter green leaves margined in cream that are topped with clusters of dangling peach blossoms enclosing salmon pink corollars
Fuchsia triphylla Gartenmeister Bohnstedt
Stock Number: 40314
"Red Wing Fuchsia" Upright stems with deep bronzy foliage, violet beneath; single red bloom clusters; good houseplant as species parent is native to warm West indies. 1906 German hybrid gradually clumping in to a modest shrub; thus easily grown in the same container for years.
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