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Tropicals & House Plants – D-E

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Epipremnum falcifolium aureum
Stock Number: 30233
"Golden Pothos" Beautiful scandent vine with closely ranked golden lance leaves; this eyecatching cultivar of the vigorous indonesian species creates a spectacular hanging basket curtain of bright lemon gold, while equally beautiful in dishgardens and as a ground cover for taller, more leggy houseplants. Rarely offered...
Epipremnum [Scindapsis] aureum
Stock Number: 30229
"Golden Pothos" Yellow splashed waxy leaved "Devil's Ivy" is still unrivaled as dish garden and hanging basket survivor. When planted out in the tropics this vine produces mature leaves achieving amazing stature by the time the vine reaches the top of a palm.
Epipremnum [Scindapsis] aureum Marble Queen
Stock Number: 30230
"Marble Queen Pothos" Ivory and green leaves: a basic. Also "Devil's Ivy" or "Hunter's Robe" and "Ceylon Ivy Creeper" although form the Solomon Islands. Survives low light and low humidity.
Epipremnum [Scindapsis] aureum N'Joy (variegatum)
Stock Number: 33115
"NJoy Pothos" Ivory striped spruce green leaves, sometimes edged green--a brilliant color contrast on a very compact vine. Also "Devil's Ivy" or "Hunter's Robe" and "Ceylon Ivy Creeper" although form the Solomon Islands. Survives low light and low humidity. This is an interesting new form from India, most recently intr...
Episcia (alsobia) dianthiflora
Stock Number: 20102
"Carpet Violet: Excellent small species quickly creates a low carpet of shimmery leaves puncuated by very lacy white flowers. Prefers cooler temperatures and brighter light than its Episcia cousins. Typically sent in moist moss.
Out of Stock
Equisetum diffusum
Stock Number: 40246
"Tropical Horsetail" Soft gray green central stems form a tiny bamboo-like thicket: each central stem, with delicately nodding tip, is ringed with skirts of lateral stemlets to create intricate patterns; marvelous pot plant. Will survive some winters in our zone if the ground barely freezes, but best grown as a cool gr...
Equisetum scirpoides contorta
Stock Number: 40248
"Dwarf Scouring Rush" Tangled low mat of very dwarf twisted bright green wiry stalks; needs semi-aquatic conditions. Odd form small enough for terrariums; darling in troughs.
Eranthemum wattii
Stock Number: 50016
"Blue Eyes" Very compact habit: wide oval leaves with odd papery edges, brilliant blue-violet phlox-like heads. Typically the leaf surfaces retain the waxy scruft evolved to protect the emerging foliage, so do not call us to tell us that weird things are on the leaf surface!
Erythrina indica picta [variegata orientalis]
Stock Number: 42345
Heat loving "Sunshine Tree" with thick woody trunks supporting brightly yellow variegated fingered foliage.  Seldom seen red pea flowers if conditions are warm and sunny.  A shrub with great drama in any plant display.
Eucharis Christine
Stock Number: 51287
The excellent extremely fragrant "Compact Amazon Lily" with slimmer tighter foliage than the species grandiflora, yet relatively large waxy white daffodil shaped flowers are produced in considerable numbers once the offsetting bulbs reach a mature size thanks to your providing a warm richly fertilized mix with bight li...
Eucharis grandiflora [amazonica]
Stock Number: 51040
"Amazon Lily" Highly scented white waxy blossoms shaped like nodding daffodils held above glossy deep green leaves; ideal houseplant for a room too warm for its amaryllis cousins to thrive.
Eucomis autumnalis [undulata]
Stock Number: 40251
"Pineapple Lily" Glossy strap-leaf rosettes frame odd spikes of green flowers, all topped by a "coma" of tufted leafy bracts; has proven relatively hardy outdoors here in Z6b with sufficient mulch and perfect drainage--but leaving these in winter soil in Z6 or colder is certiainly not advised. Now more correctly in the...
Out of Stock
Eucomis comosa Pink Blossoms
Stock Number: 83241
This selection of "Pineapple Lily" has stout stalks of distinctly pink toned flowers on the thick stems topped with the "Carmen Miranda" leafy bracted topknot. This winter dormant genus now more correctly in Hyacinthaceae. We selected this color clone from plants grown from seed received from the Kirstenbosch Botanical...
Out of Stock
Eucomis comosa Sparkling Burgundy [oakhurst]
Stock Number: 65640
Once again in stock and available! The lovely "Purple Pineapple Lily" with somewhat succulent burgundy foliage forming a wide succulent rosette from which arise the distinctive greenish white flowers closely packed on a long succulent spike lasting months (typically topped with a bizarre topknot of leaflets, thus resem...
Eucrosia Bicolor
Stock Number: 51246
Xerophytic Ecuadorian with attractive Phaedranassa-like leaves; dusky bronze-red flowers in elaborate shapes are clustered on erect slim stems. The dormancy cycle seems rather unpredictable!  Nonetheless, quite attractive when it tires of dormancy.  A small statured plant for those searching for modestly scal...
Euphorbia cotinifolia atropurpurea
Stock Number: 67423
"Hierba Mala" or "Tropical Purple Smoketree" Elegant branching stems of purple with whorls of thin ovate leaves of wine red fading to metallic magenta with red veins; whitish inflorescence more odd than decorative. Excellent large accent plant, newly popular in large summer urn designs; Remember that (as with various s...
Out of Stock
Euphorbia Flameleaf (Species)
Stock Number: 67035
"Flameleaf Spurge" Multitudes of slender stems flutter with rounded diamond-shaped leaves of dusky violet fading to emerald green edges. While of delicate appearance, actually a very easy-to-grow houseplant, marvelous under lights. Amazon native. Absolutely excellent when added to outdoor summer urns, windowboxes and e...
Euphorbia leuconeura
Stock Number: 67133
"Madagascar Jewel" Beautiful fleshy foliage veined in decorative silver loops in juvenile stages, presented in flat rosette tops over central club-like trunks ridged in sienna tufts. So tolerant it will even flourish in the humidity of a terrarium. Mature plants typically lack the distinctive leaf veins.
Stock Number: 67243
Upright lead colored stems dramatically produce flattened ornately designed stems jutting out horizontally
Euryops Sonnenschein
Stock Number: 58413
An excellent German re-engineering of the African "Butter Daisy" forming a wide very regular dome of deeply cut lacy foliage topped by endless outreaching butter yellow daisy blossoms; also poplular as a staked standard; more likely will achieve 20" in your summertime pots. But do not overlook its key potential: a sple...
Excoecaria cochinchinensis
Stock Number: 40257
"Chinese Croton" Pairs of beautiful shiny leaves deep green on top, a brilliant lacquered red beneath elegantly presented on arching woody maroon stems. Outstanding houseplant, but like many spurges, sap is toxic, and thus called "Blindness Tree" in Southeast Asia where it is commercially valuable to stun fish for easy...
Out of Stock
Excoecaria cochinchinensis Tricolor Fantasy
Stock Number: 66882
The merely extraordinary "Tricolor Chinese Croton" with the paired dark leaves not only flashing a brilliant lacquer red underleaf, but random pink splashes on the surface as well. Amazing clone of this Asian shrublet. Another imperative addition to any self-respecting collection of rare variegated plants.  Availa...
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