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Colysis wrightii
Stock Number: 10204
Very compact deep green strap fronds with tiny depressions on surface like hammered tin. Very attractive small fern equally successful as a windowsill pot plant (looks great in a small bonsai pot as the wiry maroonish rhizomes wander over the lip) and as a small statured vertical accent in the sophisticated terrarium. ...
Colysis wrightii monstrifera
Stock Number: 11431
Short glossy membraneous fronds, elaborately veined, widely fluted into undulant tips like an Art Nouveau fantasy. And thus sometimes in Asian texts as 'Laciniata' even though not exactly lacinate! This tassled rare dwarf is petite enough to be perfect in a terrarium, yet quite able to cope with humidity levels of the ...
Coprosma kirkii variegata [hyb]
Stock Number: 41488
"Dwarf Mirror Plant" Dwarf densely branched willowy stems with small waxy lance leaves margined bright white; said to produce nearly translucent flowers dotted scarlet, which are followed by creamy white berries. C. acerosa x repens hybrid demanding full sun to flourish. Wonderful cascading from a hanging basket or fro...
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Cordyline terminalis kiwi
Stock Number: 59108
Urn plant as well as a great subject for your indoor gardens come Fall. Kiwi is one of the most compact with good gold and ash green striped color. It does wonderfully in the house and grows moderately slow. Great for an accent plant.
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Cordyline terminalis tricolor
Stock Number: 40164
Large newly emerging leaves are extravagantly variegated white, pink & red; these gradually ripen to deep green wide blades for a emphatic contrast--still the most dramatic and easily grown of the many many cultivars we have evaluated over the years. Our main (stock) large "Ti" plant extravagantly produces impressi...
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Costus dubius winnstripe
Stock Number: 53101
Tom Winn's selection of a wide banded clone--the succulent spiraled leaves are more striped than margined.
Costus dubius [amazonicus] variegatus [hort]
Stock Number: 53008
"Ivory Stepladder Plant" Brilliant white stripes on the spiral stepladder leaves; very showy, handsome, and easy if even any brief chill is avoided. More erect than specious, with smaller, smooth foliage, on thicker stems.
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Stock Number: 60276
Stout shrublet with oval (not pointed) fat waxy leaves striped with lime gold bands.
Crinum amabile Purple Selection
Stock Number: 51209
"Giant Red Spider Lily" Broad fleshy upright leaves emerge a rich purplish maroon in a massive whorl gradually fading to coppery violet; the heavy trunk supports giant stalks of richly fragrant violet toned blossom clusters. Impressive! While excellent as a container subject with silvered or golden foliaged plants, thi...
Crinum asiaticum variegatum
Stock Number: 51027
"Striped Bengal Lily" Large fleshy sword-like leaves are most liberally streaked white & cream; fragrant clusters of waxy white blossoms with purpled centers--these clusters, held alof on strong two edged stalks, can produce up to twenty individual flowers on a mature plant. Striking decorator specimen for the warm...
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Crinum Golden Glow [hyb]
Stock Number: 51033
The habit of Crinum japonicum but with golden ochre foliage. Clusters of fragrant blossoms. Very slow growing compared to most Crinum cultivars that we maintain; nonetheless eventually becomes a large and full growing specimen type. This impressive clone remains rather rare as is very reluctant to readilly offset even ...
Crinum japonicum shima-ire
Stock Number: 51152
Large clone with bright central banded variegation on each ( broad fleshy leaf held in a crown of foliage above the long necked stem); R. Bennett's excellent clone which presents impressively fragrant blossoms--these immense heads of tubular ivory flowers are best initiated by letting the old mature bulb dry enough dur...
Crinum moorei variegatum
Stock Number: 51029
Variegated form of "Longneck Swamp Lily" of Natal; broad, nearly succulent leaves with creamy white and straw yellow stripes, usually with bright green rim top a somewhat woody trunk or "neck" adding much drama. Tulip shaped pale pink quickly fading to pearl white flowers in nodding clusters. This most showy. "Veldt Li...
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Crinum St. Christopher [hyb]
Stock Number: 51032
"Tulip Crinum" Fragrant snowwhite tulip shaped-cupped flower clusters over compact vases of fleshy evergreen leaves. We cannot categorically testify that the lovely blossoms reliably appear on St. Christopher's Day when grown in Ohio; we have received reports that customers have bloomed this in a sunny window with regu...
Cryptanthus acaulis Jade
Stock Number: 53393
A very broad version of C. acaulis with subtle silver overlaid light green leaves. As with others in this group, perfect in any terrarium design.
Cryptanthus beucheri
Stock Number: 52062
Brazils' "Marbled Spoon Earth Star" forms a rosette of thin spoon shaped leaves with attractive marbling.  Central white blossoms.
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Cryptanthus bivittatus
Stock Number: 52065
Chocolate markings amid red and pink. Close to the true species--often marketed as the "Chocolate Soldier Earthstar." Seems to have evolved just for terrarium designers.
Cryptanthus bivittatus Le Rey
Stock Number: 53297
Light green stars with violet pink edges repeated with purple and lilac interior stripes. A considerable beauty always a favorite among collectors as well as designers of distinctive terrarium groupings. Very similar to 'Novistar'; more petite and more vividly colored than 'Pink Starlite'; a new star in Fairy Garden de...
Cryptanthus bivittatus Pink Starlite
Stock Number: 52303
A vibrant pink and white to cream striped beauty. As with others in this group, perfect in any terrarium design--although this cultivar is so dramatically variegated as to become a stunning focal point in any design--especially in Fairy Garden combinations. Few plants so dramatically variegated are as easy to grow succ...
Cryptanthus bivittatus Ruby
Stock Number: 52067
A C. bivitattus with the vibrant color of dark ruby red. One of the most popular at the greenhouses always. As with others in this easily grown group of "Earthstars," perfect in any terrarium design.
Cryptanthus Black Mystic [hyb]
Stock Number: 52070
Wide starry rosette of undulating chocolate-purple cardboard leaves (of zonatus blood) with dramatic platinum bars. Showy large hybrid for wardian case; although always reliable as a houseplant as it tolerates less than perfect humidity levels.
Cryptanthus bromelioides [hort]
Stock Number: 53362
Bright glossy bronze sheened upright rosettes of elegantly arched leathery fleshy leaves mimic a dwarfed pineapple. Readily offsets to form an impressive large hemisphere as matures, bringing it the nomination for best windowsill performance. This clone not the spiny Brazilian type.
Cryptanthus Cloud Cover
Stock Number: 53246
Dark colored fosteriana/zonatus habit with glorious zoning of rosy verdigris and chocolate blush toned deep bronze leaves dusted scrufty gray in perfect light. Odd dusky giant; becomes quite large.
Cryptanthus colnagoi Red Form
Stock Number: 53397
Open rosette of quite long armed ribbon leaves of thick leathery texture of rose hued green dramatically bordered a ruby red, turning purplish in full sun. Unusual habit. Needs full sun to maintain remarkable coloration. A disinclination to easily offset results in a elevated price.
Cryptanthus hybridus Elaine
Stock Number: 53336
A larger grower than many hybrids. This magnificent plant has almost iridescent coloration on the newer dusky toned richly chevroned leaves, each leathery dramatic leaf margined in dusky pink tones. Always a bold subject in the design of a wardian case; always an especially rich color experience when grown under lights...
Out of Stock
Cryptanthus hybridus It
Stock Number: 52079
The reverse of the famous Cryptanthus 'Ti,' with rose-toned cream & orange stripes on the edge of each glossy leaf. Bright pink sometimes fades to white after time. One of the most beautifully color striped larger statured hybrid "Starflower" plants. Much larger statured than the similarly colored 'Pink Starlite.' ...
Cryptanthus hybridus Ti
Stock Number: 52086
The reverse of the famous Cryptanthus 'It,' with rose-toned cream & orange stripes in the center of the glossy leathery leaf rather than the white to pink edge. One of the most beautifully toned big boned hybrids of easy culture.
Cryptanthus Marion Oppenheimer [hyb]
Stock Number: 52315
Leaves of rich sage green with very showy bright pink stripes in compact congested rosettes--unique and beautiful--which slowly but steadily form perfect hemispheres of color in the terrarium. Grows too slowly to compete with others; so locate carefully. Collectors agree that this is indeed the most stunningly beautifu...
Cryptanthus nubicola [hort]
Stock Number: 52081
"Cloud Plant" Lovely dwarf statured species with masses of hazy-pink blushed slim leaves in quite flat profiled rosettes gradually offsetting from the center after blooming; a natural for the small terrarium. This has quickly become a basic in Fairy Garden designs. Avoid deep pots as the roots remain quite shallow.
Cryptanthus Old Gold
Stock Number: 52082
Very wide golden-green leaves flecked with silver crystal forming a wide low rosette. Easy as a windowsill plant, magnificent as a basal plant in a large terrarium where it will produce lovely white "hidden" flowers.
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