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Coleus Shiny Shoes [hort]
Stock Number: 23752
The "Black Patent Leather Coleus" without argument. Quite petite seashell leaves with crimped edges are unabashedly shiny black eggplant purple, thick substanced. Strong stems; holds winter foliage on strong stems; no flowering observed.
Coleus shirensis
Stock Number: 55656
Impressive African "Swamp Coleus" with woody stems ranked with slate green pelted hispid elongated leaves and topped with showy panicles of azure-mauve blossoms; shared by Quail Botanic Gardens. Requires moist conditions to gain its girth.
Coleus Shocking Pink
Stock Number: 55528
The rusty lilacs, dusky limes, & chocolates suddenly turn a bright silk undies pink in full sun quite startling as the older foliage develops unripened pumpkin hues. Best known as 'Texas Parking Lot'; also sold as 'Alabama Sunset' & 'Bellingrath pink"; has become one of the basic bedding plants for sunny border...
Coleus Sloppy Painter
Stock Number: 23732
Wide central golden amber and lime centers outline with a reddish coppery band bleeding into a pumpkin blushed green edge. Much wider and faster growing than 'Saturn' mom.
Out of Stock
Coleus Snowflake [hyb]
Stock Number: 42235
Rich maroon novelty leaves with slim Nile green edgings are most elaborately crested & branched from central fingered wavy segments--from Vern Ogden.
Coleus So Obvious
Stock Number: 51779
Dour reddish mahogany leaves with striking herringbone (veins) patterns of pink and rose, all framed by crennations tipped bright mint. Seems tolerant of less than perfect environment even on a window sill. Frieling's cross of "Kingwood Rose' x 'Screaming Raspberry.'
Coleus Sorcerer
Stock Number: 51941
Fabulous "Black Coleus" with thickly substanced foliage saturated deepest purple.
Coleus Sunstroke
Stock Number: 53182
Giant golden leaves dappled straw blond along the veins; cassis blushed stems. A massive presence derived from a Frieling cross of 'Japanese Giant' and 'Amazon.' Not advised for the timid grower or the miniature garden.
Coleus Swallowtail [golondrina]
Stock Number: 51801
Narrow elongated yellow lime leaves with a central pale pale rose center with purple & coffee toned traceies; the margins are elaborately ruffled and fluted. As the many branchlets interstice a stunning pyramid of lacy froth develops.
Out of Stock
Coleus The Line
Stock Number: 55527
A tall elegant pyramidal masterpiece from Doug Ruhren w/ golden ochre elongated flame leaves with only the central vein bright magenta-purple; this is the one Martha Stewart uses in her container planting segment regularly replayed on T.V. channels. This hybrid does poorly if subjected to any chill.
Coleus Theatre Velvet
Stock Number: 55701
Erect stems embellished with dark purple deeply ruffled small leaves with a reddish undertone.  Very richly colored contrast hybrid.
Coleus Thunderhead
Stock Number: 23740
Truly a "Christmas Storm" with deep maroon and electric magenta slashing through shades of olive and lime--more vividly contrasted color and decidedly smaller statured than its 'Christmas Candy' pollen parent.
Coleus Tilt A Whirl
Stock Number: 67000
Distinctive furled circular leaves of muted heather to mahogany with zagged lime edges and feathered centers; always a great color contrast to the golden skirted 'Diane's Gold' and (along with 'Killer Klown') the final perfect flouncy companion for 'Flirtin' Skirts'!
Coleus Tweety Bird
Stock Number: 58343
Slim tiny basil green leaves flamed with scarlet red centers thickly produced on the short upright self-branching stems.
Coleus Victorian Carnival
Stock Number: 66999
Very beautiful crinkled leaves of pink, taupe, mauve, & palest rosy creme: a pastel version of 'Victorian Ruffles' selected by Doug Lohman. Excellent habit & a needed color
Coleus Violet Tricolor
Stock Number: 66722
Wide leaves of fern green zoned chocolate mauve with a center of bright violet darkening to screaming magenta in full sun. Larger statured than rehneltianus tribe, yet lateral habit will create a cascading spilage of Victorian colors. For the traditionalists amoung you: this has the old heirloom Coleus colors.
Coleus White Fingers
Stock Number: 66992
Very furled deeply fingered ochre leaves with dramatic white centers paired on stout self branching stems.  Only one we know of with dramatic pattern.
Coleus [plectranthus] thyrsoideus
Stock Number: 41100
"Flowering Coleus" This is a clone we received from Longwood Gardens some twenty plus years ago. We have been told that the flower is not exactly as it should be to be the true form. Order with this in mind. The picture is of our clone. We have included pictures from one of our customers here also. If you can give us a...
Stock Number: 33106
This dwarf colocasia,  only reachesabout  2 to 3'. It has a clumping nature in growth.  Each leaf is a beautiful, extremely dark black to metallic blue or purple, depending on how the light hits it with a stunning maroon underside. You may order now but it shipping is on Hold for Spring of 2019 for th...
Colocasia affinis jenningsii
Stock Number: 31450
The shimmery "Black Caladium" with central purple mask between the pale veins of ash silver. Prefers aquatic spot, but successful as regular pot plant, soon forming a colony. Many of you have bought this over the years from us and realize that it has a very long winter dormancy if temperatures stay on the cool side: be...
Colocasia esculenta
Stock Number: 30625
Popular "Elephant Ear" whose giant quilted peltate leaves have always made it a popular accent plant for outdoor beds; the tubers are the source of "Taro."
Colocasia esculenta Diamond Head
Stock Number: 33114
New super purple-black form of this great arrowhead or elephant ear. Glossier than some of the other clones and quite large as matures.
Out of Stock
Colocasia esculenta illustris
Stock Number: 30606
"Imperial Taro" Soft shimmery heart shaped leaves with purple brushings between the veins. Semiaquatic conditions best. Keep root/bulb zone quite warm to encourage ample foliage.
Out of Stock
Colocasia esculenta Jet Black Wonder [Etc.]
Stock Number: 39184
(The correct original name is C. jenkensii 'Uahiapele') The solidly dusky deep purple leaved taro creating a sensation in the garden & conservatory alike; also sold as 'Cranberry,' & 'Black Magic.' Very happy as a semi-aquatic--will maintain foliage readily in the warm winter greenhouse as long as it is given c...
Colocasia esculenta Violet/Purple Stem
Stock Number: 31254
Dusky purple blushed dramatic arrow shaped leaves held over the showy smoky purple petioles; excellent in water gardens as well as regular containers. Prefers to go dormant mid-winter, even in greenhouse situations.
Out of Stock
Colocasia kapo [hort] aff. falax
Stock Number: 30633
Charming "Miniature Taro" Small one foot plant with small shield-shaped leaves with dark radiating veins accenting the pink-blushed centers. Nearly evergreen if kept in warmish winter greenhouse avoiding an extended winter dormancy. The same semi-aquatic plant as the one various of you ordered from us years ago as 'Haw...
Colocasia Mojito (Mohito)
Stock Number: 33121
Heavily mottled new arrowhead Colocasia with richly contrasting spots and slashes. Very eyecatching and easy to grow if given constant moisture and strong light.
Out of Stock
Colocasia nancyana Nancy's Revenge
Stock Number: 31453
Amazing "Starburst Elephant Ear" with new rounded tipped very dark leaves displaying a creamy starry center radiating out as the thickly textured leaves mature--beware: this species can nearly reach the massive dimension of Alocasia odora (although the spathes resemble C. esculenta)! To see this is to need it--very pop...
Out of Stock
Colocasia [xanthosoma] maculatus
Stock Number: 31414
Heavily mottled arrow shaped foliage always stays compact for us; must have moisture and considerable constant warmth for best dramatic show. Our original clone of this is from Larry Lowman, Ridgecrest Nursery, this resembles a Caladium more than it resembles the other taros.
Columnea tosca [hyb]
Stock Number: 20103
Very shrubby habit rigidly cascading with long barely haired leaves perfect with the fuzzy flared red tubular blossoms; this antique "Bona's Red Dragonflower" still is among the strongest growing, most easily bloomed of any hybrid.
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