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Coleus Night Skies [Starry Night]
Stock Number: 55630
Dark purpled leaves with umber tones strewn with lemon gold starry dots. Low statured, small featured enough for small containers. Also popular as a winter greenhouse foliage star.
Coleus Olympic Torch
Stock Number: 66929
Widely self branching to form a flame of small saber leaflets-- each with red, mahogany & copper designs framed by scalloped mint green edges: all the colors of fall
Coleus Othello
Stock Number: 66733
Deep purple black leaves richly fluted, ruffled and waffled; tightly stacked on stout eggplant toned upright stems which self branch to achieve an open pyramidal habit. The most vigorous and most satisfactory of the blackish purple hybrids for outdoor container use, bedding reliability and even good color saturation in...
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Coleus Parrot Jargon
Stock Number: 23753
Wide bright basil green leaves with deep burgundy red centers accented with bold pinkish red herringbone veins radiating out--the whole splashed dried blood red and straw yellow. Busy designs betray 'Purple Pumpernickle' heritage. New for 2013.
Coleus Penney [hyb]
Stock Number: 42330
Unique foliage: triangular leaves with wide scallops are solid pale copper-olive veined magenta from the center; perfect complement to all other colors. A Vern Ogren hybrid making a perfect foil for hotter colors in your collection, as well as self-branching into a low wide pyramid attractive in any urn or windowbox wh...
Coleus Perilla Warfare
Stock Number: 43143
A very dark chocolate toned sport of 'Perilla Magilla' with the same habit and vigor of the original. Anyone suspect a Chris Baker name here? New for 2013.
Coleus Peter Wonder [hyb]
Stock Number: 51724
Unique and beautiful hicolor plant--a pink and cream version of 'Stunnng' from Jaldety Nursery with a dazzling frothy look. Looks far to delicate to be the easy reliable outdoor performer it is.
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Coleus Pineapple Prince
Stock Number: 55599
Frieling hybrid with large metalic bronzy gold leaves with faint magenta veins which echo the rose magenta underleaf; strong statured for topiary. Seems to have become the standard choice of designers needing a reliable strong splash of golden ochre with a buttery saturation in full sun.
Coleus Pineapple Queen [hyb]
Stock Number: 41092
Traditional cultivar for standards: heavily textured lime- gold leaves with deep maroon petioles; seldom blooms. Easy.
Coleus Pineapple Tart
Stock Number: 53726
Golden lime leaves with pale flame on purple stems widely arching. Easy culture. New for 2013.
Coleus Pink Heartthrob
Stock Number: 43125
Wide chocolate umber leaves fading to rich olive edges with dramatic wide central bright pink flame which shades into pale lilac in fall temps. Frieling hybrid with wide habit & strong substance. New for 2013.
Coleus Plum Frost
Stock Number: 55954
Downer's sport of 'Purple Emperor' adds a rich nile green to the center of each elaborately crested black purple leaf-- will morph to purple olive center colors during intense heat. Much easier to grow than the old rigidly upright (and typcially seldom branching) 'Purple Emperor.' Always among the top ten most reordere...
Coleus Purple Duckfoot [Species?]
Stock Number: 41096
Compact dwarf globes of tiny purple short-lobed web-foot leaves tightly overlapping on self-heading stems; non-blooming mini excellent for light gardening or outdoor bedding edger. Called "Mars Coleus" on East Coast, this is a perfect addition to any urn, windowbox, or patio container (some customers spot it among thei...
Coleus Purple Emperor [hyb]
Stock Number: 41093
Highly fluted, crested solid black-purple foliage. This is the traditional classic for black foliaged standards because very seldom branches at all. For wide branching foliage of this color, see 'Othello' and 'Dark Star' which do not require staking; a more vigorous sport is 'Plum Frost,' offered above. But for you pur...
Coleus Red Coat
Stock Number: 55634
Crimson red leaves bordered with bright yellow ochre. Most dramatic contrast in any border. More cranberry red (in full sun) than 'Defiance,' which we no longer propagate (for tends to split as ages); 'Red Coat' one of the basics used by many public display gardens for a carpet of carmine.
Coleus Red Ruffles
Stock Number: 55693
Rose red leaves with chablis veins emphatically enhanced by the lime rimmed fluted & lobed margins--heirloom with wide self branching habit. An heirloom variety with delicate appearance, yet a relatively vigorous performer in light or deep shade. We have noted that plants offered at some of the big block garden centers...
Coleus Red Ulrich
Stock Number: 66959
Excellent potential for standards as the striking square maroon stems are fastigate, cloaked with dark cocoa purple & scarlet sienna leaves frilling out from a central violet medallion; edged in true bullfrog green; excellent hight in an urn with very bright, yet feathery fastigate appearance. We do still maintain the ...
Coleus rehneltianus Green & Gold Queen
Stock Number: 59184
Lovely compact form with small yellow lime leaves, with deeply scalloped edges & cheerful straw toned flamed centers. Perfect splash of cascading gold foliage for your urn or windowbox designs. Always popular as a bright compation and contrast to the other trailers.
Coleus rehneltianus Odalisque
Stock Number: 69048
Purple eggplant black central heart, with livid magenta flame dramaticly accent the key lime green leaf margins typically highlighted with straw yellow sprinkles. From Jerry Stewart. More modest growth habit than the other sometimes rangy rehneltianus cultivars with an outstanding clarity and purity of color saturation...
Coleus rehneltianus Red Trailing Queen
Stock Number: 41098
This "Trailing Coleus" selection has dark purple-brown leaves edged zoned red & green. Traditional hanging basket plant, equally dramatic and reliable cascading from urns and windowboxes.
Coleus rehneltianus Swinging Linda
Stock Number: 66828
Marvelous new selection by Doug Litchfield w/ wide trailing stems cloaked with petite purple leaves edged electric violet & flamed with rich rose. Excellent habit and an irridescent hue not observed in any other Coleus. Reportedly the most popular Coleus in the Asian market.
Coleus rehneltianus Swiss Sunshine
Stock Number: 55659
Very petite cascading selection: small bright yellow leaves with scalloped ochre edges & speckling w/ bright rose & violet central flames bleeding out into a veined mosaic--very delicate design on a vigorous cultivar. Sport long maintained by Florence Sunn who shared it with us--and who deserves a thanks from a...
Coleus rehneltianus Telltale Heart
Stock Number: 66947
Heavily substanced small heart leaves of livid olive quite dramatically centered chocolate maroon, veined pink. Very modest size with horizontal branching--A selection from Glasshouse Works.
Coleus rehneltianus Trailer Park Princess
Stock Number: 58330
A Baker's Acres production number. Very multibranched laterally oriented character with pairs of small leaves of multiple tones accented by clear pink centers. More compact than most of the tribe. Happiest when it is grown inside a rubber tire planter.
Coleus rehneltianus Trailing Queen
Stock Number: 41097
"Victorian Basket Coleus' Square, widely cascading stems clothed in small leaves zoned emerald, brownish-purple, then pink at the heart. Violet lipped fls. Traditional heirloom considered by some to be very close to the original species form--the one your grandmother grew all winter in a mason jar filled with water on ...
Coleus rehneltianus Trailing Rose
Stock Number: 55581
Downer's selection of a 'Trailing Queen' sport with very broad central pink & tanned violet zones, with the emerald chocolate edge. Strongest color contrast of this group, but the most difficult to grow outside a greenhouse without adequate humidity and regular waterings.
Coleus Religious Radish
Stock Number: 32507
Rich reds overlaid with maroon-chocolates radiating from the center; probably an old heirloom selection as has the colors of 'Crazy Quilt' & is used extensively in Canadian bedding (yes: tolerates the first fall chills rather well). Absolute favorite of many of our customers as the clone we have selected and reselected...
Coleus Satanic Embers Ff03
Stock Number: 51761
Fabulous. Slim upright eggplant purple stems cloaked with furled fantastic small purplish umber and damask violet leaves highlighted with a burning glow of orange sienna, fading to chili reds and sultry carmine. Frieling's lucky cross of 'Dragon's Claw' x 'Noonday Moon' resulted in what several garden clubs decided mus...
Coleus Saturn
Stock Number: 55604
Very bold, very distinctive: The lime-gold center is vividly contrasted with the wide dark red border, then barely echoed by the lime tipped scalloped edge. Good in a basket for the "gold medallion" sections give a stained glass effect; excellent self branching wide habit. Not as vigorous as its various progeny, such a...
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Coleus Savvy
Stock Number: 49476
"Optical Delusion Coleus" From a distance, seems to be an orange sheened tall exclamtion mark; but close us the violet stems hold purplish leaves suffused with dusky copper ochre blush. Cupped edges deep cantalope. Quite wonderful, dramatic
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